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  1. A

    New user, want some advice on building an intro VEP Slave

    Hello all! I have been following VI Control for years, and there are a lot of smart people here. Finally took the time to actually register and start interacting. I am seeking your counsel in the hardware/computer space. I currently have a late 2017 iMac 21.5 inch - 32gb ram, i7 7700k 4.2ghz...
  2. Shad0wLandsUK

    AMD working on a 64/128 Beast for TR4 So who is going to build a VE Pro Monster with this one? ;) I have to admit that I am looking closely at the 3950X this September as I am in the market for a new PC (had my i7 4770K...
  3. wuubb


  4. M

    A couple of questions for Logic users

    I'm new to Logic (but not using DAWs) and have a couple of questions: When I load a multi-plugin like Kontakt or Omnisphere in Logic and play one instrument on one channel on my keyboard, all the channels for that plugin light up in the mixer window, and in the tracks window. Is it really not...
  5. wuubb

    Anyone tried using infiniband to stream samples?

    I currently have my main workstation, a VE Pro server, and a Linux server, which host my samples a several SSDs. The workstation and VEP machine are connected to the Linux via infiniband. I originally did this as I figured it would be cheaper than having to buy more SSD each time I expanded my...
  6. matthieuL

    Kontakt surround in VE PRO (for Spitfire mics routing)

    Hello, In a 5.1 instance of VE PRO, I only have the choice of stereo Kontakt instances (Kontakt > Stereo to Stereo). While for example for Play I have the choice of Stereo or 5.1 Is this normal ? So I tried anyway a stereo Kontakt instance : in the outputs I added 1 stereo output, and tried to...
  7. M

    Help! Getting audio dropouts when bouncing to disk in DP- SOLVED

    Am under pressure with a project and am suddenly getting problems with bouncing to disk in Digital Performer. Instruments cut out for a fraction of a second. I seem to get the beginning of notes; the dropouts occur after the onset of the note. Hard to know what in the chain might be causing...
  8. M

    Should I upgrade from VE Pro 5 to 6?

    Hi all, I'm contemplating upgrading my VE Pro from 5 to 6. Time+Space happens to have a pretty good upgrade price right now - $78 (though it ends in only a few hours!). It sounds like version 6 allows for better organization, more customizing, and more efficient usage. I'm just wary of...
  9. composerguy78

    How to set up LASS 2.5 in VE pro?

    I am building a new template in VE pro 6 and starting from scratch. I’m beginning with LASS. Does anyone have any tips for how they have their LASS library set up in VE Pro? I am currently using key switches for short strings using the patches that come built in. I have one midi track for...
  10. N

    Cubase 9.5 takes insanely long amount of time to load with VEP

    It takes about 5 minutes to load a cubase template project i made with VEP, and half the time it just crashes before I can open it. I'm using 4 instances of VEP (one for brass, strings, perc, and winds) each with about 7 or so outputs coming out of them, and each with 8 midi ports enabled. The...
  11. M

    Can I put a VE Pro key into a dock?

    I'm getting ready to move all my stuff (files, sample libraries) from an old desktop Mac to a new Macbook Pro, which doesn't have any USB ports. I'll be getting a cable dock to plug in things (printers, displays, etc.) Can I plug my Vienna Ensemble Pro key into such a dock? Hoping so...
  12. composerguy78

    Guide for building a VE Pro slave

    Hi all, I'm looking to build a VE Pro slave. I have been out of the loop for a few years in this department and I am wondering if there is a thread/sticky or guide somewhere on what one should factors to consider when building a VE Pro slave machine. Eg. Should I be building as system with as...
  13. kurtvanzo

    VEPro 6 dropping Komplete Kontrol instances

    Just opened a templete I just worked on 2 months ago and in the latest version of VE Pro 6 it drops all the Komplete Kontrol instances (including all the Kontakt instances within). Play and Other synths are fine, but all Komplete instaces are gone (see attached pic with an Omni instance and the...
  14. michaelamlacher

    FS: Vienna Ensemble Pro 5 incl. E-Licenser - EUR 120

    I am selling my Vienna Ensemble Pro Software including the e-Licenser on which the license is stored. You can upgrade to the new VEP Pro 6 for a special price directly at VSL.
  15. thecompactor

    Looking for advice on a network setup for my partner & myself

    Background Both my partner and I are media composers. Recently, she took on a project that is pretty large in scope and was working away at it with a subscription to the EW Composer Cloud. Everything was going fine until her iLok was obliterated by our cat. Since I wasn't working on anything at...
  16. Dr Sabs

