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  1. TRKStudios

    "Forgotten Horizons" - 3rd Cinematic Music Album

    It was finished 5 years ago, but better late than never to get it out into the world. This is definitely the most eclectic of my three cinematic music albums and was a lot of fun to work on. Hope you find something on it to enjoy!
  2. S

    Sfg composer - New Epic music You Tube channel

    Hi, My name is Fab. I just created a new Youtube channel called Sfg composer on which I post my latest songs in a trailer music and epic music style. You will also find tutorials on some of my pieces and composition techniques. Here is the link ...
  3. Nicolas Felix

    AVA - Eminence - Pardon My French - Walkthrough

    Hey VI peeps! Here's my not so serious "walkthrough" of my track, "Pardon My French" made with the new AVA - Eminence library::emoji_joy: Enjoy !:emoji_bow:
  4. nuyo

    CineBrass matching String Library

    What Libraries do blend well with the tonal comour of Cinebrass ? Cinematic Studio String seems a bit to warm. Cine Strings might be an option since it was developed by the same company as CineBrass.
  5. EvgenyEmelyanov

    Wavelet Audio Introduces TRAILER BOX - Out Now

    Trailer Box is based on reimagined sound design with unnatural feeling created using noise and organics sources. It makes a unique atmosphere — the sounds are not too hybrid or too synthy. The second part of Trailer Box is modern electric guitars — perfect for big and dynamic scores. Mix your...
  6. Rostislav

    The Reaper Blog review - RT Sonics Cinematic World

    Hey guys! Check out one of the latest reviews of our brand new epic trailer SFX library Cinematic World! Created by our team of award-winning sound designers, with credits such as Disney+, Diablo 3, Soul, Starcraft 2, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthsone, Mortal Shell, Assassn's Creed Valhalla and...
  7. H

    First try at trailer music, looking for composition critiques

    Hi everyone, I bought Ark 1+4 during the NI Sale because I've always had an interest in trailer/epic music, but I've never actually made any of it before. I've been taking the Trailer Music course on Evenant and here is a work in progress hybrid track I'm making for the course assignment. I...
  8. ChrisSiuMusic

    How to Write an Effective Countermelody! (Live Lesson Excerpt)

    Hey friends! In today's video, my good friend and student Shaheen allowed me to upload an excerpt of one of our composition/production lessons onto the channel! You'll see specifically how my approach to writing a countermelody works against a lead line, and hopefully it gives you some ideas for...
  9. nuyo

    Trailer Music and Mic positions

    Do you use more of the close microphones for trailer/epic/hybrid music or more of the wide room mics ?
  10. nuyo

    Orchestrating Low End and Chords

    I'm talking about Cinematic and Trailer Music. Synthetic Basses work well in combination with Basses and Cello in Octaves. Low Brass Patches always mud up my mix. Do you have any tipps on how to orchestrate the low end of a track ? And how do you handle the following chords. I'm talking about...
  11. gh0stwrit3r

    Unleashed - Hybrid Orchestral (with Junkie XL Brass)

  12. Celestial Aeon

    Epic Heroic Theme - The God Emperor

    Working on my "trailer chops" - tried to put together a bit more heroic and epic layering at the end. Still a bit hard to figure out the mixing related troubles when it comes to this kind of stuff.
  13. Sarah De Carlo

    'Ghost World' - Emotional Theme/Trailer Music inspired by the TV series 'The InBetween'

    Hi everyone, these days I dedicated myself to the production of a song inspired by a TV series (The InBetween), developing both a trailer / teaser music and a theme. The idea is to produce an entire album (immediately after the deserved vacation :-D) of music suitable for TV Series to propose...
  14. GiuseppeS+OS

    2 days left, 50% OFF - Freaktion - Cinematic Horror Squeaks Kontakt Library Freaktion is a collection of sounds from tormented metallic objects. We've experimented with friction mallets, superballs, bows and multiple stiff and sharp objects on a large variety of metals, such as large aluminium plates, tension...
  15. Best Service Wolfgang

    Best Service, The Orchestra Complete V1

    The Orchestra Complete V1 - The Next Big Step This brand-new complete bundle comes with 108 new presets - Colors / Rhythms / Animated. It includes the latest version of "The Orchestra", "Strings Of Winter" and Tuned Percussion in the Ensemble Engine. An 80-piece orchestra, 60 new and pristine...
  16. Arise

    Trumpets in trailer music

    For those here who write trailer music (mainly the hybrid style), how often do you use trumpets? I am just asking as I would like to know how big of a place they have in trailer music, as I dont hear them much in this genre...French horns, low brass instruments sure, but trumpets not so much...
  17. Arise

    Impact Soundworks Juggernaut - how does it hold up?

