1. Ben

    Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 Sale (April 2021)

    Through May 3, 2021 Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 is on sale: - First license: € 145 (regular €195) - Additional license: € 65 (regular: €95) Get it here: There is also a keyless demo version available on the website, so make sure to...
  2. M

    VEP 7 and Track Instruments Cubase 11

    Hello all, I’m a complete newby when it comes to VEP 7 but can’t seem to find my answer online or in the search function, here it goes: I currently have a template based on Instrument Tracks (the all in one solution where every Instrument track has their own channel), so no instrument Racks...
  3. AlastairSounds

    VEP server with an Intel NUC

    Here's my solution to finding a VEP server PC that is powerful and affordable. It's a mini PC that is based on Garlu's post. My sessions were slow enough and crashes happened frequently enough that I needed to offload the samples onto a VEP server. Here are this machine's specs: - Intel...
  4. F

    Studio One 5 MIDI Ports with VEP

    Hey all, Rebuilding my current template and trying to utilize the 8 MIDI ports available in VEP with Studio One 5. Has anyone been able to successfully do this with Studio One? I can't seem to find how to access the outputs of Port 2 using the VEP Event Input plugin. I can't seem to be able to...
  5. Ben

    Happy holidays! - VSL Holiday Sale 2020 - BBO 30 days demos

    This Black Friday week is going to be a blast! Starting on Monday you should not miss these deals! So here’s my special advice: Combine the 3+1 voucher sale with the BF deals and save an additional 25% (BF price | BF + Voucher price)! Free / up to 44% off: We'll going to release BBO: Zodiac -...
  6. D

    VEP Templates: how to integrate patch-based instruments (e.g. synths, TOC, Sonokinetic stuff)?

    As I'm building my new Cubase/VEP template, I'm wondering how to best integrate instruments that have a large list of patches into the whole thing. Ideally, I'd like to have a VEP template that remains static and do any changes that are specific to a piece of music inside the Cubase project (so...
  7. Dr Sabs

    Ableton Rewire to replace VEP?

    Hey everyone, So in my current system I use Vienna Ensemble Pro (VEP) to host symphonic instruments on my 2 slave computers, and I also use a local instance of VEP to run my synth plugins (for when I'm working on film projects and i want to keep consistency with the sounds across cues). I was...
  8. MoeWalsaad

    Cubase + VEP mixing workflow that works?

    Hello, I recently introduced VEPro to my workflow on Cubase, and I have struggles regarding rendering my tracks/stems on Cubase to preparing them to the mixing stage, I tried the following. 1 - I tried the "Render in place" function, but it renders all the VEPro midi outputs so I end up with a...
  9. sleepfacingwest

    Logic Articulation Sets and VEP - Sending CC data to the right instrument

    Hey all, I hope this is the right place to post this. My issue isn't with Kontakt per se, but it's the only place that seemed to specialize in scripting. This is an issue getting automation data to go to the correct place using Logic Pro, VEP, articulation sets, and logic scripting. Setup...
  10. wuubb

    Cubase: MIDI CC's not being sent to VEP

    (Tried googling for this several different ways but I'm prob just too dumb to know what this is called) So I have some MIDI tracks mapped to a VEP instance (see screenshot). Only problem is, the CC curves I've recorded aren't being sent to the Kontakt instance in VEP. Both the notes and CC...
  11. MoeWalsaad

    VEpro - Lots of instances vs Lots of Midi Channels

    Hello, I'm halfway through building my first grand template on Vienna Ensemble Pro7 and Cubase10, but some concerns are arising. I wonder what would be the ups and downs of having too many VEP instances vs too many Plugin Channels vs too many Midi channels coming from less Kontakt Instances...
  12. G

    VEPro7 and the Logic Template with more instances

    I'm using VEPro 7 and Logic 10.4.4. I have created a VEPro template 4 Instances (WINDS, PERC, STRINGS, BRASS), and I want to use the Logic AU3 BETA Template. But the project only has 24 port with 3 instances. I know I could move merge my instances and then it would be fine. But I want there to...
  13. G

    VEPro with Logic - Create a Reverb send with VEP hosting the reverb

    I'm trying to figure out how to create a reverb send in Logic. But I want the reverb unit to be in a VEPro instance and then on a track in Logic I can use a bus to send a part of the signal to it. From videos I've seen I've only seen how to use the Audio Event to switch the output form a track...
  14. ThePrioryStudio

    Vep on pc vst vs mac au

    Hi all. I just wanted to ask who of you are using VEP 6 running on a PC and if the VST versions of Kontakt run in the same way of the AU version of Kontakt would in a Mac VEP instance? I'm a Mac user and have been for many years but since going down the VEP route I have decided to buy client...
  15. G

    VM1 Beta App Store Link?

