1. veranad

    For Sale U-He Bazille and NI Komplete 9 and 11 Updates

    Hi: Up for grabs three licenses that I no longer need: * U-he Bazille: 90€ * NI Komplete 11 Update: 30€ * NI Komplete 9 Update: 10€ Please note that the NI licenses that I am selling are updates, and thus you will need to own an older full license. This may be of help in case you want to know...
  2. tomwolfe

    Tom Wolfe’s ‘Archeus’ for U-he Diva out now - intro price £11.99

    Hey everyone! I’m pleased to announce the release of my new soundbank, Archeus for U-he Diva. Featuring 100 presets, Archeus is full of delicate, atmospheric ambient sounds for U-he Diva. While playing into the strengths of the sound engine, these presets show the softer side of Diva. Users...
  3. Jan @ Treeswift

    TWO DAYS LEFT: Get our debut library Zebra Elementals: ISLA at 25% off! (Ends April 16th)

    Hi there! I'm Jan Morgenstern (or sin(x) around these parts) and some two weeks ago, I've launched my soundware label Treeswift Audio along with our debut release, Zebra Elementals: ISLA, a fairly unique library that I've worked on for most of 2020. ISLA is a collection of water-inspired...
  4. tomwolfe

    Tom Wolfe’s Voltis for U-he Diva out now - gritty cinematic presets

    Hey everyone! I’m pleased to announce the release of my new soundbank, Voltis for U-he Diva. Featuring 100 presets, Voltis is full of gritty cinematic synths that push Diva to the limits. With inspiration drawn from film scores old and new, Voltis is fizzing with analog energy. The presets...
  5. Andreas Moisa

    Updated: "Crime Fundamentals" for Zebra 2 by whatabaudio - 40 free bonus patches added!

    Hey dear VI Community, "Crime Fundamentals" for u-he Zebra 2 is OUT NOW! As a longtime forum member I am very happy to announce my first film scoring library for Zebra 2 starting off my sounddesign project "whatabaudio"! Crime Fundamentals is a dark and cinematic soundset of 188 patches* for...
  6. Kyle Preston

    Deconstructing a Hans Zimmer Synth Patch | Zebra Tutorial

    They say you should transcribe your heroes' music. Likewise, I think if you're fascinated with timbre and tone color, you should transcribe your heroes' sound textures. In this video, I build a patch similar to the Hans Forlorn Dark Zebra patch. Apologies for a few minor tech issues which led...
  7. Manaberry

    SFC-1 Unboxing (MIDI Controller for U-HE Repro 1)

    Hi there. I fell for this little controller. It is the first time I'm jumping into synth exploration. I wanted to have a proper MIDI controller that can be used for Repro-1 but also a unit that can be mapped on pretty much anything. Very first time doing this kind of video. There is room for...
  8. scott_free

    For Sale FS: U-he Zebra 2 + Dark Zebra $217

    All Sold. Thanks!
  9. M


  10. H

    U-he's Diva video review

    Hi everyone, I made a video reviewing Diva and what I think sets it apart from other synths. Hope you enjoy it!
  11. Silence-is-Golden


    Payment by paypal Pm if interested Included is an extra soundset Best Sig
  12. zygomatic

    Tyrell N6 Quick Tip YouTube video series

    I proudly inform everyone that the pilot episode of my humble Tyrell N6 Quick Tip YouTube video series is up on YouTube as of last night. Please check it out. Any suggestion or critique is welcome. The first episode is about the VCA1: PAN parameter. Here's the link to the video: Merry...
  13. zygomatic

    Hello from Serbia

    Hello everyone! My name is Bojan and I come from Serbia. I've been a musician enthusiast for almost 20 years now. Started out playing an improvised drum kit then moved on to the classical and electric guitar and bass. After those keyboards came about and finally synthesizers, music production...
  14. Time+Space

    Time+Space Music Production Tools & Offers Of The Week (17th August 2018)

    Here's this week's round up of new releases and special offers from leading brands at Time+Space to help you make even better music! For more info about each one, click the links below or just visit our website at timespace.com NEW – u-He Colour copy NEW – Toontrack Fusion Fills SALE –...
  15. Time+Space

    Time+Space weekend deals - SoundDust, Soundiron, ISW and more

    It's a national holiday here in the UK on Monday so we're celebrating the long weekend with some huge deals on software and samples including... 78% off Impact Soundworks Ethnic Bundle – Contains 8 ‘world’ titles with traditional instruments from Japan, India, Greece, Ireland, Turkey...
  16. Jeremy Gillam

