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  1. L

    Cubase 9.5 (Win) - Exported Midi Clicks Not in Sync with Audio Clicks ? Unbelievable - Please Help

    Hi, maybe somebody of you had the same Problem with a solution? I have attached the problematic Cubase project here... I composed in Cubase 9.5 (win) and would like to export a Midi Tempo File for the Orchestral Session (Pro Tools Recording). Later on, I need Nuendo to be perfectly In Sync...
  2. R

    MIDI file opened in Logic 10.3.1 is different (wrong)

    Hi, I received a midi file from a composer friend whom i have to collaborate for this particular project. I also got an mp3 so I know how the music sounds and I have a reference. Problem is if I open it with Logic the tempo map is wrong...by wrong I mean it's different from the original. But...
  3. anatholy

    How Kontakt trigger in script the host tempo changes

    Hello guys, Is anyone knows how to trigg the Kontakt 5 on host tempo change in script? There are tempo changes in tempo track, so my step sequensers are out of sync at some stages. I tried to run listener on beat and recalculate interval but DURATION_QUARTER changes only at next call of the...
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