1. Time+Space

    Just arrived - new from Toontrack, ujam and AAS!

    A busy day at T+S has seen the arrival of ujam's first effects plug-in, a new Toontrack EZX and a hot and spicy sound pack from Applied Acoustic Systems... UJAM FINISHER NEO - promises to prevent the production of bland and boring tracks with an endless source of inspiration for modern, epic...
  2. jrrshop

    Up to 89% off Soundtoys, Best Service, Steven Slate Drums, Toontrack, Stagecraft, and JST, including Soundtoys Devil-Loc for $9

    89% off Soundtoys Devil-Loc audio level destroyer, now $9 instead of $79: 40% off Best Service The Orchestra, now $179 instead of $299: 60% off Steven Slate Drums CLA...
  3. jrrshop

    Up to 93% off iZotope, Vienna Symphonic Library, Kuassa, Toontrack, Pro Tools, Zynaptiq, Harrison, Relab, D16, AudioSourceRE, Le Sound, and Chocolate

    93% off iZotope Black Friday Bundle redux, now $49 instead of $713: 25% off Vienna Symphonic Library Bösendorfer Upright introductory sale, now $136 instead of $180...
  4. jrrshop

    $10 Toontrack Matt Garstka’s Metal Fusion MIDI

    Toontrack Holiday Deal Week Day 2: 66% off Toontrack Matt Garstka’s Metal Fusion MIDI, now $10 instead of $29 for today only: A versatile collection of drum grooves and fills by...
  5. jrrshop

    1 Day Sale: 80% off Toontrack EZkeys Classic Electrics, now $29 instead of $149

    80% off Toontrack EZkeys Classic Electrics, now $29 instead of $149 for today only: EZkeys Classic Electrics comes with two of the world’s most defining and characteristic electric pianos, the Rhodes MK I and the Wurlitzer 200A. These...
  6. jrrshop

    Up to 90 off NOS Audio, DDMF, Xhun Audio, Zynaptiq, Toontrack, XILS Lab, Acon Digital, LiquidSonics, Pianoteq, Sonarworks, SoundRadix, and more

    90% off NOS Audio Roomer reverb, now $21 instead of $199: 40% off all DDMF, starting at $9: Up to 73% off all Xhun Audio, including the XA Instruments Bundle with ResonHeart, LittleOne, and IronAxe for $49...
  7. jrrshop

    Up to 70% off JST, Positive Grid, UJAM, Tone2, Best Service, Toontrack, and Three-Body Technology

    70% off all JST: 60% off all Positive Grid, including Upgrades and Crossgrades: 50% off all UJAM: 40% off all Tone2...
  8. Time+Space

    Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 mega added value deal at Time+Space

    Toontrack's Daily Mega Black Friday Deal announcements continued today with the offer of a free Music City SDX expansion worth £122 with any purchase of the magnificent Superior Drummer 3 (including the crossgrade from EZdrummer 2). We've supersized that offer to include 5000 Loyalty Points -...
  9. Time+Space

    Time+Space Black Friday deals - more added from Toontrack and VSL

    Added to the Time+Space Black Friday Bonanza today... 80% off Toontrack EZkeys Dream Machine Featuring a Rhodes Mark 7 and a celeste, Toontrack's EZkeys Dream Machine is perfect for modern pop, ambient soundscapes and soundtracks. Get it today for just £23 / $29! EZkeys MIDI packs just...
  10. jrrshop

    Up to 80% off Toontrack, Gospel Musicians, Polyverse, and Tovusound

    Up to 80% off Toontrack, including EZkeys Dream Machine for $29 instead of $149 and select EZkeys MIDI for $10 each instead of $29: Up to 70% off all Gospel Musicians...
  11. Time+Space

    Toontrack EZmix only £31, Overloud EQ plugin only £22 and more huge Black Friday deals

