1. Graham Wayne

    Spitfire BBCSO control surface for Cubase using TouchOSC on IOS and Android devices

    I recently invested in Spitfire’s BBCSO, and while it’s great to use, the interface isn't always as good to use as it is to look at. Some things – like tiny icons – I can’t do anything about, but I have addressed a few really common issues in a way that perhaps others might also find useful: the...
  2. G

    Studio One and TouchOSC

    Has anyone got Studio one and TouchOSC setup successfully? I've got TouchOSC working with my Logic setup,. But I'm testing out an orchestral build setup with Studio One and TouchOSC and aint having no luck with it. I have setup a Network MIDI session in the Mac MIDI Studio Setup. Then I have...
  3. Manaberry

    Open Stage Control (Tutorial) - An alternative to Lemur and TouchOSC

    Hi everyone! I've been using Open Stage Control for almost two years now (jeez, time flies). This application really improved my workflow as a composer. It’s an alternative to Lemur/TouchOSC. This is a free software developed by jean-emmanuel, available on Windows, OSX, Linux. It's quite a long...
  4. G

    TouchOSC Help with Logic

    I'm trying to get TouchOSC working with Logic, and don't seem to be having much luck. I have setup my iPad as a Controller in the MIDI Controllers in Logic. If I use the Logic iPad template it all works fine. But I now want to create my own layout in ToucOSC to control CC parameters like CC1...
  5. J

    TouchOSC with Logic to control quantize?

    Hello, I am using TouchOSC to control MIDI CCs, keyswitches, and some playback controls. I would love to have a quantize control like 16th notes quantize, triplet quantize. I would love to have some velocity changes to some certain notes as well. Is this possible to make it work in TouchOSC...
  6. Jaybee

    [SOLVED] Touch OSC sending 4 x for each press issue

    Starting to use the iPad with Touch OSC to send CC messages to change articulations and very much liking the feel of this workflow over keyswitching in the piano roll. However, my momentary buttons on my TouchOSC template seem to be sending 4 x for each press. i.e. Sending on CC58 to...
  7. MIDI Kinetics

    The Correct Way to Set Up the iConnectMIDI4+

    It's a great piece of gear, but the iConfig software can be confusing. Hope this helps someone.
  8. meradium

    TouchOSC on Android and Cubase 8.5 Pro in OSX

    Hi all, are there any other people successfully using TouchOSC on Android to send MIDI commands to Cubase Pro 8.5 on OSX? I got everything setup. TouchOSC data is routed to its native TouchOSC Bridge program (all running the latest software version) and Cubase receives the MIDI messages...
  9. Y

    Free Logic Pro X Key Commands Template for TouchOSC

    I just saw this post which I thought might be of interest for all of you Logic users... I haven't gotten a chance to download it yet, but it sounds like it's a very nice free template for those using TouchOSC on your iPad with Logic...
  10. Furio

    Logic Pro X changing touchosc pages

    Hi everybody. I just completed my touchosc template (on my iPad) linked to my Logic Pro orchestral template. I have two touchosc Pages (or tabs), one for spitfireaudio libraries and the second one for Lass. How can I set Logic to make touchosc switch to the right page when I select specific...
  11. dtonthept

    Anyone using a Galaxy 12.2 tablet (or similar) for Lemur / OSC?

    Hi folks, I'm looking at expanding my touchscreen control in the studio, and am weighing up going for a bigger tablet as opposed to a multiplying posse of iPads. Definitely not interested in the iPad Pro, but I've seen the 12.2" Galazy going for around $500 which makes it a contender for me...
  12. buschmann

    Lemur iOS/TouchOSC and Eastwest

    Hi guys, I'm wondering if anybody out there has used either Lemur iOS or TouchOSC (i have both) to control keyswitches with Eastwest? I know there are several tools out there that could help the process: A.G Logic Toolkit, Art Conductor and SkiSwitcher all comes to mind, though i dont own any...
  13. jonathanwright

    UACC, Expression Maps and TouchOSC conflict?

    Hey all, I've just completed setting up a Spitfire only template with the articulations controlled by UACC. I'm using the UACC Expression Maps provided by Spitfire which work great, but when I try to use Blake's UACC TouchOSC template it seems the Expression Map is 'blocking' the messages...