1. MatthewHarnage

    Wrote an Airship theme featuring the solo cello from CSSS! Would love any feedback on sequencing

    I wrote this track the last week just for practice. Mostly focusing on only using piano, strings, and winds and purposely avoiding brass to lean on for dynamic moments. Would appreciate any feedback on sequencing! There are a few things I struggled with, especially the quick wind runs without...
  2. Unknown

    [RELEASE] Custom dark Logic pro X Theme

    In order to install, you'll need LPXColorizer which you can find HERE Once set up you can download the theme HERE I hope this helps you as the default theme is a bit naff :p
  3. Kubler

    “Or Noir” – Trap / synth / orchestral sort of thing I guess

    Hi everyone, This week I wrote a main theme for a webseries, Or Noir (“Black Gold”) that will be released weekly on YouTube. It's a heist story set in the parisian suburbs. The director wanted the theme to convey a human, optimistic side in addition of the traditional "urban" feeling, so I...
  4. ChrisSiuMusic

    ScoreTalk (Ep. 1): Home Alone Theme (100th Video Special)

    Hi everyone! To celebrate my 100th video on my channel, I wanted to debut my new series 'ScoreTalk' with a classic John Williams tune. Please enjoy!!
  5. ChrisSiuMusic

    Film Scoring: What Makes The Avengers Theme So ICONIC

    Hi friends! Today I wanted to go over the insanely cinematic Avengers theme, and dive into the chord structure and melodic choices of Alan Silvestri that make this piece so iconic. Please enjoy!
  6. leoniscaeli

    5 years later - My new Orchestral/Epic/OST/pirateslike 13 minutes track "The Prevail Suite"

    Hello, Backstory 5 years ago I did a 2 minute track called prevail of the strategist : This is the old theme please continue for my new release. Back then I still had a library that lacked realism and I had some exportation quality issues. But I still liked the theme that was born. Years...
  7. ChrisSiuMusic

    Disney Intro Rescore

    Hope you enjoy! Libraries used: Strings: Berlin Strings and CSS Winds: Berlin Woodwinds Brass: Berlin Brass and CineBrass Perc: CinePerc Harp: CineHarps
  8. Kubler

    Without A Trace – Dark orchestral theme

    Hi everyone ! I'd like to present you this composition I finished a couple weeks ago. This was an exercice for my master degree in scoring. We were asked to write a theme in a detective story style – I think I strongly leaned towards a thriller sort of thing, but I got positive comments...
  9. MatthewHarnage

    Looking for mixing/sequencing feedback on new dark/fantasy game track

    Hey everyone, This is the most recent track for a game I'm scoring: Since this is the latest time I've had the opportunity to use full orchestral stuff I'm really trying to use each track to grow my mixing chops. Any feedback on the sequencing or mixing would truly be appreciated. I feel...
  10. J

    Murder Mystery Pulp Spaghetti Theme

    Here is my Murder Mystery Pulp Spaghetti Suspense Theme that I whipped up with a guitar and the Infundibulum#1, a mighty fine Kontakt instrument recently released by Sound Dust. This is so far just scratching the surface! password: shamrock Please feel free...
  11. ranaprathap

    Melody creation - tips and tricks

    According to me, the most difficult part in composing is coming up with original, simple and memorable melodies that can transform into themes in a score, or become the chorus/verse of a song. How do you guys come up with simple and memorable (hummable) melodies? Can you share some tips, tricks...
  12. Grim_Universe

    Tristan und Isolde (act 3) theme variatons

    Hi, guys! Just finished several variatons, hope you'll like them! PIECE WASN'T PERFORMED BY ME, since i wanted just to practice composition skills. Based on this, the piano could sound more natural. Feel free to share your ideas :)
  13. Ridan

    "Dark Prairie" - Ambient/Cinematic sound set for Xfer Records Serum

    Hello everyone. First commercial post here at V.I. Control. Hope you don't mind if I shamelessly plug my new sound set! Dark Prairie is a sound set that is heavily inspired by today's aphotic film, and game soundtracks. Containing dark ambient/cinematic atmospheres, unnatural, and organic...
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