    This library came out around 2013 iirc, but does it still hold up well with its effects (risers, transitions, hits, etc.) ? Do you also find the electronic drums to be useful? I was considering picking it up to use as a sort of all in one sfx suite for cinematic sfx (risers, booms, whooshes...
  18. Arise

    Any good alternatives to Heavyocity's Gravity?

    Is there anything out there like Heavyocity's Gravity that is a nice all-in-one bundle of sfx with a big amount of tweakabilty? For making stuff like pads, pulses, hits, whooshes, risers, downers, soundscapes, etc. I like that Gravity has it all in one place with an awesome GUI. I also am not...
  19. Wibben

    Big trailer track (non-stop Trailer Brass pads!)

    I was testing out some new production techniques and wrote this simple trailer track in the process. I really, really like how thick Trailer Brass sounds when used like a guitar pad, almost. These brass players don't need to breath so let it rip! Haha Anyways, I think the track turned out...
  20. Craig Peters

    Soundiron - Hyperion Strings Micro Trailer Scoring Competition! (Ended)

    It's time for another scoring challenge! We are inviting you to show off your composing skills for a shot to win some awesome prizes! All you need to do is download the trailer here. Then use any tools you like to replace the music and sound fx with your own original score. Get as creative as...
  21. David Hall

    A battle to be fought.

    I want to ask some of the pros here or advanced composers, what do you think of this small piece I composed. I know its really difficult to judge a piece of music composed by orchestral instruments since its very subjective. specially when accounting how deep and diverse the psychological...
  22. jfino

    Trailer music trends?

    Hi Everyone, Wondering what you think the trends for trailer music are right now and possible predictions for the near future? Lately I hear a lot cinematic style covers and single piano notes in the beginning of trailers. Any thoughts?
  23. jfino

    Whats your go-to synth for Hybrid Trailer Music sound design?

    Hi Everyone, What are the popular synths people are using to create sound design elements from scratch for Hybrid Trailer music? Thanks! Jimmy
  24. Red Room Audio

    Free v1.1 update for SAGA Acoustic Trailer Percussion

    We're thrilled to announce the release of our newest library SAGA - Acoustic Trailer Percussion, an extensive collection of thunderous drums, dynamic metals and other real-world acoustic percussion instruments focused on providing impact and scale to cinematic and trailer music. It's the...
  25. marcodistefano

    How to rescore a trailer: The Maze Runner

    Hello everyone, Recently I rescored the trailer of the maze runner movie as an assignment to the Facebook group film scoring practice. I decided to create a video to show my approach which is based on three steps 1 - Adjust tempo track to fit with the video 2 - Analyse the video and divide it...
  26. EpicDude

    Nothing to see here.

    Nothing to see here.
  27. Paul Morgan

    How to re: Trailer Music hit sounds, but not the big ones...

    Happy New Year everybody. Right then, I’ve got a question that could likely be filed under ‘quite obvious’, but it’s slowed down my process. It’s about hits in trailer music, but wait, not the big ones that are normally a puzzle, I’m good with those big spectrum filling impacts et al. No, what...
  28. Epicomposer

    Epic orchestral production walkthrough

    We recently had the chance to talk with German composer and producer Dirk Ehlert (trailer music for The Hunger Games, Destiny 2, Assassin's Creed Unity) on the creation of his first solo album ELEMENTS, published by Dos Brains, L.A. In the course of the interview, Dirk was kind enough to...
  29. arpegiah

    Can i please get your feedback?

    Hi, i wrote this track with another composer (FloMediaMusic) and we would like your opinion, please. The video was made with free footage found on the wide world of web… so, some of it is not necessarily of the highest quality, however we just intended to find a better visual background so you...
  30. musicalweather

    Need your trailer music expertise

    Hello all, I'm currently taking an Evenant course on trailer music writing and am working on a track. I'd be grateful if you could share your trailer music writing expertise with me. What I have so far are the first two parts of a trailer track -- the intro and the build. This one has a...
  31. Desire Inspires

    Should You Compose Trailer Music?

