1. S

    Lemur - Trying to use time variable - What's Modulo ?

    Hello I'm trying to figure out how does "time" variable run, in order to make a more "living" interface (for example, showing up a container coming from the left to the right... Is that possible ?...)... So, the manual says as an example : Seconds=floor(time%60) And my question is : what does...
  2. Bluemount Score

    What time signature is this?

    I wrote it in a 4/4 project, however it seems odd that every second bar doesn't pronounce beat 1 when I count and I can't quite figure out if it's still 4/4?
  3. ChrisSiuMusic

    Orchestral Tools - Time Micro (A Textured Beauty)

    Hello composers! In my final review of the year, let's discuss the newest library from Orchestral Tools, Time Micro. With a chamber-sized vision in mind, did they succeed?
  4. Pietro

    Time Tracker

    Hey everyone. A friend of mine recently worked on a little tool plugin for those, that want to track time spent on your projects. Either for those, who do mixing or others that work on per hour basis, I think this could be useful. It's VST3 and it's free. It has a couple of great features, like...
  5. rigidaudio

    $engine_par_intmod_frequency and ni_sync_unit?

    Hi everyone, i am currently trying to change the time unit for an internal modulator. (step mod). However, this approach: set_engine_par($ENGINE_PAR_INTMOD_FREQUENCY,$NI_SYNC_UNIT_32ND_TRIPLET,$MENU_SOUNDS_MODE_SOURCE_A, 3,-1) does not change the time unit, it just changes the frequency...
  6. ChrisSiuMusic

    Orchestral Tools: TIME MACRO (A Review)

    Hi there! I've uploaded my review of Orchestral Tools' newest library TIME MACRO. I hope you enjoy!
  7. Alex Niedt

    Time Macro Demo - Across Blooming Fields

    Really enjoying this library a lot! All sounds in this demo come from Time Macro.
  8. ChrisSiuMusic

    Orchestral Tools New Library: TIME MACRO

    I'm loving the sound (as always) and concept of this one. Thoughts?
  9. K

    Script specifying group release t(ms) setting?

    Hello, I´m writing a script. The release groups of my key instrument are using different group time base, the setting beside "release trigger" button, called "t(ms): 1000". This one: My wish is to make my life easier in adjusting the about 140 groups of release samples´s time base, the...
  10. Erick - BVA

    My amatuer analysis of Hans Zimmer's "Time"

    Before watching Ashton's video on his analysis of the score for Inception, I probably would have omitted the word "Amateur" from the title. But alas, I'm not worthy! However, I think some people may still find this useful --coming from someone with less formal knowedge of music theory, and...
  11. Celestial Aeon

    Ambient remake of Time (Inception OST by Hans Zimmer)

    I did this remake some time ago, but revisited it and thought that it might be worth sharing. I really like the idea of making more ambient / atmospheric / dwelling minimalistic versions / mock-ups of classic tunes and Time is one of my all time favourites. One of my favourite combinations for...
  12. MoeWalsaad

    Cubase Time Stretch Group of Midi Notes

    Hello all! Is there is a way in Cubase 8 or higher to Time stretch a selected group of Midi notes in time inside the midi editor? I know it can be done outside the midi editor by Time stretching the Midi event, but this won't help my situation. This feature speeds up my Midi cleaning and...
  13. R

    The Meaning in the Music: Hans Zimmer and Time

    Interesting in-depth video of Rctec's music. I never noticed that there was a secret morse code in the Interstellar track Coward.
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