    So I see with the new VEPro7 there is an iPad called VM1. And the pdf document it says you can download the app from the App Store, but I can't seem to find it. Can anyone else see it? Or have a link to it. Would like like to try how well it integrates with VEP and using in Logic.
  16. Ben

    VEP7 What's new and improved (v7.0.877- 2019-07-17)

    Here is a summary of whats new and improved in VEP7: 1) New added fx plugins from the Vienna Suite Pro Analyser Pro Compressor Pro Equalizer Pro Exiter Pro Limiter Pro Matrix Mixer Pro Surround Balance Pro Surround Pan Pro Screenshots...
  17. bfreepro

    VEP and FL Studio : has anyone successfully used it?

    Has anyone successfully integrated Vienna Ensemble Pro into FL Studio, getting it to perform live with no distortion and ALSO exporting to audio? They seem notorious for not working well together, and for reference, there's an entire thread that has a fix for this here (HUGE help and thanks to...
  18. B

    Windows 10, VEP Standalone, and MIDI over Ethernet

    Trying to find a solution for sending MIDI over network to VEP in standalone mode on Windows 10. MIDIOverLAN used to be the way I did this, but it's discontinued. I own a couple version 2 licenses, but don't have an installer anymore. MusicLab won't provide me with one. I just tried rtpMIDI...
  19. B

    Dante PCIE + VEP + Cubase?

    I've searched older threads and haven't quite found what I'm looking for. Does anyone have experience using a VEP with Dante? I run VEP on a master and two slaves, and if I knew with confidence that investing in Dante hardware would a. work well with VEP and Cubase, and b. help me keep latency...
  20. PaulieDC

    VEP 7 with New Epic Orchestra - Good Deal for First Time Users? Is It Necessary?

    Still somewhat new at this, I hear about the stuff the pros use, and VEP is often mentioned. I have a pretty good standalone tower as listed in my sig, bunch of EW and Berlin Libraries and am currently pounding the books on orchestration, so composition is just getting off the ground. Let's say...
  21. Garlu

    VEP MiniPC NUC (i7, 64gb ram, 5tb internal ssd)

    Hi everyone, I thought I'd share the experience of getting a tiny/light/portable PC for VEP. Specs: - i7 quad core 8th generation 8550u - 64 gb ram DDR4 - 1tb internal M.2 SSD NVMe (super fast!) - 4tb internal SSD sata3 Planning to install Windows 10 Pro 64. (not done yet). Connecting it...
  22. K

    Bcf2000 and ve pro

    Hello! I'm a new member and a new user of Vienna Ensemble Pro and Vienna Smart Orchestra. I currently have a Behringer BCF2000 that I would like to use to control the fader options in Vienna Smart Orchestra. However, when I attempt to get the Vienna faders to "learn" external hardware fader...
  23. Fermile

    Cubase and VEPRO stuck

    Hi community, I recently stumbled upon a cubase+VEPRO halt. My VEPRO is running locally with kontakt instances. I noticed that every time I leave my workstation and the cubase is connected to VEPRO server and I don't use it for a few hours it is stuck - meaning I have to end both processes to...
  24. GrapeBotherhood

    Master/Slave setup: where to put best CPU?