    I say yes. I don't care how good or bad you are. You are never going to get to a higher level if you never take the risk. You have to get courageous and get to work. That is how Rock & Roll, Hip Hop, EDM, etc evolved. Just do the work and forget about if you sound bad. If you sound bad, put...
  32. P

    Seeking mix&mastering artist

    Hi I've started writing for trailer music purposes. I always have had mixed and mastered my own music (outside the real of orchestral music), but for this sole purpose, I believe the tracks must live up to an standard, quality wise, in order to be accepted. Therefore, I don't want to risk it...
  33. will_m

    Endless Smile (Dada Life) Plug-in - Walkthrough and use in Trailers

    Hi guys, new video of me taking Endless Smile for a test drive and trying out it's uses for trailer music.
  34. arpegiah

    Looking for mixing and mastering engineer for trailer tracks

    I have hard time finding a good engineer to mix and master some of my trailer tracks that i wrote. Most of them are combination of midi and live instruments. Do you have any recommendations? Thank You In Advanced!
  35. A

    Time Of War (Big, trailer track)

    Hello guys. Here's a new track I've made this week, called "Time Of War". My goal is to make a track like this (and hopefully better) in a day, this took me a couple of days since I'm still trying to get Cubase under my fingers after moving from Ableton, and I've been testing a lot of different...
  36. S

    Trailer : music + sounddesign

    Hi I recently worked on 5 trailers of Hollywood movies. Unofficially but it was just to promote my sound and Music work. Trailers : NOTHING ! Thank you, Stan.
  37. S

    Stan Lockfield -> Hello from France

    Hi, I'm a french composer for films and video games. I also make trailers for films, short-films, etc... I'm 27. I hope you will discover my work. I try to find professional movie projects to work on. I compose music from a long time (12 or 13 years now). Thank you, Stan.
  38. Daniel Petras

    Synth Sound Design

    Here's a video tutorial on how to make big hits/impacts in Massive. I've included the patch in the YouTube description and if you don't own Massive I've also included a WAV file sample. Beware there is a loud hit right at the beginning of the video so watch your levels. Thanks! The original...
  39. Epicomposer

    Review: Keepforest - Evolution Atlantica

    Evolution: Atlantica is Keepforest’s second and most recent collection of high-quality cinematic FX and instruments aimed at trailer music, film and game music composers. "In addition to a multitude of typical trailer-style FX like hits, whooshes and risers, Keepforest upped the ante by adding...
  40. arpegiah

    Can i have your feedback please?

    Hi all, thank you in advanced for you interest in giving me a feedback. Before i send this song to the musicians to record live, i would like your opinion. Is there anything i should add or take? Do you think the song is good as it is? I did a minimal mix and its all midi so please dont judge...
  41. J

    Trailer composition I am working on for a client. Advice PLEASE

    So the writing is basically finished. Just ironing out the mix and modulation (nothing on the master channel and completely unmastered). Please critique my VI brothers and sisters, i want/need this to be the best it can be.
  42. Walid F.

    10 Essential Trailer Music Tips

    Hey! As a result of having subscribers on my website who love trailer music and want to get their music into Hollywood trailers and such, I decided to create an article on the matter. It was after a few years of composing music that I finally got my own tracks into these trailers, and started...
  43. arpegiah


    Hi all, can you please give me an honest opinion about this track? I am new to V I Control and this is my first soundtrack i am sharing on this forum. When i started to write Odyssea my intention was to create a soundtrack for a video game. Do you think this track will work for a video game...
  44. Rick Horrocks

    Greetings from Manchester,UK!

    Hello everyone, I've been a long-time observer on VI-Control but I thought it's finally time to introduce myself! I'm available to compose music for film, TV, games and advertising. I'd be grateful if people could check out my work over at I'm hoping to become more...
  45. Vicky

    What do you think of the overall quality of this trailer piece?

    Hello! Just finished this trailer piece, I would like to know your opinion on the quality of production here, please help me improve it and thanks for listening!
  46. EpicDude

    Nothing to see here.

    Nothing to see here.
  47. EpicDude

    Nothing to see here.

    Nothing to see here.
  48. Wibben

    "Mountain" - Djent inspired hybrid track!

    I was jamming on my new-ish 7-string guitar and figured I'd try doing some trailer-style heavy music.. This was the result :P
  49. Wibben

    Still at it: Trailer practice, slowly learning...

    It's been a while since I've posted some music, so it's about time! I made this track today from scratch. There's a LOT of heavyocity Gravity and DM307 (Got 307 on the sale, great stuff!) I wanted to focus on the production here, mainly, so the writing isn't perhaps very inspired, but it's a...
  50. M

    Assignment for ETHOS Online by Brian King - Christopher Young: Spider-Man 3 Opening

    I am currently participating at the ETHOS Online courses, which give me the occasion to get my compositions being judged by great composers, audio engineers or sound designers, mostly active in LA. In this case, it will be Christopher Young who will personally listen to it and make a comment...
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