tempo change

  1. P

    How common is it for a tempo to go up and down constantly

    How uncommon is it for a tempo to change in short cycles from faster to lower, sort of like breathing. It feels like a lot of piano pieces do this, or it could be your ears playing tricks.
  2. B

    Tap tempo in real time in Cubase?

    Hi everyone, Would someone know if there is a way of making a tempo track by tapping the tempo during the playing of midi tracks? I mean: writing your song on a more or less fixed tempo, then act like a conductor to make the tempo changes in real time, not by drawing it little by little? I...
  3. RRBE Sound

    Logic Pro X - Movie tempo ''freeze'' ?

    Hey All! So I am searched Google and You Tube for answers, but with no result. My question goes: How can I ''Lock/freeze'' the video/movie in Logic Pro X when changing tempo? I am aware of the great audio flex function, but this, as I can see does not affect the video/movie. - So it...
  4. anatholy

    How Kontakt trigger in script the host tempo changes

    Hello guys, Is anyone knows how to trigg the Kontakt 5 on host tempo change in script? There are tempo changes in tempo track, so my step sequensers are out of sync at some stages. I tried to run listener on beat and recalculate interval but DURATION_QUARTER changes only at next call of the...