    We've just added more deals to our biggest ever Black Friday event! Highlights today include... (click each title to view) Toontrack EZXmix 2 - now only £31 (75% off) Overloud EQ84 effects plug-in - now only £21.32 (78% off) Toontrack Rock Warehouse SDX for Superior Drummer - now only...
  12. jrrshop

    Up to 76% off Overloud, Toontrack, Pulsar Digital, AAS, IK, EastWest, Presonus, Cherry Audio, Sonible, Mastering the Mix, Kilohearts, D16, & Tovusound

    Up to 76% off all Overloud, including GEM EQ84 Neve EQ for $29: Up to 74% off Toontrack EZmix $39, select EZmix Packs $19 each (including the Ambient EZmix Pack), and The Rock Warehouse SDX $49...
  13. jrrshop

    Up to 73% off Sonnox, EastWest, Synchro Arts, Toontrack, Flux, & GRM Tools, plus many sales ending

    50% off Sonnox plugins and bundles, plus up to an extra 40% off when bundling individual plugins: 60% off EastWest...
  14. Time+Space

    Toontrack release new Decades SDX and Big Band EZX in collaboration with Al Schmitt

    Toontrack have done it again - another legendary producer, another world famous studio – straight to your DAW... Introducing the incredible Decades SDX and Big Band EZX from 23-time Grammy award winner - Al Schmitt! DECADES SDX Al Schmitt has had a truly illustrious career and the Decades...
  15. jrrshop

    Up to 40% off D16, KV331, Acon Digital, Relab, Magix, and Toontrack

    40% off D16 Phoscyon and PunchBox, starting at $35: 40% off KV331 SynthMaster and SynthMaster One, starting at $39: 30% off Acon Digital Restoration Suite, now $69...
  16. jrrshop

    $21 deals for the JRR Shop 21st Anniversary Sale

    JRR Shop 21st Anniversary Sale $21 deals from Xhun Audio, XILS Lab, and Nugen Audio, with more $21 deals to be announced throughout the month. 70% off Xhun Audio LittleOne, now $21 instead of $70 and receive JRR Sounds Little Slim Selections free when you buy them together...
  17. M

    EZKeys / EZD2 - messed up midi when dragging from Song Creator window

    Wondering if anyone else has this problem: when I drag midi from the Song Creator Window in either EZ Keys or EZ Drummer 2 into my DAW (Digital Performer), the first bar of the midi gets completely messed up. Notes are left out, some notes are elongated, some are placed in the wrong beats...
  18. jrrshop

    Up to 67% off VSL, iZotope, Toontrack, McDSP, Softube, Presonus, Magix, Propellerhead, and Melodyne

    JRR Shop March 1 Specials Price drops and up to 35% off VSL Synchron libraries: Up to 60% off iZotope Ozone, Neutron, and Music Production Suite:
  19. T

    FS: Toontrack EZmix2

    I have EZmix2 for sale. This is an unused serial. Get this before the free mix pack promotion Toontrack is running ends. I am asking $115.
  20. jrrshop

    80% off Soundtoys, Polyverse, Toontrack, JST, Propellerhead, Flux, Melodyne, Re-compose, & Chocolate

    Up to 80% off Soundtoys, with 6 plugins for $29 each or get the entire Soundtoys 5 Bundle for $249: 60% off all Polyverse, including Gatekeeper for $19: 80%...
  21. M

    EzKeys is right for me?

    I am new here and I'm sorry if i posted this on the wrong thread. Looking around i didn't saw an answer to my question, so here it goes. EzKeys is on sale right now! I downloaded the demos on Toontrack´s site and watched a lot of reviews and walkthroughs. Just one doubt remains due the...
  22. T

    FS: Toontrack EXmix 2 + FREE EZmix pack

    I have an unused license of Toontrack EZMiz 2 for sale. Currently $179 on Toontrack's website with free EZmix Pack included ($49). By registering this unused serial, I believe you would also receive the free mix pack (I did this earlier this week with EZKeys and got the free promo running on...
  23. jrrshop

    Up to 82% off Sonible, Eventide, KV331, EastWest, Accusonus, Toontrack, Sugar Bytes, Synthogy & more

    82% off Sonible Frei:raum EQ Plugin Bundle, now $49 instead of $269. Ends October 15: 70% off Eventide SP2016 reverb time machine plugin, now $79 instead of $249. Ends October 31: 70% off KV331 SynthMaster...
  24. M

    Should I get BFD3 if I already have AD2, EZD2, and SD2?

