1. Ben

    VSL - August Splash, VEP7 & MIR on sale through August 23rd

    Here is an unexpected short time offer: - Vienna Ensemble Pro 7: FIRST LICENSE for € 145 (regular: € 195) - includes 73 GB Epic Orchestra 2.0 ADDITIONAL LICENSE for € 95 (regular: € 135)Upgrade prices from ALL previous VE...
  2. amadeus1

    Networking a master and slave with Vep 7

    Hi guys, Here's a video detailing cable modem and slave computer hardware as well as software connections via ethernet and Vep 7 to set up a master and slave computer. Best, Bill
  3. amadeus1

    How to Install and Get started with VEP 7

    Hi guys, Here's a video on how to get started with Vep 7 if you've never used it before. Goes from downloading the free version of Vep 7 to installation to adding instruments within Vep 7 and playing them, outside of the Cubase daw. A video showing how to connect a slave laptop to Vep 7 will...
  4. amadeus1

    How to avoid pops and clicks and overloading your daw just by adding VEP7 locally. No additional computers required.

    Hi guys, I know many of you use Vienna Ensemble Pro in your workstations and VEP allows you to network additional computers which allow you to use very large templates. But some who don't use Vienna Ensemble Pro may be unaware that using VEP7 on your workstation locally can be extremely...
  5. MoeWalsaad

    Cubase + VEP mixing workflow that works?

    Hello, I recently introduced VEPro to my workflow on Cubase, and I have struggles regarding rendering my tracks/stems on Cubase to preparing them to the mixing stage, I tried the following. 1 - I tried the "Render in place" function, but it renders all the VEPro midi outputs so I end up with a...
  6. Ben

    VEP7 What's new and improved (v7.0.877- 2019-07-17)

    Here is a summary of whats new and improved in VEP7: 1) New added fx plugins from the Vienna Suite Pro Analyser Pro Compressor Pro Equalizer Pro Exiter Pro Limiter Pro Matrix Mixer Pro Surround Balance Pro Surround Pan Pro Screenshots...
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