    VEP Many Instances vs 1 Large Instance

    Hey All, I have been having issues with some crackles and pops from VEP6 to Cubase. I have my Mac and PC networked via Ethernet, and whatnot, and I can't seen to get consistent playback without Cracks and Pops unless I am using at least 1 buffer at 768, which in turn adds to some frustrating...
  17. wuubb

    *Survey* Researching what kinds of computer setups people use

    Hello everyone! I'm doing some research as to what kinds of computer setups people use for composing/production. I've created a quick google survey and if you wouldn't mind taking a quick minute or two to fill it out it would be most appreciated! Thanks!
  18. JT3_Jon

    Cubase ASIO-Guard and VE pro - still turn it off?

    I remember when ASIO-Guard was introduced in Cubase 8, VSL said it was a good idea to turn it off when using VE pro. Is this still the case or has either VSL or Cubase made improvements so they both co-exist? There was a great thread here that pointed out something preventing a happy union and...
  19. M

    Can I put my entire studio into a laptop-based system?

    Hi everyone, I'm in the process of setting up a second, kind of portable studio and am wondering if you all could help me narrow my choices. Because I'm finding myself away from my main studio quite a lot these days (taking care of family members in another town), I'd like to have an alternate...
  20. M

    VE Pro Template - Routing & KK

    Hey all! I'm in the process of building a VE Pro 6 template. My current main DAW is Digital Performer, but I also want to be able to use it with Cubase. For this reason, I am using VST Kontakt instances (virtually all of my libraries are Kontakt, with the exception of Omnisphere and some EW...
  21. composerguy78

    Best way to run VE Pro Slave

    What way do you use VE Pro? I have used it a lot over the years although I am back to running everything in Logic and loading instruments when I need them whilst having a general template which has most instruments I need pre-loaded. That said, I'm working on a new project and I want to have...
  22. C

    Track vs Rack Instruments in Cubase Templates: a Different Approach

    Hi All, I'm a big fan of using the track settings window in Cubase while composing with track instruments. But when using rack instruments, or midi tracks that are connected to an instrument, you have to travel a bit, sometimes a long way, to get to the track settings window of that vst...
  23. S

    Another q about Kontakt purges, Ram, Logic, VE Pro and more

    Hi all, Not sure if this is really the right place for this - but the old DAW forum is gone so... I am trying to control RAM usage... I don't think my specs are in my sig, but they are: Macbook Pro, 16gb of ram, Yosemite external SSD (1TB) sample libs including Spitfire (SCS, SSB), OT...
  24. F

    Vienna Ensemble 5 noise after resuming playback

    Hey everyone, I have a problem when I stop the playback on Logic 9 while anything from VE Pro is playing. When I first stop it it stops as normal, but then when I press play anywhere else I immediately get something like release samples from the VE stuff that was playing. Is there a reason for...
  25. N

    Feedback for my first slave PC build (EastWest, VE Pro)

    Hello all, I'm at an exciting point right now where I have the budget to take the plunge and build my first slave PC to improve my workflow. I'm confident that my choices of parts work well enough with each other, but I did have a couple general questions that I would appreciate advice on from...
  26. B

    Slow Connection Time to VEPro on Slave PC - help needed

    Hi all, I'm building a new orchestral template and have just added my first PC into the mix as a slave. I have one other slave that is a Mac Mini and an iMac running my DAW. I am using VEPro 5 to host all my VIs across the network. Due to my scoring needs, I am using one instrument per instance...
  27. R

    Can I run VE Pro off server computer?

    Has anyone had success running VE Pro off a server computer like a Dell PowerEdge? If so, what server operating system did you install and how was the functionality?
  28. JT3_Jon

    Cubase and VE pro - better to load everything in a few VE pro instances, or less in more VE pros?

    Hello everyone, Before I spend a bunch of time which could potentially lead to disaster, does anyone have any info on if its better to load individual instruments into large VE pro instances using multiple ports, or better to load many, many small VE pro instances using less ports? I come from...
  29. kurtvanzo

    VE Pro crashing during loading : Fixed with new update

    Just updated VE Pro yesterday and now it crashes while it's loading, so it's become a huge problem. Anyone else have this problem with the latest update? Is there a page I can go to revert back to the last version? It was working great- I now deeply regret hitting the update button when my...