1. P

    What's the deal with templates?

    I see a lot of talk about templates when it comes to sample mockup work. I've never really understood all the hoopla. I mean, put an instrument on a track, repeat process, add folders, blah blah, save when you've got all your standard instruments lined up and color-coded in a way that works best...
  2. D

    Q & VEP Feature suggestion: SOUND MODULE MODE - alternative Program-Change driven paradigm/workflow

    This is a question to both the composers here who - by necessity - use enormous track-count DAW templates and the developers of VEP. My idea would greatly reduce the track-counts needed for master templates - and might even - for *some* (probably more production-oriented) users eliminate the...
  3. Arise

    Studio One users, how do you find S1 for big orchestral projects?

    I more or less started on S1 as my first DAW and instantly fell in love with how easy and intuitive it is. But one of the faults of it imo is, how it handles CPU usage and it still not being that great at handling big templates or a big number of tracks (?) My question is: Does anyone here do...
  4. Villanao

    Full string section vs violin, viola, etc sections

    hi, I’m just starting with midi orchestration and I’m putting together a project template using some free libraries (Spitfire LABS, SCC Expressive Strings and VSCO2 CE). I’ve noticed that LABS and SCC are full strings section libraries while VSCO2 is divided in instrument sections. Do these...
  5. MoeWalsaad

    Audio Interface for Large orchestral templates?

    Hello, My target is simply to get a newer Audio interface that has a high capacity/Features to handles large Orchestral midi templates and lots of Insert effects, with the least amount of Crackles/Glitches/Latency. The number of audio input slots is not a priority since I rarely record multiple...
  6. Aleela

    Show me your Template!

    Show me your Template Thread! Post some photos of your Template
  7. hozierschurch

    Instrument Categories in Templates

    I’m interested to know what different instrument groups people use when creating templates, I can never gauge if I’m over-doing it or under-doing it (although I suppose I will ultimately learn with experience ..) I’m thinking more of a generic template say for adverts / stock etc if anyone is...
  8. DanielBrunelle

    Lemur Forum Dead?

    Hey guys, Does anyone know whats going on at liine? The Lemur forums arent accessible to me. https://forum.liine.net/ Maybe lemur has been a zombie for years but losing the forums is still a huge blow! Im pretty committed to the touch screen interface and lemur's very powerful tools for...
  9. MoeWalsaad

    Stop Cubase Freezing at startup

    As an orchestral music composer who uses lots of Kontakt and Play sample libraries and complex routing, It keeps happening, that large Cubase projects crash or freezes at startup, most of the times I find a way to walk around these problems like: 1 - Restarting my machine 2 - Disable expensive...
  10. C

    Track vs Rack Instruments in Cubase Templates: a Different Approach

    Hi All, I'm a big fan of using the track settings window in Cubase while composing with track instruments. But when using rack instruments, or midi tracks that are connected to an instrument, you have to travel a bit, sometimes a long way, to get to the track settings window of that vst...
  11. rose_aleria

    [Self-made Freebie] EastWest Hollywood Strings track templates for REAPER

    Hi people! I made some REAPER track templates for EastWest Hollywood Strings. They're based on the concepts explained by Nick Phoenix in his tutorial video about Hollywood Strings, which can be found on the Hollywood Strings website, under the Videos tab, here...