1. D

    Dorico template for EIS ?

    I wanted to know if anyone is using a handy Dorico template for EIS he/she wants to share?
  2. R

    Is it worth running VEPro without a slave? (building orchestral template in Reaper)

    Short version: Will I notice a big performance boost by using VEPro to host all my instruments, (for a large orchestral template in Reaper) even without having a slave PC? Or should I not bother with VEPro until I can afford a slave? Longer version: Been trying to put together an orchestral...
  3. J

    Here is a Logic template for Spitfire Abbey Road One: Orchestral Essentials

    This is a Logic Pro template for Spitfire Audio's Abbey Road One: Orchestral Foundations sample library. It is similar to the template provided by Spitfire for their BBCSO libraries. It is attached to this post as a .zip file, and is also available on Github. It is distributed under the GPL v3...
  4. Aleela

    Template Building

    Can you please recommend me some videos or courses (free or paid) that explain in detail how to build an orchestral template, routing etc.? I use Cubase 10.5 and Spitfire Symphonic Orchestra plus some pianos and synths like Omnisphere, Zebra and Diva. Thanks
  5. L

    Tl;dr Newbie needs help with template and some other things

    Hey there, I finally have found my way to this amazing website full of experts. :) To make things clear: I am quite new to the usage of a DAW to write music, so I'm most of the time kinda lost when I try to accomplish something on Cubase 7.5. Some things work very intuitively, especially the...
  6. Skyroads

    Cubase 11 - Lemur connection

    Hi folks, For 3 days now I've been trying to get it work but only with partial success. While the Generic Remote for visibility and general Cubase controls (modwheel, play, record, save, export etc.) works perfectly fine, there are always problems when returning data to Lemur. I have adjusted...
  7. A

    POLL: Buffer Size & Template

    Hey guys, I didn't find any poll about this...that's why I start this poll about your buffer sizes combined with your templates. So here's how to cast your vote: If you start your empty template with (let's say) 128 samples but later on change over to 512 samples (because it crackles here and...
  8. D

    VEP Templates: how to integrate patch-based instruments (e.g. synths, TOC, Sonokinetic stuff)?

    As I'm building my new Cubase/VEP template, I'm wondering how to best integrate instruments that have a large list of patches into the whole thing. Ideally, I'd like to have a VEP template that remains static and do any changes that are specific to a piece of music inside the Cubase project (so...
  9. D

    Large Template Track Visibility Concepts for Cubase?

    I'm in the process of building a big Cubase/VEP template and I'm wondering about the nitty-gritty of how folks manage track visibility. Here is how I was going to approach it, maybe you can give me pointers if I'm heading in an inefficient direction or let me know how you handle it differently...
  10. Jdiggity1

    Benny Oschmann's Project Files for Metropolis Ark 1 and 2

    LATEST RELEASE: Through The Dark Woods by Benny Oschmann, for Metropolis Ark 2 ===================== Hi all, Earlier in the week I "re-launched" a website that I've had sitting in my lap for a little while now - Synthestration.com The premise is simple: Project files complete with MIDI, audio...
  11. emilio_n

    Course / Tutorial / Guide to create am Orchestral template for Logic Pro X

    Hi there! I am looking someplace to learn better how to create a good template for Logic Pro. Do you know any course or tutorial where is covered everything? From the basics to how to set up the groups, buses, articulations, configuration of TouchOSC or Metagrid, etc. By far I found the...
  12. C

    Question about Vienna Ensemble Pro outputs' impact on performance.

    I have been building an orchestral template using VEPro into Cubase (Nuendo actually). I have been building it with 2 outputs per Kontakt instrument, one for long articulations and another for short articulations so I can apply different processing to them within Nuendo. I don't have many...
  13. jadedsean

    Midi Tags question

    Hey guys I was wondering if any of you guys use midi tags to balance your templates. Usually CC7 and CC1 are used I think, anyway the reason I ask is, i have setup my template with this procedure and it works great except when I need to skip to a section of a track, and then all hell breaks...
  14. Aleela

    BBCSO Template for Spitfire Symphonic Orchestra - is it possible?

    Spitfire Audio has released some templates for the BBC Orchestra. Do you think they can also work for the Spitfire Symphonic Orchestra (+ Spitfire Percussion) ? Thanks in advance for the advice! I also ask @Spitfire Team @SpitfireSupport @christianhenson
  15. greentuga

    New Template - volumes

    Hi to everyone, I have a lot of questions, but, of course, I am not going to put everything at this point. My DAW is Logic Pro X (although it doesn't matter), and I want to establish a new starting point with a new way of making my template, since I don't change the style of composition much. I...
  16. M

    What orchestral templates cover and how to arrange it?

    Hi everyone, i'm quite new in here, probably my first post. I was searching for the most suitable orchestral template for my workflow (Cubase 10 Artist + MBP 2015 16gigs ram and i7) but probably heavy load of samples or something else, quite staggering to work. I mostly use Spitfire Symphony...
  17. Bluemount Score

    BBCSO (Pro / Core / Discover 1.2.0) - free, complete template for FL Studio (UPDATED January 16th 2021)

    Dropbox Links to BBCSO template v2.5.2: Template all mics deactivated Template Mix 1 mics activated Update 2 from January 16th 2021 version 2.5.2 for FL Studio 20.8+ - Bass Flute Long Flutter articulation was missing - Some "extended legato" weren't actually extended, but normal legato...
  18. gohrev

    How to work with EW templates?

