1. Amusics

    VEPRO tuning issues

    Sometime last year, I started to have seemingly random pitch drift of some samples on my host. Thought it was some residual build up on my template. Mostly with Albion strings. fast forward to today I finished a completely new template. Immediately having drift on some of my woodwind samples...
  2. J

    Recommended System Specs for Building VEP Slave PC?

    Hi everyone! This is my first post so thank you in advance for any help anyone is able to give. I'm a film composer currently using one pretty powerful 27-inch iMac to run Cubase 11, with samples hosted on an external 2TB SSD. I often have to work with pretty big templates (60-100 Instrument...
  3. R

    Is it worth running VEPro without a slave? (building orchestral template in Reaper)

    Short version: Will I notice a big performance boost by using VEPro to host all my instruments, (for a large orchestral template in Reaper) even without having a slave PC? Or should I not bother with VEPro until I can afford a slave? Longer version: Been trying to put together an orchestral...
  4. D

    VEPro 7 Slow loading time with Studio one 5

    Hey community! I have a question as I couldn't find it anywhere on the web. I made a template in Studio one, routed with VEPro 7, 120 instruments split in 5 instances, so not that much. Anyway, I wanted to speed up loading time so i disabled every kontakt instance in Vienna on startup. When i...
  5. C

    Question about Vienna Ensemble Pro outputs' impact on performance.

    I have been building an orchestral template using VEPro into Cubase (Nuendo actually). I have been building it with 2 outputs per Kontakt instrument, one for long articulations and another for short articulations so I can apply different processing to them within Nuendo. I don't have many...
  6. jadedsean

    Vepro benefits?

    Hey all, i am contemplating purchasing Vepro 7 but have some questions, i thought some Vepro aficionados may help me decide, so first question, 1) Does it make sense to run Vepro on a single computer? Buying a second computer is unfortunately not an option for me at the moment, so i'm...
  7. G

    VEPro7 and the Logic Template with more instances

    I'm using VEPro 7 and Logic 10.4.4. I have created a VEPro template 4 Instances (WINDS, PERC, STRINGS, BRASS), and I want to use the Logic AU3 BETA Template. But the project only has 24 port with 3 instances. I know I could move merge my instances and then it would be fine. But I want there to...
  8. G

    VEPro with Logic - Create a Reverb send with VEP hosting the reverb

    I'm trying to figure out how to create a reverb send in Logic. But I want the reverb unit to be in a VEPro instance and then on a track in Logic I can use a bus to send a part of the signal to it. From videos I've seen I've only seen how to use the Audio Event to switch the output form a track...
  9. G

    RDP keeps dropping between my Mac and PC Slave (VEPro)

    So I got a new PC Slave. I have been using Mac mini Slaves before this. So I have an iMac as my main Master machine running Logic, and now an i7 PC that is the slave machine running VEPro server. Now everything is running fine between the Mac and PC with VEPro. My only problem is my PC is in...
  10. D

    Please delete

  11. G

    VM1 Beta App Store Link?

    So I see with the new VEPro7 there is an iPad called VM1. And the pdf document it says you can download the app from the App Store, but I can't seem to find it. Can anyone else see it? Or have a link to it. Would like like to try how well it integrates with VEP and using in Logic.
  12. stevebarden

    8Dio memory usage in Kontakt/VEPro

    I’ve come upon an issue that I’ve never seen before. In setting up a template on a slave with VEPro, I’m seeing that 8Dio’s Century Strings and Century Strings Sordino are using approximately twice the amount of memory that it shows in Kontakt. I get that there is some overhead in any...
  13. GrapeBotherhood

    Question regarding Vienna Ensemble Pro and Gigabit Switch

    Hi guys, I want to work with 1 master and 2 slaves computers in Vienna Ensemble Pro. I've read I need a Gigabit Switch to connect the three together. Since I have two lan ports on each computer, I can have internet on a separate port of the master, so I don't actually need internet signal on...
  14. Fermile

    Cubase and VEPRO stuck

    Hi community, I recently stumbled upon a cubase+VEPRO halt. My VEPRO is running locally with kontakt instances. I noticed that every time I leave my workstation and the cubase is connected to VEPRO server and I don't use it for a few hours it is stuck - meaning I have to end both processes to...
  15. G

    VEPro keeps quitting

    My VEPro keeps quitting. I have the latest version installed, and I'm using Logic 10.4.2 as my DAW. I used to have a Mac mini quad as my slave and that used to run fine, and VEPro on there never seemed to quit. Now I have moved onto an iMac with more RAM and faster processor. But it seems to...
  16. Dirk Ehlert

