1. Audio Birdi

    Acer T232HL Touch Monitor, Tannoy Reveal 601a Monitors, Saffire Pro 24 + Syba PCI-e FW Card (UK)

    Hi all, These items are all based in the UK. I have the following for sale: Tannoy Reveal 601a Studio Monitor - x3 - sealed £100 each Acer T232HL Touch Monitor w/ aftermarket stand for any angle usage £200 Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 Audio Interface + Syba SD-PEX30009 Firewire PCI-e card £150...
  2. Manaberry

    Open Stage Control (Tutorial) - An alternative to Lemur and TouchOSC

    Hi everyone! I've been using Open Stage Control for almost a year now. This application really improved my workflow as a composer. It’s an alternative to Lemur/TouchOSC. This is a free software developed by jean-emmanuel, available on Windows, OSX, Linux. It's quite a long post, so get some...
  3. DanielBrunelle

    Lemur Forum Dead?

    Hey guys, Does anyone know whats going on at liine? The Lemur forums arent accessible to me. Maybe lemur has been a zombie for years but losing the forums is still a huge blow! Im pretty committed to the touch screen interface and lemur's very powerful tools for...
  4. Nite Sun

    Automating VEPro channel enabling/disabling with expression maps

    Going out to any Cubase / VEPro users who might be willing to help! I've nearly finished building a massive single track per instrument template with a ton of Expression maps. All the instruments are disabled in Vienna Ensemble Pro by default and I'd like to set up automation of channel...
  5. stonzthro

    Make A 23" Touch Screen Controller

    I've used my iPad for controlling Logic for a few years now but have always been intrigued by Hans' and JXL's (and others) larger touchscreen interfaces. I'm not sure what they are using for software and I don't think it is commercially available, but I was able to at least get a very usable...
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