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  1. P

    VE Pro 7 64bit running on (Slave pc) not showing on my Logic pro x

    Hey guys, so when I run my Vienna ensemble pro 7 32 bit server, it does show up on my logic pro x. But, when I try to run 64 bit ver, it is not showing up on my logic. Can somebody help me out with this?:crying:
  2. D

    Q & VEP Feature suggestion: SOUND MODULE MODE - alternative Program-Change driven paradigm/workflow

    This is a question to both the composers here who - by necessity - use enormous track-count DAW templates and the developers of VEP. My idea would greatly reduce the track-counts needed for master templates - and might even - for *some* (probably more production-oriented) users eliminate the...
  3. GrapeBotherhood

    Master/Slave setup: where to put best CPU?

    As in the title....given that I mainly work with: - Lots of VSTs and Kontakt instances -Lots of Orchestral Work -Not so much audio recording -A few plugins in the inserts, but the most of them would be used only in mixing/mastering phase, when I have already bounced all the VSTs tracks to audio...
  4. Dav

    VEP Autosave Lockups and General Annoyances

    I have a modest setup with a host machine (i7 970 24GB RAM SSD bootdrive) and a slave machine (Xeon E5-2640 64GB RAM 3 SSD drives) running VEP. I am using Reaper on my host and everytime VEP does an autosave, Reaper locks up. When the lockup happens, whatever is happening sticks and holds for...
  5. Treppenwitz

    VEP6 - How do I update the client?

    When I launch the VEP server, it checks for updates. I finally updated to VEP6.0.17011. I then went to the client (DAW) machine, added an instance of VEP6 client in Cubase. It doesn't prompt for an update. I don't run the server on the client machine, so I don't have another eLicenser with...
  6. M

    Cubase+VEP users, questions from new VEP user

    Hi guys, No luck on the VSL forums... hoping to try here instead.... QUESTION 1) - I'm having trouble keeping instruments connected to my daw after I restart. It seems that the instruments only keep connection if I shut my DAW computer down first, then shut down the VEP Slave, and then when I...
  7. B

    Needing Assistance Setting up EW Play-based libraries for Orchestral Template in Logic X

    Hello V.I. Control Community, I'm new to Vienna Ensemble Pro 6, and I'm having some trouble setting up Eastwest Play-based libraries in my orchestral template in Logic X. After reading though the VE6 manual a couple of times, and watching several youtube tutorials, I'm still stuck trying to set...
  8. JaikumarS

    Slave machine Builder - UK

    Hi, I'm looking for a company like in the UK(preferably - London) who build slave machines for film scoring using VEP. Thank you
  9. michaelamlacher

    SOLD! Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 (3 Licenses) incl. E-Licenser (EUR 199,00)

    I am selling my studio since I don't have any time for music anymore (unfortunately). I can send the e-licenser all over Europe. I would like to have EUR 199 for it including shipping. If you already have an e-licenser 2 licenses can be used immediately, for the 3rd one I have to contact VSL to...
  10. M

    Big template in logic witout VEP?

    Hi! Anyone knows if there is a way to make big orchestral template in logic without using vep? I have seen that cubase and studio one has enable / disable function to reduce memory/Ram. The idea is to have a large template without having to load all samples at once. Freezing not working for...
  11. Dr Sabs

    VEP Many Instances vs 1 Large Instance

    Hey All, I have been having issues with some crackles and pops from VEP6 to Cubase. I have my Mac and PC networked via Ethernet, and whatnot, and I can't seen to get consistent playback without Cracks and Pops unless I am using at least 1 buffer at 768, which in turn adds to some frustrating...
  12. JaikumarS

    Slave Machine for VEP6 - Sierra or Windows 10?

    I am planning to have a slave machine for VEP6, wondering whether to go with Sierra (on Hackintosh) or Windows10 (on a PC)? Is there any advantage in using VEP6 in an Hackintosh? Thanks
  13. JaikumarS

    VEP6 - Insert -Reverb - Sounds very glitchy

    I have been trying to assign the reverb (Rverb Stereo -Waves) from VEP6 as an insert on Kontakt instrument in Cubase. While playing the instrument, the audio is sounding very glitchy. Any idea how to sort this issue? Both VEP and Cubase are on the same machine. Edit-- Solved after installing...
  14. JaikumarS

    Optimising Slave Machine for VEP6

    I have a slave machine which is 24GB RAM, Gigabyte - GA-X58A-UD9 (rev. 1.0) , Quad Core i7 3.2 GHz - Hackintosh. I'm planning to upgrade the RAM to 48GB(as this is the maximum that the motherboard can accomodate) and use Samsung 850 EVO SSD - 1TB Internal x 4 for my Sample libraries(Spitfire...
  15. Audio Birdi

    FS: Cubase 8.5 Pro + Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 bundle (SOLD)

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