    Please delete

    please delete
  17. A

    My Computer is a 1950s Orchestra - Part 3

    Thought I'd do another 50s mock-up for fun, to learn about how music from this era was arranged and also to try out a few pointers I've had from other composers online on the last two I did. This time the piece is "Puffin' Billy" by Edward White. Sounds used: Strings: Spitfire Audio Chamber...
  18. A

    Jerry Goldsmith - Hypersleep (Alien) - mock-up

    As I just watched "Alien Covenant" this week, and noticed music from the original Alien interpolated into the soundtrack, I thought I'd have a go at re-recording a cue from Jerry Goldsmith's incredible score to "Alien". Sounds used: Strings: Spitfire Audio Chamber Strings & Albion Brass...
  19. Mikael Adle

    Bazille soundset "Crystalline Textures 2" announced by Leap Into The Void

    Dear vi-control forum members and readers. I'd like to announce "Crystalline Textures 2" soundset for u-he Bazille. It is available now with a 35% discount. Crystalline Textures 2. The altered state of ordered and logical structures of tonality, noise, dirt, clicks, glitches, feedback and...
  20. Mikael Adle

    Leap Into The Void announces "Synth Explosion" soundset for u-he Bazille

    Dear vi-control members and readers, Leap Into The Void has released Synth Explosion soundset for u-he Bazille now with a 30% off intro discount. Synth Explosion for u-he Bazille is the ultimate Leap Into The Void synth collection aimed to fulfill your comp, chords, melodies, solos and...
  21. akox

    Origins of Audio // Varitis: Dare To Explore the Unknown (U-He Zebra² soundset)

    Hello guys! Varitis: Dare to explore the Unknown is now out with an introductory price! Some of you have might seen already our teaser trailer. So in this post we are going to place our full preset review video and our audio demos. But first things first! Varitis is a soundset for Zebra² and...
  22. Sound Author

    Undertow for u-he Zebra 2 Re-Released on Eclipse Sound

    Finally, it's finished! http://eclipse-sound.com/72/5/zebra/undertow72-detail Undertow for u-he Zebra 2 features 140 patches intended for cinematic underscore and deeply experimental atmospheric compositions, including... 27 Atmospheres 21 Drum Loops 5 Leads 40 Pads 17 Plucks 30 Sequences...
  23. M

    Fs u-he zebra2

    Hi all, I am selling my U-He Zebra2 License. http://www.u-he.com/cms/zebra If you are interested, please pm me.
  24. S

    Space Opera for u-he Diva by Sami Younes

    Hello, Let me present to you Space Opera for U-he Diva. Content: 212 presets (128 presets + 84 variations) All presets have Velocity, Modwheel and Aftertouch extensively assigned. Designed to be played. Presets by type: 80 Arpeggios (ARP) 19 Basses (BA) 4 Noises & FX (FX) 20 Mallets...
  25. S.M Hassani

    Interesting interview with Urs Heckman from U-He

    Hi, Sonicstate just posted this interesting interview with Urs Heckman from U-He. He talks a little bit about his beginnings. Then it goes into a fascinating discussion about his approach to synth design. Some of his ideas for the future include software synths that are programmed to sonically...
  26. akox

    Origins of Audio: Imperium - Some Things Were Meant to Endure

    We are very pleased to announce Imperium: Some Things Were Meant To Endure! A soundset for Zebra 2, containing 72 presets, including Pads, MSEG's, Arpeggiators, Effect and more! In this new soundset we gave our attention in constructing beautiful, melodic and powerful pads, suitable for any...
  27. akox

    ** Origins of Audio - Last hours of Holiday SALE 40% off **

    Last hours to take advantage of a 40% off discount! coupon code 40XMAS15 Make sure to listen to our audio demos and watch our videos walkthrough! Visit our webshop, or click on the images below to see a specific product! Dark Kalimba is a sample library for the full version of Kontakt...
  28. P

    SOLD u-he Zebra+The Dark Zebra

    Hey all! The title says it all, I'm selling my licenses of the u-he Zebra and the great presets in The Dark Zebra. Retail price is 199 dollars for Zebra and around 80 dollars for the presets. Within the EU the price is even higher (because of VAT charges): I'm selling the package for 229...
  29. Mikael Adle

    Leap Into The Void announces "Polymorphic Atavism" for u-he Bazille

    Leap Into The Void releases "Polymorphic Atavism" for U-he Bazille. Let me introduce you to Leap Into The Void’s fifth installment for U-he Bazille, called Polymorphic Atavism. Polymorphic Atavism is a diverse, deep and versatile collection of sounds ranging from sequences, soundscapes...
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