1. N

    Yosemite's activity monitor contradicting kontakt memory usage

    this is a screenshot of the only kontakt instance i have open, and it says there's no more than 3gb loaded. the activity monitor to the left says different and claims that more than 7gb is being loaded. why is this occurring?
  2. N

    VEP5 Multiport Layer Aux Issue

    The moment I add an aux track with the multiport template in Logic, only midi channel 1 is addressed on vienna ensemble pro no matter what midi channel I'm playing on. What caused this, and how do I fix it?
  3. tabulius

    Sample streaming slave 2016

    I might get a new slave for VEP5 next year. I've built PCs for years now, but I'm a bit unsure what components I should get for a optimal sample streaming DAW. I'm not going to mix or use a lot of plugins inside Vienna Ensemble, mainly Virtual Stage panning and maybe few EQs. Main usage is...
  4. Audio Birdi

    Tracks remaining always active in Cubase when connecting to VEP5

    I've been playing around with various DAWs for the past week and have come to an interesting realisation that they all work rather differently in terms of CPU efficiency. Reaper V5 Allows you to use no CPU power when no midi data is present on a track within my template, and only utilises the...