    I have the chance to get BFD3 for a pretty sweet price - $75, as an upgrade from BFD Eco. But I do have a lot of drums already: EZD2 with eleven expansions, SD2 with a couple of expansions, AD2 with eight adpaks, and all the kits in Native Instruments KU (around seven, I think). Is it worth...
  25. Time+Space

    New Toontrack Action! EZX expansion

    Toontrack has announced the release of one of its most diverse, yet versatile EZX expansions to date. The Action! EZX presents a fusion of orchestral percussion, sound effects, custom foley and classic drum machine sounds, designed for use in any creative context where beat, groove and tone are...
  26. jrrshop

    VSL 40% student special & up to 80% off Xhun, iZotope, Sugar Bytes, Toontrack, & Avid

    40% off all VSL instruments and software for students and teachers when you enter coupon code "ViennaStudent40" on checkout: 70% off Xhun Audio LittleOne Moog emulation, now $19.95 instead of $70...
  27. J

    WTB Toontrack EZDrummer EZX and Midi Expansions

    In particular; EZX Alt-Rock Post Rock Progressive Rock Seventies Rock Midi Alt-Rock Progressive Rock Open to others too, especially in the midi packs
  28. Time+Space

    Time+Space Music Production Tools & Offers Of The Week (17th August 2018)

    Here's this week's round up of new releases and special offers from leading brands at Time+Space to help you make even better music! For more info about each one, click the links below or just visit our website at NEW – u-He Colour copy NEW – Toontrack Fusion Fills SALE –...
  29. J


  30. jrrshop

    20 for $20 1-Day Deals for JRR Shop 20th Anniversary Sale

    June is JRR Shop's 20th Anniversary and we're celebrating with different $20 deals every day this month. Today is the biggest, with over 20 deals ending at midnight tonight: $20 for KV331 SynthMaster One $20 each for Wave Arts TrackPlug, MR Click, MR Gate, and MR Hum $20 for Xhun Audio Little...
  31. jrrshop

    Up to 60% off FXpansion, Ohm Force, JST, Image Line, Wave Arts, Xhun Audio, Audionamix, & more

    Up to 60% off FXpansion, Ohm Force, JST, Image Line, Wave Arts, Xhun Audio, Audionamix, n-Track, Softube, Rob Papen, Toontrack, and Native Instruments 50% off FXpansion BFD 3 hyper realistic acoustic drums instrument, now $174.50 instead of $349: 56% off...
  32. jrrshop

    Up to 70% off PSP, XLN Audio, Plug & Mix, Sonarworks, IK Multimedia, Overloud, & Toontrack

    70% off PSP SpringBox and Nexcellence, now $29 and $49 respectively: 50% off all XLN Audio plugins, bundles, Addictive Drums 2 libraries, and Addictive Keys libraries: 50% off all...
  33. jrrshop

    Toontrack Seventies Pop introductory sale $23

    Toontrack Seventies Pop EZkeys MIDI introductory sale, now $23 instead of $29: Even though disco may have been the prevalent genre on the airwaves and in the clubs of the ’70s, artists like Elton John, the Eagles, ABBA, John Lennon...
  34. Time+Space

    Toontrack release UK Pop EZX

    As Toontrack's UK distributor, we are excited to announce the release of the UK Pop EZX! Encapsulating the drum sounds and grooves of contemporary British pop music, and the last 50 years of the genre as a whole, UK Pop EZX is one of Toontrack’s biggest EZdrummer 2 add-ons to date, setting a...
  35. J


  36. Time+Space

    Toontrack mega deals week has launched! DAY 5 (Friday)...