    Template Consulting

    Hey guys n gals, since I've arrived in LA I had several composer friends ask me for help in setting up their composing rigs for using VEPro and / or general Cubase / system tips and tricks / training. So I thought, if there is a need for such things, why not just officially offer it. So here we...
  17. Jason Graves

    Audio Ark: Jason Graves Music - Writing for Strings

    Greetings! My name is Jason. I am a drummer and I love animals. I also have spent the the last twenty odd years making music. I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out a way to share and give back, just a little bit, to the community I love being a part of so much. I lecture/teach...
  18. Will Wilson

    Mac Mini 2011

    I have acquired a 2011 Mac Mini (Quad i7, 8Gb, Spinner Disks).... Currently my "main" machine is my Windows Gaming Machine. i7 4770, 32GB RAM and Lots of SSD (1 x 256GB Boot, 1 x 512GB for Games, 2 x 1TB for samples etc) (Win10). I'm currently using Studio One 3 which is OK but I really miss...
  19. C

    Spitfire Symphonic Brass & Berlin Percussion - Issues with Remembering Samples Btwn. Mirror Rigs

    Hi Vi Community, For months now, I've been having this very annoying issue with Berlin Percussion (and now, it has recently happened with the Spitfire Symphonic Brass Library): My workplace is set up such that there are two identical workstations, where each...
  20. G

    How to disable a VEP instance from your master

    I think this has been mentioned before on the forum, but I can't seem to find it. Is there a way to disable a channel in VEPro from my master if the VEPro template is on my Slave? For example a specific CC message I can send from my track in Cubase to disable the channel on the VEPro slave?
  21. J

    NO LONGER LOOKING TO BUY Vienna Ensemble Pro, 6 or earlier

    NO LONGER LOOKING for Vienna Ensemble Pro - have now bought new. Thanks for looking.
  22. J

    Halion Symphonic Orchestra - host in VEPro without Halion?

    Hi, I have a template of 64 Midi and about a dozen audio tracks. It's slow to load and a bit slow to move around in, even when almost empty. I want to host my Halion Symphonic Orchestra in VEPro. I only have the trial of VEPro for now. It seems it may not be a useful solution for me as I only...
  23. Akarin

    [Tutorial] Set up VEPro on a slave and connect from Cubase and Logic

    In the following video, I’m going to show you how you can repurpose a spare computer to handle your VST libraries while keeping CPU power on your main machine by using VEPro 6: Let me know if you have any question and I'll try my best to answer!
  24. G

    Cubase with Many VEP Instances

    Hi VI-Controllers, So I know there's a lot of debate with Logic and VEP and using either few instances with many instruments (with multi-timbral instruments) or using many instances with single instruments. I've been using Logic with single VEP instances and it all seems to work well and is...
  25. G

    Mac Mini slave keeps losing connecting

    So I got myself a Mac Mini 2.3ghz Quad unit. It's all setup. It has a manual IP. But the problem I'm having is it keeps losing connection to the master. I don't have a screen connected to it. BUt after 24hours I lose connection. I cant VNC or ping it. I then have to manually reboot it and then...
  26. G

    Anyone using a Mac Mini late 2012 as a Slave?

    I've found a Mac Mini late 2012 model with a 2.5Ghz processor at a really good price. Wondering if it's worth using one of these as a slave for a mobile setup with my Macbook Pro late 2012 2.5Ghz. I'm gonna spec up the RAM to 16GB. But just wondering how one of these units will work. So it's...
  27. G

    Cubase and VEP6 - Which is better Instrument or Rack Tracks?

    I'm finally making the move over to Cubase from Logic, due to Cubase's better handling with multitimbral instruments. I'm going to be using VEP6 to build up my template and I was wondering is it better to use Rack or Instrument Tracks. And what's the benefit over the one over the other. I'm...
  28. G

    Multiple DAW with VEP6

    Hi VI-Controllers, I've got a question about if you want to use multiple DAWs with VEP. So I'm using Logic and Cubase. But then there's the big debate on where Logic works better with single instances in VEP, while Cubase works better with less Instances and in some cases even just one big...
  29. 1

    Hotkey/funtion for getting midi channels in numerical order? (Cubase)

    Hello everybody! :) I've been searching for a way to select midi tracks and have them in numerical order in Cubase. In VEPRO this is easily done by just like "Shift+Alt + click number of first channel". Any help is greatly appreciated! :)
  30. 1

    VEPRO Superslow/totally freezes when connected with Cubase 9 (running Play template) *FIXED*

    Hello, Like the title says VEPRO is Superslow/totally freezes when connected with Cubase 9 (running Play template). Anyone else experiencing this problem and have a solution? I'm running one 6 i7 core machine with HWS and HOP, and another 8 AMD Ryzen core machine with HWB and HOW.
  31. H

    Help! No Slave Instances in VEPro6

    I posted this on the VSL Forums, but was hoping someone here might have an idea as well. I am brand new to VEPro and need some help getting VEPro instances from my slave PC to appear in my DAW's plugin on my master PC. I've been scouring the web and the user manuals for hours without finding a...
  32. Nick Garrett

    Play 5.1 and RAM

    I am just going to run this by you guys, in case I am doing something wrong: I have 64GB of RAM, which I thought would be more than enough, however every time I open my VEPro template the RAM usage shoots up to 100% while loading all of the Play instances. All Kontakt instruments load...
  33. composerguy78

    Slave machine build - advice?

