1. Steve_Karl

    Omnisphere: tilt the velocity sensitivity across the keyboard?

    Hi there, I occasionally run into a situation where a particular patch needs to be more (or sometimes less) responsive to velocity depending on the place on the keyboard I'm playing. Sometimes I want the upper range to be less responsive. It depends on the patch. I know it can be done by...
  2. darkneo57

    Strikeforce velocity layer technical question

    hi, i'm french, 34 yo, piano teacher, love cinematic music, i just bought Strikeforce and I have a technical question. Could you help me please . Quote from the manual (3.1.1 p7/23): 2 - Strikeforce Style (C2-B6) next to each other where each velocity layer is across two noteson the keyboard...
  3. darkneo57

    Pain to set up the vélocity on master keyboard PLEASE HELP !!!

    hi, i'm french, 34 yo, piano teacher, love cinematic music. I have huge difficulties to set the velocity of my master keyboard, and this is not to mention that the response to velocity varies according to the libraries. I have a ROLAND RD700 nx stage piano that I paid over 2000 € about 5 years...
  4. Ihnoc

    EWQL Play + Cubase and editing midi velocity

    I've a workflow where I like to use CC1 to set the dynamics of incoming notes to Kontakt, rather than use the key velocity or whatever the note was recorded at. In Kontakt, if an instrument doesn't support this (Orchestral Tools, Spitfire do), then I can at least script around it. I'm in Cubase...
  5. d.healey

    HISE velocity spread mapping - video

    I made a short video demonstrating how to quickly map samples across velocity ranges in HISE.
  6. karelpsota

    Batch renaming to velocity ranges?

    Hi, Do you know how to batch rename sequenced files (from "1 to 13") into progressive velocity ranges? Example: Audio 1 -> Audio 1-10 Audio 2 -> Audio 11-20 Audio 3 -> Audio 21-30 ... Audio 13 -> Audio 121-127 Thank you. -KP
  7. B

    Any experiences with the playabillity of Studiologic SL88 Studio, NI KK S61, Yamaha P45, Roland A800

    Any experiences with velocity-sensitivity and playability of Studiologic SL88 Studio (or other boards with Fatar TP100LR), Yamaha P45, NI Komplete Kontrol S61, and Roland A800 Pro, for use as a MIDI controller for orchestral VSTs? Can you control velocities from piano to forte easily on them, or...
  8. C

    Balancing piano VST velocities

    Hi, I'm using Cinesamples Piano in Blue (which I love) as well as other piano VSTs. However, I think this one has only has 8 velocity layers and so it's diffIcult to get gradual crescendos and decrescendos. Is there an easy way to balance (maybe that's not the word to use) these velocities so...
  9. Ihnoc

    How do YOU control Shorts and Accents with CC - Kontakt/Play

    First time caller, long time listener. I've an itch to buy a new library or two, but I've hit a snag which I've spent days pouring over Kontakt in an effort to solve. In short, I want to control dynamics of shorts with CC1 and add accents relative to that dynamic with velocity. I do this because...