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  1. D

    Vienna Ensemble Pro High CPU Usage on Idle

    Hi community! I recently started building a fresh template and investigated a lot about how to achieve the best performance workflow. So based on many tests including mine, I did One Kontakt per Instrument and limited myself to 7 VEP instances. Anyway, what's the issue - I noticed that even...
  2. tonelab

    VEP7 - Cubase 11 Pro - Enable/Disable Tracks/Channels

    Hello all. First time post. Forgive me in advance if I am posting this in the wrong forum section. Let me preface what you are about to read by saying that this was also posted on the VSL forum. I am looking for some guidance on how to setup a Cubase orchestral template whereby I can automate...
  3. Martijn Jongman

    Distorted sound in Template setup (Cubase 11 Pro - VEP)

    Hello there! I’m having the weirdest kind of issue. I’m running a Cubase Pro 11 Template with the samples being hosted in VEP (Vienna Ensemble Pro) 7 (locally). The VEP instances are situated as ‘Rack instruments’. For every library I have a folder in Cubase with the instruments I have loaded...
  4. billkill

    Opinions on which VEP set up would be more effective

    Hi there - I am formally a pop and EDM producer - now working on more media and film. i jsut upgraded my rig to this: 1 x Mac Mini 3.0GHz 6‑core 8th‑generation Intel Core i5 (Turbo Boost up to 4.1GHz) 64GB 2666MHz DDR4 Intel UHD Graphics 630 512GB SSD storage Gigabit Ethernet...
  5. amadeus1

    Networking a master and slave with Vep 7

    Hi guys, Here's a video detailing cable modem and slave computer hardware as well as software connections via ethernet and Vep 7 to set up a master and slave computer. Best, Bill
  6. amadeus1

    How to Install and Get started with VEP 7

    Hi guys, Here's a video on how to get started with Vep 7 if you've never used it before. Goes from downloading the free version of Vep 7 to installation to adding instruments within Vep 7 and playing them, outside of the Cubase daw. A video showing how to connect a slave laptop to Vep 7 will...
  7. Ben

    VEP7 Special Offer

    Get your license here: Upgrades and additional licenses are also reduced during this offer!
  8. Dr Sabs

    Ableton Rewire to replace VEP?

    Hey everyone, So in my current system I use Vienna Ensemble Pro (VEP) to host symphonic instruments on my 2 slave computers, and I also use a local instance of VEP to run my synth plugins (for when I'm working on film projects and i want to keep consistency with the sounds across cues). I was...
  9. MoeWalsaad

    VEPro7 - After update cannot recognize server

    Hello, After I updated VEPro7 to 7.0.954, Cubase 10 is unable to recognize VEPro servers/instances. (locally) However, if I open an old (Cubase+VEP) Template, the server is recognized and all seem okay at first, but If I want to create a new VEPro instance in Cubase, the server cannot be seen...
  10. P

    VE Pro 7 64bit running on (Slave pc) not showing on my Logic pro x

    Hey guys, so when I run my Vienna ensemble pro 7 32 bit server, it does show up on my logic pro x. But, when I try to run 64 bit ver, it is not showing up on my logic. Can somebody help me out with this?:crying:
  11. Steve Steele

    Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 features

    I made a video for anyone thinking about upgrading to v7 before the intro sale ends (23rd is the last day). I am not affiliated with VSL, but I am VSL Certified. I thought it might help some people get a quick independent look at some of my favorite features of VEP7. Hope it helps. Regards...
  12. Ben

    VEP7 What's new and improved (v7.0.877- 2019-07-17)

    Here is a summary of whats new and improved in VEP7: 1) New added fx plugins from the Vienna Suite Pro Analyser Pro Compressor Pro Equalizer Pro Exiter Pro Limiter Pro Matrix Mixer Pro Surround Balance Pro Surround Pan Pro Screenshots...
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