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  1. D

    Fluffy Audio Simple Bass vs. VSL Upright Bass: Thoughts?

    I'm looking for a jazzy upright bass and these two are on sale at the moment. Any thoughts or opinions on these? I'm not sure what the vsl Upright Bass' interface is like, I've only found videos for the synchron-ized version, but, irritatingly, that one apparently can only be purchased as part...
  2. Ben

    SYNCHRON-ized Plucked Instruments

    Upright Bass with jazz articulations Concert Guitar for solos (single notes) and accompaniments (chords) Overdrive – Distorted Electric Guitar Improved playabilty for fluid, authentic performances Introductory Price € 175 (regular: € 220) This library is based on the VI Single Instruments...
  3. F

    Looking for Upright Bass snap pizzicato

    Hi, I'm really interested in finding an upright bass library that has a many variations of [edit] - fingerboard buzz -. I really like the aggressive quality of the string hitting the fingerboard. Does anyone have suggestions? For example, the sounds found here: At 1:15 And not very...
  4. Maxfabian

    Real or fake? (Number 2)

    I recently made a thread called "Real or fake?" and got a lot of good feedback from u guys and decided to make a new Jazz track. My aim is to make the trio sound as real as possible and I used the same libs as in the first thread: Ravenscroft 275 (piano), Trilian upright and VSL Jazz Drums...
  5. E

    'Lamentango' for bandoneon, upright bass & string quartet with a.o. Bohemian violin and cello

    Herewith a version of my Lamentango with some new string library products. I wrote this Lamentango for bandoneon, upright bass and string quartet in 2003, fully in the style of the Tango Nuevo, invented and elaborated by Astor Piazzolla (and later on by many fine other bandoneon players). But...
  6. X-Bassist

    PSF Acoustic Bass Premier 2 Free GUI

    Hey VI Controllers, *** I have decided to add the interface to this thread, since the PM system here has been an issue. Please scroll down for the GUI download and instructions. Thank you for those that have been so patient with my lack of a response. I just hope anyone who can use it will...
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