1. angeruroth

    I'll miss you - A sad and emotional piece using Sonva, BDT, Tundra and Aone

    Sometimes words are not enough, or you are not able to say what you feel, but music can express so much in such a short time... Although, in this case, I think I'd need a lot more than a 4' track to convey everything I'd like to say, because sadness cannot exist without joy, and both are not...
  2. Erick - BVA

    Soothing Nostalgia

    This piece was made by layering Una Corda and Tundra over a drone I created with Unfiltered Audio's Byome. Any thoughts? Is it too static musically? Or is the mood enough to carry it? Thanks!
  3. W

    Invention for piano and pizz also birds

    Hello, I had this invention sitting around and thought I throw it over some bird videos haha. Hope you enjoy, comments, thoughts welcome :) made with spitfire tundra
  4. angeruroth

    Fjord (soft and calm)

    A soft track about a marvelous open space, huge but not completely opened, an overwhelming place where you can feel big and small at the same time, cold but somehow warm, a place for dreams. Hope you enjoy it! [Made with Tundra, Adagietto and an almost inaudible Piano in 162 turned into a pad]
  5. angeruroth

    Tundra Morning

    My first experiment using Tundra (only the orchestral patches) completely naked. Feedback is very welcome.