1. ChrisSiuMusic

    Is This the Best Jazz Trombone on the Market? The Eminent Trombone!

    Hey friends! In today's video, we'll explore Straight Ahead Samples' newest library, The Eminent Trombone. Using their Smart Delay concept, how does it fare? Let's dive in!
  2. S

    Brass played 'into stand'

    Is anyone able to direct me to an example of brass being played 'into stand'? I'm considering using it in my orchestration but I want to make sure that it's the sound I want.
  3. Ben

    VSL Synchron Brass

    Finally, the long-awaited library, and probably the one we've gotten the most requests for, is here: 136 GB of brassy goodness, featuring 8 soloists and 7 brass sections, is waiting for you! Soloists: 2x Solo Trumpets 2x Solo Horns Tenor Trombone Bass Trombone Cimbasso, Bass Tuba...
  4. J

    What's the type of that Brass?

    Hey, What is the type of that Brass? How do I search for it? Could you recommend any libraries, vsts which have that sound? Thank you ;)
  5. I

    Brass Trio - Sample Modeling and VSCO 2

    Hi all, Here's a piece for Brass trio. Trumpet - Versilian Studios Chamber Orchestra 2 French Horn and Trombone - Sample Modeling Brass Reverb: 2CAudio - Precedence and Breeze 2 Thank you for listening. All comments welcome.
  6. aaronventure

    Infinite Brass 1.3 — Expansion 01 Adds 2 Bass Trumpets and 2 Euphoniums

  7. P

    Sampled trombones...

    Is it just me, or does it seem like sampled trombones have never hit the mark the same way any of the other standard sampled orchestral brass instruments have? I mean, of course it's never the real thing and so on and so on, but to my ears it seems at least trumpets, horns, and to a lesser...
  8. Cory Pelizzari

    Library Spotlight - Cinematic Studio Brass

    Get it here:
  9. Soundlex

    20 trombones is all you need...

    The mass of this sound is close to a celestial body...lush and fat!!!! Beautiful.
  10. D

    (No longer looking) WTB: The Trombone by Samplemodeling

    UPDATE: I bought it at full price, I couldn’t hold out any longer. But if anybody’s looking to unload The Trumpet… maybe we can talk in six months when my wallet recovers. ORIGINAL POST: Please PM me with your asking price if you are interested in selling this instrument. Thank you.
  11. ricoderks

    Hollywood Brass Missing Samples

    Hey there everyone! I just got my Hollywood Orchestra Diamond HDD and had a issue with the close samples from the solo trombone: some are missing (legato samples) and some just cause a big noise sound! Installed all the latest updates and still have that problem... Can someone help me? Rico
  12. Geocranium

    Brass libraries with individually sampled trombones?

    So right now, my only brass library is Hollywood Brass, which does a pretty good job for the most part, except for the trombones, and ESPECIALLY the solo trombone patch. It just sounds sort of... weak and whiny, and it's also not very good at fast articulation passages. It gets muddy and weak...
  13. S

    Soundiron/NI Symphony Series Solo Brass

    Hi all, I'm looking for some feedback specifically about the the Symphony Series solo brass package. Because I just purchased Komplete, it's available to me for an excellent crossgrade price ($149 - minus a $25 NI voucher), and it meets my needs nicely in the following ways. I need: Trumpet...
  14. gurucomposer

    Sample Modeling Trombone Spikes CPU in Cubase

    Hi everyone. Has anyone else had this problem. The Sample Modeling Trombone is virtually unusable in Cubase, at least for me. It spikes the cpu just by playing one note, and my whole project starts stuttering uncontrollably. I have Mac Pro 2013 6 core, 64 gigs of RAM. Sample Modeling is being...
  15. StraightAheadSamples

    SA! Jazz Horns Released by Straight Ahead Samples

    Alright everyone. After a looooonng road, a ton of work and some huge setbacks along the way, we're finally ready to release SA! Jazz Horns. We're really proud of this library and hope that you guys like it and find some good uses for it in your music. With SA! Jazz Horns you can finally...
  16. Zorpley

    New Freebies from Ivy Audio - Carpenter Trombone, Clare Solo, and Scott Drums.

    Hello everyone, It's been more than a year since I released Piano in 162, my first free sample library. Well, I have three more freebies available for your enjoyment! Here they are: Carpenter Trombone: A solo trombone library, recorded in a professional studio with comprehensive legato...
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