1. lucianogiacomozzi


    Hi all, I have this for sale, all approved by for sale Soundiron as they are listed, currently had to make some hard decisions in this current pandemic: Soundiron: Venus, Voices of Gaia: Bryn, Cymbology, Drinking Piano, and Steel Tones - ONLY AS A BUNDLE ($220 $200 $175) I've decided to drop...
  2. Mads Skønberg

    Selling libraries

    Send me PM for asking about what I am selling and prices. NB! Good prices.
  3. ptram

    Building words with Soundiron Olympus Choir

    Hi, I would like to use the Mars+Venus choir to make a virtual choir sing. By exploring the PolySustain chants, the Marcato/Sustain Builder, the Phrase Builder, and the single Vowels and Staccato elements, I've started to think that the best way to simulate a singing choir is to remotely...
  4. J

    8dio Lacrimosa/V8P Emperium Titan staccato timing question...

    If watch the video above, Michael and the gang at Cinesamples updated Voxos 2, to accurately quantize choir staccato notes. Tweaking choir staccato notes over and over again until it sounds realistic is probably my least favorite thing to do in the production realm because each phrase has its...
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