    I'm considering buying/building a slave machine to run Vienna Ensemble Pro in Windows. I've been looking at and I was wondering if anyone has any advice in this department? I am on a bit of a tight budget. I'd like to build it for less than $1000 if possible. I'm...
  34. windyweekend

    Routing in VEP & Cubase - I'm clueless

    I come on humble bended knee to the wise ones for their sage advice - I've recently entered the world of VEP and have discovered by familiar routing workflow in Cubase no longer holds water and am now clueless how to apply individual FX on a single track using VEP. I used to use just Track...
  35. 1

    Kontakt - One Button To Purge Them All (Where is it?)

    Hello everyone! :) As the title says I'm wondering were the "purge all instances of Kontakt"-button is? If you like me have a big VEPRO template that is being modified slightly almost daily, the frustration of having to go through about 1000 tracks (some of you might have much more) just to...

    VEPro Implementation

    Hi Guys, Thinking of implementing Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 into my workflow. Currently running a 6 Core Setup and not looking at adding another slave, as of this stage. Have multiple SSD's for sample streaming / libraries. Wondering what the benefits are of having VEPro on the same system as...

    VEPro Question

    Hi Guys, Thinking of implementing Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 into my workflow. Currently running a 6 Core Setup and not looking at adding another slave, as of this stage. Have multiple SSD's for sample streaming / libraries. Wondering what the benefits are of having VEPro on the same system as...
  38. Mikel Hurwitz

    TouchOSC/OSculator/VePro/DP Receive Midi Data from DAW

    Hi folks, My apologies if this has been posted before...I looked but didn't find anything. I have a question for the group regarding receiving midi cc data back to an iPad running Touch OSC: - I am using Touch OSC & Osculator to control an instance of Zebra that lives in a VePro host...
  39. Silence-is-Golden

    LASS in VEPRO (6) Arc templatesetup

    I am transferring several of my setups that previously run in Logic into VePRO. And LASS 2.5 has come with to me a handy Arc template setup that comes from the multi patches(see special). It is setup so that in 5 x 5 (logic) multitimbral midi-tracks you have all available articulations and all...
  40. 1

    VEPro recommended cat6 length

    Ideally to suit aesthetically, i can go up-to 15 meters of cable to place slave noisy PCs in another room, how much is the recommended cat6 cable length to not have toll on latency? I shall have 3 slave PCs running in other room, connected to a switch in the same room and one cat6 cable will...
  41. 1

    VEPRO hell and heaven

    Crashes, crahes everywhere! If I open Cubase 8 first then load VEPRO, then they don't connect. If I load VEPRO, then open Cubase it just crashes and disappears. It worked for a while when I first got it. But then it started to crash here and there, and now it's just unusable. I found that I can...
  42. bjderganc

    Adding effects to VEPro "slaved" tracks within Cubase

    There seem to be two schools of thought in regards to adding effects to items within VEPro. 1. Add the effects individually within the VEPro mixer 2. Add the effects in the DAW to the entire VEPro mixer I'm a new Cubase user, but when I was working in Logic I would route audio back from VEPro...
  43. stigc56

    What is best: Many separate VE or one housing several VE?

    I try to figure out what is best: One VE for each instrument like A: Or like this B: In A there are only one midi port and 2 audio channels allocated each instance. All instruments returns on their own separate audio channels. In B I have to have at least 2 midi ports (32 channels)...
  44. 1

    Need help building a workstation!

    Hello everyone, I've outgrown my current computer - 4770k, 32GB ram, 2tb SSD filled with sample libraries- and I'm searching up and down the internet on how to build the new computer. What I had in mind was a PC with 64GB DDR4 ram, but also have the possibilty of 128GB which I might need in the...
  45. 1

    Two computers, one audio interface?

    Hello everyone! :) I'm about to upgrade my workstation with another computer and an audio interface (RME fireface UCX/ARC probably). So my question is: is it possible to use two computers with only one audio interface? I'm composing cinematic music and I'm thinking of using VEpro together with...
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