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  1. AudioBrewers

    Audio Brewers' 'Piano Toy' giveaway!

    Last Thursday, we met with @Simeon to talk about 'Piano Toy', our amazing 'Advanced Pitch Shifting' tech and of course, what we love most: Samples! Might sound like a small instrument, but trust us, we took it seriously and created probably the most comprehensive 'Piano Toy' ever made! And now...
  2. AudioBrewers

    Introducing Piano Toy - A small instrument made huge! 🎹🎹 (Free version also available!)

    We're super happy to announce our new release 'Piano Toy', a beautifully small instrument made HUGE - additional FREE version available! Keep reading for more info. How is it huge? Well, let us elaborate: Articulations Our main aim when sampling Piano Toy was to offer the best of the best...
  3. jasonachapman

    Production Voices releases The Halfling for sforzando - Hybrid Piano Fantasy Soundscape Library

    Production Voices' The Halfling for sforzando is a fantasy inspired virtual instrument for the free Plogue sforzando player that combines both hifi and lofi piano, choir, throat singing, glass and organ samples to create otherworldly sounds suitable for game composers, film composers, sound...
  4. Soundiron Team

    The NEW Kinderklavier 3.0: A classic toy piano virtual instrument

    Learn more: Kinderklavier is a deep sampled classic toy piano, capturing all of it's heart and distinct character. It has a klonky, reverberant sound, perfect for scoring animation, children's music, and even horror soundtracks. This instrument was...
  5. thestickman8

    Happy Halloween To All!!! - The creature's cavern

    I was feeling festive this week and wrote a spooky little tune. Hope you like it!
  6. akox

    Origins of Audio Black Friday Sale |Up to 35% Off

    Hi guys! We've launched our Black Friday sales, with a discount up to 35% storewide! You can find with a discount all our sample libraries and soundsets, as well as Stavros Genaridis' Virtual Bouzouki and Rembetiko Instrument (kontakt player compatible), which includes 4 Greek folk instruments...
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