1. S

    VGM - Title Track - mix feedback

    Hey guys, I scored a video game and for the first time, did a take on mixing stuff myself as well. I'd love to hear some feedback on the mix and tips on how to improve. This ist the Title Track to the game (a japanese, roundbased battle game) Thanks a lot in advance and have a great day!
  2. leoniscaeli

    Soundtrack for a game I'm working on - Demo Level

    Hello guys, I've jut released on my Bandcamp the soundtrack that is going to be used in the demo level for "Seraph Chronicle". The set up for this demo is an inflitration mission with some battles in an supply fort. The first track is composed of many variations, as there would be triggers...
  3. leoniscaeli

    My 2017 album - The Bridge

    Hello, I recently uploaded on spotify my album released on 2017, and that was only on bandcamp. Would love to hear some thoughts about it as I am planning a new release very soon. Thank you in advance,
  4. MatthewHarnage

    Looking for mixing/sequencing feedback on new dark/fantasy game track

    Hey everyone, This is the most recent track for a game I'm scoring: Since this is the latest time I've had the opportunity to use full orchestral stuff I'm really trying to use each track to grow my mixing chops. Any feedback on the sequencing or mixing would truly be appreciated. I feel...
  5. MatthewHarnage

    HELP!! Looking for older sample libraries for older VGM Style

    I just got commissioned to score 60 minutes of a video game. They are looking for a score similar to this type of sound: I currently have lots of filmscore-esque libraries but can't seem to get this kind of old school "fake" VGM tone. I've tried using Halion Sonic inside Cubase, EWQLSOG...
  6. leoniscaeli

    Apocalypse (Full Album Preview)

    Hello all, I am proud to announce that the album I have been working on for the last 4 months is now ready and will be out on 11.18.16. You will find in this video a 30s preview for each song. My album will contain 17 tracks : 1. Intro 2. Rise 3. Dawn 4. Interlude A 5. Prevail 6. Apocalypse...