una corda

  1. K

    Native Instruments: Una Corda, The Giant, Action Strings and Drumlab

    Hi everybody. I'm selling the following plugins: Una Corda: SOLD The Giant: U$60 Action Strings: U$200 Drumlab: U$60 Payment through PayPal. Thanks, Karim
  2. Celestial Aeon

    NieR: Automata cover Vague Hope

    I'm currently focusing on emotional / minimalistic templates. I enjoy especially currently combining Una Corda, Tina Guo legato and Spitfire EVOs with Jaeger Meredith vocal lead. For me at least those combine together nicely!
  3. Arise

    Your favorite Komplete-bundled NI piano library?

    Hey guys, What's your favorite piano library from the ones that come bundled with Komplete (the basic edition), and why? Here are the libraries I'm refering to: The Giant The Gentleman The Grandeur The Maverick Una Corda
  4. Sibelius19

    Soothing Nostalgia

    This piece was made by layering Una Corda and Tundra over a drone I created with Unfiltered Audio's Byome. Any thoughts? Is it too static musically? Or is the mood enough to carry it? Thanks!
  5. Grim_Universe

    Carol of the Bells (modern piano version)

    Here we go! My new minimalistic piano piece based on the famous motif.
  6. Cory Pelizzari

    Library Spotlight - Walker 1955 Steinway D

    Get it here: https://www.embertone.com/instruments/steinwayD.php
  7. transverb

    [FS/FT] NI The Giant - [WTB] Una Corda, NI Maverick, ect.

    Is your VI pianos collecting dust? The Maverick doesn't fit your style? You have come to the right place! :) WTB: NI The Maverick
  8. P

    Testing "una Corda"

    Just a quick Sketch using the Una Corda NI library . It´s a really well done library by the way, with a very clever approach and a clean and straight forward interface. Really like the snapshots and the sound. But sometimes the felt/cotton sounds can feel a bit repetitive in som styles of...
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