    As in the title....given that I mainly work with: - Lots of VSTs and Kontakt instances -Lots of Orchestral Work -Not so much audio recording -A few plugins in the inserts, but the most of them would be used only in mixing/mastering phase, when I have already bounced all the VSTs tracks to audio...
  25. igwanna

    Need a mathematician to solve this for me

    OK!! So i need a g guy with very good logic thinking to help me out I going to write this in a very bullet pointed fashion so its easy to understand -So i compose as a hobby so hopefully one day i become a fulltime composer -At the same time i have a real life job. Im a marketing director...
  26. Dav

    VEP Autosave Lockups and General Annoyances

    I have a modest setup with a host machine (i7 970 24GB RAM SSD bootdrive) and a slave machine (Xeon E5-2640 64GB RAM 3 SSD drives) running VEP. I am using Reaper on my host and everytime VEP does an autosave, Reaper locks up. When the lockup happens, whatever is happening sticks and holds for...
  27. windyweekend

    Releasing RAM from a VEP Instance - any ideas?

    Anyone know how to release the RAM from a VEP instance without deleting the instance? I want to temporarily release the RAM and load another instance using the freed up RAM. I'm sure (hopeful) it's simple, and I'm missing the obvious, but for the life of me can't find a way to do it. Decoupling...
  28. G

    How to disable a VEP instance from your master

    I think this has been mentioned before on the forum, but I can't seem to find it. Is there a way to disable a channel in VEPro from my master if the VEPro template is on my Slave? For example a specific CC message I can send from my track in Cubase to disable the channel on the VEPro slave?
  29. Phillip_Finatti

    Hosts - VEP vs Bidule

    I'm unfamiliar with Bidule, and I've noticed that some colleagues use it. Would love to hear opinions from the community. I'm very happy with VEP, but I always have my ears to the ground and trying to streamline my process...the less tech I have to think about, the more I can focus on creative...
  30. Brendon Williams

    VEP/Logic Pro Routing Bug?

    I'm encountering what seems to be a bug, but I'm hoping there's either a good workaround or I'm missing an obvious step. Background: -I'm using the latest versions of my OS, Logic, and VEP -VEP is running in a slave PC, connected via ethernet The Problem: When I run the VEP aux tracks of my...
  31. E

    MIDI program changes, cc, Cubase and Vep

    Hi! Long time lurker, first time poster here. I've really hit a brick wall here, and would greatly appreciate any help. I've searched and read all about potential similar issues, but have come up shorthanded, despite learning a lot of new things along the way. So..please bear with me. I'm...
  32. G

    VEP6 keeps freezing when I load up an instrument

    Hi Guys, I wonder if you can help me. VEP6 keeps freezing when i try load up an instrument. All was running fine, and now its not working. I am running 6.016502 on Mac OS 10.12.15 I have deleted the preferences files for it on the Mac. But its still freezing on instrument loads. Anyone know...
  33. dtonthept

    "Big" Pro Tools templates?

    Is anyone here running a large template in Pro Tools for composing and mixing? That is to say, in addition to instruments and midi, do you have a fair amount of processing, plugins, bussing, etc going on? I'm guessing VEP is essential to making this happen. I'm just wondering if, through your...
  34. G

    Cubase with Many VEP Instances

    Hi VI-Controllers, So I know there's a lot of debate with Logic and VEP and using either few instances with many instruments (with multi-timbral instruments) or using many instances with single instruments. I've been using Logic with single VEP instances and it all seems to work well and is...
  35. G

    Mac Mini slave keeps losing connecting

    So I got myself a Mac Mini 2.3ghz Quad unit. It's all setup. It has a manual IP. But the problem I'm having is it keeps losing connection to the master. I don't have a screen connected to it. BUt after 24hours I lose connection. I cant VNC or ping it. I then have to manually reboot it and then...
  36. N

    Do you process VIs within Kontakt (or VEP) or in the Daw?

    I was curious how some of you other guys like to do this. Say for example if you have 3 or four Damage patches (or some other drum library or something similar) loaded up, would you assign auxes for each of them into Logic / Cubase etc so you could process them from the DAW? Or would you use...
  37. G

    Anyone using a Mac Mini late 2012 as a Slave?

    I've found a Mac Mini late 2012 model with a 2.5Ghz processor at a really good price. Wondering if it's worth using one of these as a slave for a mobile setup with my Macbook Pro late 2012 2.5Ghz. I'm gonna spec up the RAM to 16GB. But just wondering how one of these units will work. So it's...
  38. G

    Cubase and VEP6 - Which is better Instrument or Rack Tracks?

