1. AndreasHe

    Music theory: do scale degrees work in all modes?

    Can anyone tell me if the scale degrees work in all modes, for example phrygian (and all the others)? Or are they related to just a few specific ones. If they are specific, is there a way to calculate them? Numeric Names I II III IV V VI VII VIII Formal Names Tonic Supertonic Mediant...
  2. P

    Checking my music theory understanding, and where to go next.

    Very new to composition, beyond the odd mess around with a guitar and bar cords. Have been learning for 3 months or so. Wanting to first see if I am understanding things correctly and second to ask what else it would be useful for me to learn to, alongside the endless practising of what I have...
  3. ChrisSiuMusic

    How To Create Vocal Harmonies WITH Music Theory (Video Reaction)

    Hi everyone! Today I wanted to react to a video created by a good friend of mine, Austin Hull. He recently uploaded this video to help producers create vocal harmonies without needing too much music theory knowledge. I wanted to fill in the gaps and show you how you can write your harmonies...
  4. M

    Halo theme and question about the Melodic Minor

    This is going to sound really stupid, but here goes. I was at the gym and the Halo theme came on, and I got confused. Best as I can tell, it's in E minor, but the melody clearly plays a C# instead of the natural C you'd normally hear on the 6th note in the E minor scale. Is that because the...
  5. M do you name five- and six-note chords?

    So I'm brushing up on theory for school and there's this chord... F A C E G B. I can tell it's all in Major, but what do I 'call it' and how do I know what to call it? I've tried looking this up online but just got further confused.
  6. ChrisSiuMusic

    ScoreTalk (Ep. 2): Why The 'Schindler's List' Theme Is So Beautiful

    Hi all! In this video, let's explore one of the sadder themes of John Williams, and what makes it so special. Please enjoy!
  7. ChrisSiuMusic

    ScoreTalk (Ep. 1): Home Alone Theme (100th Video Special)

    Hi everyone! To celebrate my 100th video on my channel, I wanted to debut my new series 'ScoreTalk' with a classic John Williams tune. Please enjoy!!
  8. ChrisSiuMusic

    How To Create a Lush Orchestral Intro

    Hey composers! Today let's dive into the making of a thick Michael Bublé-ish cinematic orchestral intro. Enjoy!
  9. kessel

    Where to learn music theory and harmony and not getting bored?

    Hi, I started playing guitar and making music 30 years ago and as much as I love music I could never become friends with music theory. Nevertheless I always wanted to learn some more theory, specially harmony, to improve my compositions and arrangement skills, but the main problem I've always...
  10. ChrisSiuMusic

    'Once Upon A Romance' - Chord and Theory Breakdown

    Hey everyone! Welcome to the first episode of 'Inside The Score' for my newest piece, where we'll take a look at the musical background and the harmonic/melodic content that makes up the music. Please enjoy, and let me know if you have any thoughts/feedback!
  11. ChrisSiuMusic

    The 'Hopeful' Chord

    Hi everyone! Today I wanted to share with you one of my favourite chords to play. This one is really special because it gives us a hopeful and almost pining feeling. Please enjoy!!
  12. Dyllan

    First time scoring directly to picture

    Hi everyone. I was given the opportunity to score a short film front to back, after the same producer was very pleased with another project I'd worked on. I feel a lot more anxious about this project, so I've expanded my orchestra, read up on my theory/orchestration, watched swathes of films...
  13. whiskers

    Help me build a learning plan? | where to even begin (any advice welcome)

    HELP I'VE TRIED NOTHING AND I'M ALL OUT OF IDEAS! (jk) First off, apologies for the wall of text. Thanks in advance to anyone who ventures through this whole thing. This is gonna be a bit verbose, but I'd rather be thorough than not. I was hoping if people may be so kind as to give feedback...
  14. ChrisSiuMusic

    Breakdown of a Disney/Adventure Score: Musical Elements

    Hey friends! If you've ever wondered what goes behind the music in a Disney/Fantasy style track, I've made a video dissecting exactly that: the chord structures, melodic contours, and overall theory behind an original score in this style. I hope you enjoy!
  15. D

    Interpretation/Creation of Moods in Film Music

    I'm currently working on my first feature film and I've noticed the director and I have somewhat differing interpretations of what mood any given piece of music communicates. So this obviously presents a problem when composing a cue. When he wants tragedy, I feel the piece I just wrote is tragic...
  16. Werewoof


    I think this is an appropriate place to put these. This is intended for those who are trying to understand music theory, but because I already understood it before I made these, they're also for those who like visual aids and generally get excited with theory discussions. -First, I am a music...
  17. M

    Hexachords information, tutorials, formation ?

    I think to buy the ludwin music composition book but do you know other sources of information on the subject ? For people who are not familiar with them (as me in fact), Hexachords can be use to add variety to a composition. The composer starts with a melody and build chords progressions, based...
  18. B

    Articulation Envelopes

    Can someone help me understand what makes these two passages sound different? Compare the violin in Corelli's piece to the cello solo in Handel's. Does the cello sound mellow yet edgy at the same time? I particularly want to point out the 8th variation from Corelli's work. It starts on bar...
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