1. Cory Pelizzari

    Placing Instruments in a Space (pt.1)

    Presets for Seventh Heaven Standard: Patreon: Albums: The presets provided must be unzipped to you "user presets" folder for Seventh Heaven. These presets...
  2. APD

    My Top Logic Pro X Workflow Tips - Audio Plugin Deals

    Logic Pro is a pretty insane piece of software. I’ve been using it for over five years, and I still discover new things about it from time to time. In fact, I’ve even discovered some amazing workflow shortcuts I hadn’t even known about while researching additional tips for this article! Without...
  3. fretti

    Irene Adler Theme (Sherlock) for Quintett

    Hi all! I finished the first version of a "mockup" of the Irene Adler theme from the TV Series Sherlock. While the original is actually for full orchestra, I decided to get more into Orchestral Tools First Chairs and did it as a string quintett. I'd be especially interest in mixing tips and...
  4. Vik

    Sharing Logic tips and tricks

    Someone suggested in another thread that it would be useful with more Logic tips and tricks, so here's a thread everyone can use to share are find tips. I'll start: If you want to replace only a part of a region in an easy way as possible, enable Content Punch. You can do this by clicking on...
  5. manuhz

    Slow, delicate String tremolos. Any advice?

    Hi guys, looking around to find a String library wich can achieve slow and delicate sounding tremolos. This is something I can´t find actually in any library on the market. Correct me please if I'm wrong, but it seems that developers understand "tremolo" as a bunch of spiccato and totally...
  6. ChrisSiuMusic

    Quick Tips: Bring Your RHYTHM Tracks To Life

    I wanted to share a little tip with you today regarding how to enhance your rhythmic elements in your music. Please enjoy!
  7. S.M Hassani

    Please DM me for these: Major Update Soon - Custom Logic Pro X Midi Transforms: Set MIDI length by key shortcut! (+ 30 More)

    Please DM me for the Latest Version After reading this discussion: I decided to render a little service to the VIC/LPX community. :cool: Here's a Logic Pro 10.3.3 Project with my own Midi...
  8. greentuga

    Overloud GEM

    Hi, Does anyone use these plugins in orchestra samples? can give opinion, tips and suggestions ??? I really like the Overloud UI and I can not use the Logic Pro X eq because I tend to overdo it ... thank you
  9. MoeWalsaad

    Tips on handling several Cues on Cubase?

    Hi all, How do you handle working on several score cues of the same project on Cubase? I usually have them all on one project, I set a marker for each cue to go back and forth, but I have a problem that when I want to change the tempo of one cue, it ruins the syncing of the rest of the cues that...
  10. ontracktuts

    [BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL] On our Music Production Courses

    Hi VI-Controllers, You all ready for Black Friday? Have you made up your wishlist? Well its just around the corner. We're running Black Friday specials on our music production courses. All these courses are $10 until the end of Black Friday. Grab them while you can and we look forward to seeing...
  11. Wassim Samad

    How to learn the art of articulations

    Hi, I'm trying to improve my composing skills as I find I'm restricting myself re-using the same techniques I am used to. I'm a bit experienced about using Legato, Sordino, Harmonics, Spiccato, Staccato for Strings, Brass, Woodwinds, ... But my libraries come with other articulations for...
  12. V

    How to Program Drums

    Hello, I'm in need of some tips of how to program realistic sounding drum rhythms. I'm trying to make very "rockish" drums kind of like the ones you hear in Man of Steel using The Grange or Studio Drummer. But no matter what I try, they don't sound human or realistic at all. Now yeah, I know...
  13. reutunes

    Native Instrument's THRILL review - plus news, bargains, tips & updates. Samplecast #47 out now

    Thank you so much for all of your wonderful messages of support following my brief illness last week - you are all GREAT! It's back to work this week with a packed show featuring 12 different libraries and plugins. Is this the longest ever Samplecast show? This week's main review is Native...
  14. kurtvanzo

    Recording Techniques : Videos Added

    Someone posting in another section asked for details on recording solo instruments. I gave his some advice as a long time recording engineer and thought a thread on recording different types of live instruments might be helpful to some composers interested in adding live recordings to their...
  15. darrenwonnacott

    New Weekly Cubase Tutorial Series

    Hi Everyone, I’m starting up a weekly Cubase tutorial on Youtube. These videos will be short useful things that someone new to Cubase or has recently switched from another DAW may find useful - or even if you have used Cubase for a while there is always something new to learn. Please subscribe...
  16. ranaprathap

    Tips for creating interesting pulses

    Can anyone give me tips for creating interesting arpeggiating percussive like pulse sounds? The kind you can hear from 10 second mark in this song: I don't want to use any particular sample libraries for that, I would like to do learn to create them. What I usually end up doing is take a...
  17. Walid F.

    9 Common Mixing Mistakes

    Hey! Here's an article I wrote on some common mixing mistakes I thought some of you guys might want to read. I'd love to hear what you think of them, if you agree on the solutions, or any other comments! The article is right here: 9 Mixing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them Cheers, W.
  18. R

    Maarten Vorwerk mixing tips

    Hey guys. Here's a collection of mixing tips from an electronic producer Maarten Vorwerk. It focuses more on dance music, but you might also find something useful for yourself.
  19. dtonthept

    YES! It's the "I'm switching to Cubase, give me some tips!" thread

    Hey folks, Super long time Pro Tools, Live, and occasional Logic user here. I've read so many interesting stories about folks learning Cubase on this forum, I thought it would be fun to have a thread that was all about really simple, small, tricks, or really simple, small questions. What do...