1. RRBE Sound

    Logic Pro X Transcribing MIDI to XML/Sib file (help wanted)

    Hello Everyone, I am having some trouble transcribing a track I composed, from MIDI to a ''real'' readable score. I am using Logic Pro X, and I have done this with smaller composition, containing fewer instruments before. However, I always had (In my experience) the sheet view in some weird...
  2. B

    Need help getting woodwinds behind the strings!

    Hi everyone! I transcribed Mike Verta's 'The Race' (sorry Mike, I hope it is right!) and started mocking it up yesterday afternoon. Obviously it is far from finished in any respect, but I am having a particular difficulty getting my woodwinds to sit in the mix. I think the strings and brass...
  3. willf_music

    Transcription Practice

    I would like to get better at transcribing music but where is the best place to start? However, I would like to make this more applicable to everyone so... Let's assume someone is the complete beginner: For Mid Level: For Expert Level Challenges: What are some scores you suggest? Are there...
  4. Black Light Recordings

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens - March of the Resistance Transcription

    I've seen some "Rey's Theme" transcriptions but for me "The March of the Resistance" is the jewel of soundtrack for "The Force Awakens". How Williams is able to write a march in 2015 without it sounding corny or cliche speaks volumes on his ability to stay fresh and relevant. When doing the...
  5. BlueStar

    Emotionscore - Score Prep & Orchestral Production

    EMOTIONSCORE MUSIC SERVICE Our expert score and part preparation allows composers to focus on their work. // *October* special rates for 1st time customers We work with European orchestras and have the best session musicians at hand. Orchestration and orchestral session production in close...
  6. Jdiggity1

    MOCKUP / TRANSCRIPTION - Mao's Last Dancer by Christopher Gordon

    Not a composition of mine, but a mockup/transcription exercise. Mockups of existing pieces are a great way to improve orchestration chops and production techniques, as well as familiarising yourself with the tools and instruments you have available. I chose this particular piece as I am a big...
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