1. 8Dio Productions

    8Dio Century Ostinato Brass Trombones & Tuba

    8Dio Century Ostinato Brass Trombones & Tuba Century Ostinato Brass offers an abundance of short note figures as well as fully tempo synchronized Agile ostinato patterns captured at three different speeds, and two articulate Flowing portato patterns. These lush and varied sequences are paired...
  2. aaronventure

    Infinite Brass 1.3 — Expansion 01 Adds 2 Bass Trumpets and 2 Euphoniums

  3. Cory Pelizzari

    Library Spotlight - Cinematic Studio Brass

    Get it here: https://www.cinematicstudioseries.com/brass.html
  4. FrenchTubist

    Solo Tuba library

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a tuba library sampled with a very high quality. I have to write a mock-up with a solo Tuba and my libraries are useless for this job. Do you have any advices? Has anyone a good feedback for the tuba with the Vienna sample library or the east west Hollywood Brass...
  5. Daniele Nasuti

    Hi from Italy

    Hello, I'm Daniele Nasuti, I come from Italy and I've been playing piano since I was 7 and the accordion from 14. In these years I learned also Tuba, Guitar, Electric Bass and Drums and sang in several choirs. As musician I come from italian pop music which I've listened since I was a child...
  6. Cory Pelizzari

    What's Up with Auddict's Master Brass?

    UPDATE - I was cross-checking some of the affected waves with Thorsten Meyer of Strong Mocha, and he sent myself and Dorian from Auddict an example of him fixing one of these waves with RX6 within minutes - so apparently this problem was easily fixable this whole time, but someone from Auddict...
  7. DSmolken

    Not my composition, but using some of my samples

    Here's a song I had nothing to do with composing or producing, but I wanted to share it because it uses the free War Tuba which I recorded and edited, as a featured lead instrument. It also includes a Spanish voice synthesizer singing in Polish with a massive accent, and is generally just fun...
  8. Sean Beeson

    FS: Samplemodeling Trumpet, Horns, Tuba, Trombone.

    Selling my copies of The Trumpet, The Tuba+Horns, and The Trombone. Trumpet, Tuba, Horns are all Kontakt versions, so we would have to transfer via Native Instruments for those. The Trombone is the older proprietary engine and hasn't been updated to V3 yet. Email me at...
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