1. The Darris

    New eBuzz Trailer just dropped!!

    Holy freakin crap!! The new eBuzz Trailer from Versilian Studios just dropped so I did a trailer reaction video for it. I'm so stoked!! Un-boxing video to come soon!!
  2. calebfaith

    From Ashes We Will Rise

    Here's a trailer style track I wrote in the last 2 days. Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Thankyou!
  3. J

    Trailer composition I am working on for a client. Advice PLEASE

    So the writing is basically finished. Just ironing out the mix and modulation (nothing on the master channel and completely unmastered). Please critique my VI brothers and sisters, i want/need this to be the best it can be.
  4. keepforest

    Evolution: atlantica announced.. hybrid & trailer!

    Hey VI-Control :) We are happy to announce EVOLUTION: ATLANTICA - new forthcoming library, second part of our Evolution series. Teaser track is produced 100% with Evolution: Atlantica. We have carefully created and selected the most interesting articulations including new multilayer hybrid...
  5. calebfaith

    It's Time To Come Home

    Hi, Any feedback is welcome! I'm still getting used to incorporating CSS into my mixes and for some reason I could not get the FH to sit well. When I began writing this track I was aiming to write in an inspiring trailer mood. Thanks, Caleb Faith
  6. John Busby

    Trailer Brass - is it worth it?

    Disclaimer: i'm not a trailer composer nor do i even claim to be good at what i do, i just love great sounding playable sounds :) with that said i have my eye on trailer brass and it seems to fit the bill for epic brass but can it be used for other purposes? i would really like to branch out...
  7. thelasthaven

    "Hybrid Fluids Vol.2" by The Last Haven - Now Available for $89

    The second volume of modern sound design for soundtracks and trailers available at The Last Haven official site! Check it here: Video overview: Main features: - 1.4 GB of samples; - 9 sound design categories; - requires full version of NI Kontakt...
  8. danielb

    Epic Elf War ... #Trailer #Evenantcourse

    Hi guys I just finished a trailer track after beginning to follow the evenant trailer course ( ) Nice and instructive if you don't know nothing about trailers... So here is a first try, I tried following the steps they describe and to make it powerful !! :) any...
  9. keepforest

    Evolution: Dragon by KeepForest [Trailer Music Tools]

    Hi Guys, We are happy to announce pre-order for Evolution: Dragon. Link: Evolution: Dragon - the first brand new instrument from our Signature series, produced by keepforest team, born out of insomnia, built around composer and sound designer Arseni...
  10. karelpsota

    New Website & FREE Sample-Pack

    Hey everyone :) I've spent the last two days putting my website site together. Would love to have your feedback. I also decided to share some sound design I made while I was in France. Its recordings from different objects I found in my dad's farm. I processed them heavily and...
  11. D

    Demo for Metropolis Ark 1

  12. N


  13. StrezovSampling

    Strezov Sampling releases free DISTORT 2 Update

    Strezov Sampling releases free Distort 2 1.1 Update adding a finetuned version of the clean samples patch with an alternative tuning. Owners of the library will receive a download link during the next 24 hours. About Distort 2: DISTORT 2 is an electric guitar sample library perfect for film...
  14. Ollie

    "Catalyst" - Hybrid Djent style track

    Coincidentally, like Wibben, I have also been working on a track mixing aspects of hybrid trailer music and Djent metal. With a rather similar looking 7 string... :) All comments appreciated. Thanks, Ollie
  15. Wibben

    "Mountain" - Djent inspired hybrid track!

    I was jamming on my new-ish 7-string guitar and figured I'd try doing some trailer-style heavy music.. This was the result :P
  16. SampleTraxx

    SampleTraxx "SMACK" Cinematic Dark Electronic - Distorted Impacts & Hard Hits

    SMACK is the new sound pack by sound designer Alessandro Romeo featuring a unique set of earth shattering hits and distorted impacts for the modern sound track, trailer and dark electronic composers. The collection is designed to cover the segment of crunchy, dirty and ear piercing impact sound...
  17. TomNoyd

    Tell me what's wrong with these meager attempts at Hybrid music (works in progress)

    I don't mean that in a defensive, sarcastic, rhetorical sort of way. I'm sincerely inviting people to take a listen and give their 2 cents on what needs to be improved with these tracks. (I'm still not too savvy with embing Soundcloud playlists so I may be editing this post a few times)...
  18. Ollie

    Free Cinematic Risers - Submersion Studios

    Hi, I made a collection of Cinematic /Trailer Risers and thought I'd share it with the Vi community. You can download the WAVs and Kontakt file here: They are tempo sync'd and arranged as follows: Yellow Keys = 2 Bar Risers Red Keys =...
  19. Xenox.AFL

    Aphelion V1.5 - modern cinematic tool kit for Kontakt!

    We in Particular-Sound are happy to announce a big update for our cinematic tool kit library "Aphelion" to version 1.5 with Kontakt support, tweakable GUI, new sounds and samples, multi patches and much more... Aphelion cinematic tool kit version 1.5 includes: Atmos Brams Downriser...
  20. donbodin

    Review Dark Dimension Vol 1

    Spent some time with Dark Dimensions Vol 1 from Audio Imperia a cool tool kit of samples to add that big trailer sound to your work. See full review: Dark Dimensions Vol 1 is available from Audio Imperia
  21. StrezovSampling

    Distort 2 Released |Intro price $99 ends on Aug 17

    Distort 2 is a highly intuitive mockup tool especially designed for composers working with midi keyboards. Never before has it been easier to play in guitar riffs. Splitting the keys into two zones, one with palm mutes, the other with sustains, Distort 2 allows the player to use both hands for...
  22. Michael W. Bell

    New Hybrid Track..Seeking Pro Feedback!

    Hey guys, I've been slowly building up to starting to work on some action/hybrid cues over the past year as previously a lot of my music was primarily atmospheric and I wanted to take my music in a different direction. I would really appreciate some feedback on my latest track, especially in...
  23. Dean

    Trailer vs Epic: Whats the difference? [tips/advice/insight etc,]

    Note:If epic or trailer music does'nt float your boat,..gets your goat up or makes you throw up in your mouth there are other threads floating around where you can tear these genres a new one!(Why theres even a thread here that has become the very definition of 'epic' itself!):) In other words...
  24. Lawson.

    Kingdom of Riqia - first trailer-type track

    My first serious attempt at a heavy-hitting hybrid-orchestral trailer piece. Hope you enjoy, and as always, I would be honored for comments and critiques. Thanks!
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