1. H

    Spitfire Symphonic Strings vibrato

  2. jrrshop

    Up to 80% off all PSP Hammond effects, now $19.99 each

    Up to 80% off all PSP Hammond plugins: L'otary2 rotary speaker, Nexcellence necklace spring reverb, and B-Scanner Vibrator/Chorus. Now $19.99 each: PSP L'otary2 Rotary Speaker $99.00 $19.99 PSP Nexcellence Spring Reverb $99.00 $19.99...
  3. Doorak94

    Enhance your Vibrato in your Mockups

    Hi, I hope everyone is doing well! So as much as I enjoy scoring with Spitfire strings (specifically BBCSO), I feel that the vibrato is quite tame - especially as somebody who is a fan of theatrical, operatic string writing. In this video, I show you a few different ways that you can take your...
  4. Fredeke

    LFO from different groups slightly out of phase [SOLVED via KSP]

    Hi again. I set up an LFO modulating the pitch in the source module of every group (using Edit All Groups) in order to create a synth-like vibrato effect. Is that the right way to do it ? Because I ran into the following issue: When several groups are playing at once, their LFOs are very...
  5. Jean Phi

    Spitfire audio Studio Strings , how is the vibrato ?

    I can't find the info or hear demo demonstrating the vibrato of this lib in depth ... Is it just a simple cross fade between vib and non vib at each dynamic layers ? Does the cross fade sound natural in legato patches ? The vib expression in the virtuoso perf patch of solo lib kills , but I...
  6. James Marshall

    What's this playing technique?

    Hello everyone, The string player here (violin assumed, but please correct me), plays a sustained note and after about 5-6 secs switches to some what sounds like to me some sort of strong vibrato harmonic-like tone. It's happens throughout the piece. What is the player doing here? I've heard...
  7. dman007

    Vibrato VST

    Hi Can anyone recommend a good vibrato VST for use with electric guitar VSTis? Thanks in advance
  8. paularthur

    OP: Which String library has the most realistic // usable vibrato?

    In your opinion; which String library has the most realistic sounding vibrato and timbre? and or easiest to automate?
  9. reids

    Controlling Vibrato Manually in Woodwinds Libraries

    Hi everyone. I'm looking for a deep sampled woodwinds library (orchestral and solo, but not jazzy) with features that allow 'full' control over the vibrato. I see that some libraries have a baked in vibrato so you can choose between different vibrato styles or non-vibrato. However, I want to...
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