1. darkogav

    New Music Degree offering - Canada

    Posting for those in Canada and NA region, Ryerson has a new music degree offering starting in Sept 2021. It's a 4 year Bachelor of Fine Arts in Professional Music program. Ryerson has been...
  2. PaulieDC

    Need Advice from Cubase 10 Pro Users Regarding Training

    As much as I love Studio One, the lack of true multicore makes it impossible to use for heavy VI work. The VSL Steinway patch alone chokes it for pete's sake because it hangs on the first thread then jumps to 2 when the first is maxed out. PreSonus called this Enhanced Multicore Support in an...

    Andy Hill - Online Education

    Hi there, So my wife is really supportive of the time and energy I put in to my composing and studio activities, and for birthday got me the new Andy Hill book called "Scoring The Screen" on Cinematic Composing. Its a great book which provides for some really useful insights. So with Christmas...
  4. Steve Steele

    I'm back! Vienna Ensemble Pro templates and training. An update on my YouTube channel and website

    UPDATE: It's taken a few months but I'm now announcing my YouTube channel as an active channel making videos daily. Steve Steele's YouTube channel, new unfinished website recent VSL Certification and much more. (Dorico...
  5. M

    Online training videos on specific Nuendo features ?

    Hi, We can easily find comprehensive training videos on Cubase on the internet (steinberg youtube channel, ask video, groove3, sonic academy, But can we find comprehensive training videos on Nuendo's specific features ? I have the feeling that Nuendo is not yet widespread...
  6. willf_music

    Transcription Practice

    I would like to get better at transcribing music but where is the best place to start? However, I would like to make this more applicable to everyone so... Let's assume someone is the complete beginner: For Mid Level: For Expert Level Challenges: What are some scores you suggest? Are there...
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