    I'm finally making the move over to Cubase from Logic, due to Cubase's better handling with multitimbral instruments. I'm going to be using VEP6 to build up my template and I was wondering is it better to use Rack or Instrument Tracks. And what's the benefit over the one over the other. I'm...
  39. G

    Multiple DAW with VEP6

    Hi VI-Controllers, I've got a question about if you want to use multiple DAWs with VEP. So I'm using Logic and Cubase. But then there's the big debate on where Logic works better with single instances in VEP, while Cubase works better with less Instances and in some cases even just one big...
  40. F

    Thoughts on this slave PC?

    I've been reading about VEP, slave pc's and orchestral templates for a while now, and I concider to go ahead with a build. Currently I'm using a Macbook Pro (16gb ram) i7 2,5GHz, and I realize that this machine has it's limits when it comes to larger orhcestral templates. So I'm hoping to get...
  41. Freds

    [VIDEO] Film Scoring Orchestral Template Walkthrough w Cubase

    Hi everybody, here's a walkthrough video that might be useful to some. It's a detailed description of my film scoring template for Cubase and how I approach mixing and delivering of stems. Use the index number under the description if you need to jump chapters as the video is very long and some...
  42. sprout

    Vienna Ensemble - Error loading plugins: Could not create plugin

    When I load a project, Vienna Ensemble Pro could not load the updated SynthMaster 2.8.2 plugin: Errors occurred while loading plugins: AU: KV331Audio| SynthMaster 2.7 Instrument (Could not create plugin) I tried with my Logic X project and a lone vframe save file. I can assign...
  43. windyweekend

    Routing in VEP & Cubase - I'm clueless

    I come on humble bended knee to the wise ones for their sage advice - I've recently entered the world of VEP and have discovered by familiar routing workflow in Cubase no longer holds water and am now clueless how to apply individual FX on a single track using VEP. I used to use just Track...
  44. D

    Macbook Pro with Mac Pro slave vs Single 12 core Mac Pro?

    Hi, Got a few questions about slave systems and what you guys think is my best option - mostly for large orchestral templates in Cubase and/or Pro Tools. I used to use a 2010 2.66GHz i7 8GB Macbook Pro as a single machine but a couple of years ago bought a 12 core 3.46GHz Mac Pro 5,1 which I...
  45. G

    Logic and VEP recommendations

    I know this has probably been mentioned quite a few times here and I've read through some of the posts but just wanted to double check how you guys recommend working with Logic (on the master) and VEP (on the slave). I've just gotten into VEP, and the networking is great, now onto making a...
  46. G

    Will I get better performance from two computers or one spec-ed up one

    Hi Guys, I've got a Macbook Pro 2012 with a 2.5Ghz i5, 16GB RAM and 250GB Crucial SSD I've also got an HP Probook 450G2 with a 2.4Ghz i5, with 16GB RAM, and 250GB Crucial SSD. I'm wanting to set the two up together in a master/slave setup. You think I'll be ok with performance with these two...
  47. G

    How many Slave [computers] do you have?

    So I'm sure the VEP slave configuration setup has been discussed quite a bit, so thought I throw the question out there (so please feel free for bragging rights) on how many slaves machines do you guys have setup in your studio. I wonder who has the most?
  48. reddognoyz

    Portable slave and VEP. easest way to connect to two systems?

    I have a duplicate rig for working off sight and in the past I've had to reconnect all the instances in the metaframe manually when ever I moved a project between setups, is there a smart way to avoid this?
  49. Jaredf920

    Advice for a new Slave Machine

    I have been upgrading my composing rig & I've also decided to switch from Logic to Cubase... and man am I loving Cubase so far! My current computer set-up is: -[Sequencer] 12-Core Mac Pro 2012 / 32GB RAM (Cubase/Logic) -[Video/PT Machine] 4-Core Mac Pro 2009 /16GB RAM (PT10|HD3) -[String Slave]...
  50. N

    VEP5 Multiport Layer Aux Issue

    The moment I add an aux track with the multiport template in Logic, only midi channel 1 is addressed on vienna ensemble pro no matter what midi channel I'm playing on. What caused this, and how do I fix it?
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