    It's Toontrack's Holiday Deals week with a huge discount each day from 1pm (GMT), Mon-Friday. FRIDAY: Today's deal is a treat for users of Toontrack's EZdrummer or Superior Drummer software with 64% off the Monster MIDI Pack 4! Just £7.95 / €9 until 1pm (GMT) tomorrow (Sat)...
  37. Cory Pelizzari

    Library Spotlight - Superior Drummer 3

  38. Time+Space

    Time+Space Black Friday Event - all deals now live!

    We've just added the final deals to our Black Friday event - there are now hundreds of products with up to 80% off from over 40 brands. Don't forget we also have our website chat facility is currently live if you have any product questions! Here's a summary of deals added today... 68% off...
  39. Time+Space

    Time+Space Black Friday Deals - Day 4

    Hi all Incase you missed any, today the following Black Friday deals were added to Time+Space... 24% off EZdrummer 2 - lowest ever price! 30% off Best Service instruments + free Galaxy X-FX worth £82 with purchases over €99 30% off Chris Hein Solo Strings titles + free additional content in...
  40. Time+Space

    Time+Space Black Friday Deals - Day 3

    Hi all It's been another busy day here at T+S HQ with a raft of new deals added to the website. Here's a summary of what's new today... 78% off Toontrack EZkeys Mellotoon 64% off four EZKeys MIDI Packs 50% off Vir2 Instruments (MOJO Horns, Aeris, Acou6tics) 70% off selected Big Fish sample...
  41. reutunes

    Toontrack - Superior Drummer 3 - The Samplecast review

    Big Review section of The Samplecast show 56 - Toontrack - Superior Drummer 3 More information on Superior Drummer 3 ► The Samplecast YouTube show ►
  42. Time+Space

    The Winter (even though it's not Winter yet) sales are on!

    This week, the likes of Toontrack, iZotope, Garritan and more have launched their Winter/Holiday sales, with savings of up to 67% on virtual instruments and effects plug-ins. Toontrack have discounts and free title offers related to all their product lines (EZdrummer, EZkeys, EZmix and...
  43. L

    CC4 script for hihats

    Hi all, I record my own Paste hihat Samples and I have a Alesis DM10, and I recorded 10 level of openness, 10 keys, starting in c4 .. but I can move them to any key number.. I looking for a Kontakt Script to use cc4 to control the openness of the hihats with no luck, I'm don't know how to make...
  44. reutunes

    Feel Superior with Samplecast #56 - now LIVE

    Hey Controllers... It doesn't seem like five minutes since I put the last show together and yet here's another one. 7 days roll around quickly at my age. The highlight of this week's show is undoubtedly Superior Drummer 3 by Toontrack. Back in May I was invited to Belgium to audition this...
  45. reutunes

    Finally I can spill the beans... Samplecast #53 now LIVE

    Hello Controllers... I've been sitting on a secret since May and this week I can finally reveal it - phew! Thanks to Toontrack I was invited to a special preview event a few months ago to hear Superior Drummer 3 in action. Since then I've been sworn to secrecy but in this week's show I can...
  46. Time+Space

    IZotope, Toontrack and Output Winter Specials

    Hi guys, we've just announced the launch of winter sales from Toontrack, iZotope and Output! To summarise... iZotope - Up to 46% off major product lines including Ozone 7, RX, Vocal Synth, the brand new Neutron mixing plugin and more. Ends 31st Dec. Toontrack - up to 50% off and free titles...
  47. M

    EZ Drummer upgrade ending

    Hello all, I got an email from Toontrack today stating that the EZ Drummer upgrade (to EZD 2) will be discontinued at the end of December. Granted, the difference between the upgrade price and full price is not huge (about $80), but I can't help but feel annoyed by this. Why not let the...