    Good day everyone, after lurking for months, I decided there is no better place to ask my question. I very recently got into VSTs and decided to go with EW's Composer Cloud for now. It's affordable and, IMHO, a great way to 'get into things'. I first made the rookie mistake of loading a single...
  19. MoeWalsaad

    VEpro - Lots of instances vs Lots of Midi Channels

    Hello, I'm halfway through building my first grand template on Vienna Ensemble Pro7 and Cubase10, but some concerns are arising. I wonder what would be the ups and downs of having too many VEP instances vs too many Plugin Channels vs too many Midi channels coming from less Kontakt Instances...
  20. Illico

    [Cubase] Save Tracks Presets with Kontakt/Play Instruments

    Hi All, I use Cubase and created an Orchestral template with all sections (Woodwinds/Brass/Perc/Strings/Choirs/etc). I used multiple Racks with Kontakt and Play instances for the VST instruments. Then I would like to backup sections by using Cubase Track Presets. But it seems that rack and...
  21. G

    VEPro7 and the Logic Template with more instances

    I'm using VEPro 7 and Logic 10.4.4. I have created a VEPro template 4 Instances (WINDS, PERC, STRINGS, BRASS), and I want to use the Logic AU3 BETA Template. But the project only has 24 port with 3 instances. I know I could move merge my instances and then it would be fine. But I want there to...
  22. P

    What's the deal with templates?

    I see a lot of talk about templates when it comes to sample mockup work. I've never really understood all the hoopla. I mean, put an instrument on a track, repeat process, add folders, blah blah, save when you've got all your standard instruments lined up and color-coded in a way that works best...
  23. angeruroth

    Testing template for fast production (Tundra + A1 + BDT)

    I'm looking for ways to be able to deliver 1 minute of good-sounding tracks in 30 minutes or so, so any comment on the sound/mix/etc. would be much appreciated. Thanks! Here a quickly improvised track to test my new template for fast production (Tundra, A1 and DBT): Thanks for listening!
  24. H


    Hi, Ladies and Gentlemen. I need help. It' been more than one-month building computer installing programmes and software... Now, I'm creating a template But I couldn't finish it. I have more than 100 Articulations in my sample library. Can someone please tell me what is the most used...
  25. Transients

    Epic Orchestral/Cinematic Drums & Percussion Elements

    Can we try put together a list of all percussive elements/instruments needed for this kind of music? I am trying to set up a percussion template, which can get me started layering elements instantly without having to go thru the kontakt libraries each time. For the most part ive just banged away...
  26. beyd770

    Iconica Opus - Sascha Knorr mockup and walkthrough

    Composer Sascha Knorr provides an in-depth insight into producing a demo track for Iconica Opus. Sascha describes the process of composition and MIDI programming with Iconica’s instruments, articulations and different microphone positions to show the quality and realism that can be achieved...
  27. SwedishPug

    Orchestral Instrument Wetness

    What do you think the most and least 'wet' (reverb) instruments are? Bonus points if you list them in order from most to least! I've been working on a new template and this would help a lot. Thanks!
  28. D

    Cubase & VE Pro Template: Freeze and Unload?

    I've googled this and searched the forum, but I didn't come up with anything pertaining to my situation. If I messed up and this is a frequent question - I'm genuinely sorry. I recall some people saying they freeze tracks in Cubase (with a VE Pro template) for faster loading, but I can't really...
  29. marcodistefano

    FLOW Ready to use integration Cubase-Vienna-Lemur-Spitfire Audio(and more)

    Hi guys, Last year I started to build my orchestral template because I had so much sample libraries but I felt I had lost the control. After one year of work and development I have finally released FLOW. It offers a ready to use integration between Cubase Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 Lemur Almost all...
  30. beyd770

    Most efficient way to organizing multi's within Capsule?

    Problem solved. Please delete post.
  31. SoundTravels

    What percussion sounds are missing from your template?

    Hey VI'rs! I'm gonna do a couple days in professional studio recording a bunch of drums, cymbals, hand percussion etc. for my personal library. Wanted to know if there's any instruments/sounds/techniques you all were missing from your templates that you're dying to have. Was thinking I'd put...
  32. S

    Testing my new template(In Progress) and percussion libraries

  33. W

    Proper balancing of sul Pont/sul Tasto string articulations?

    I’m currently working on balancing my template, and I’ve realized that I don’t have any concept of how loud the sul ponticello and sul tasto articulations should be, relative to the standard longs/staccatos/pizzicatos/con sordinos. So I’d like to ask either string players or composers more...
  34. Skyroads

    Articulation switch in lemur (cubase) - need help

    Hey guys I've roughly set up my full orchestral template in Cubase with Vepro 6 and Lemur. It is all working not too bad, while I still have to get the levels and balances right. Unfortunately there is one thing that doesn't seem to work right. In Lemur I set all articulations up which...
  35. Transients

    Orchestral Template and Automation

    Anyone using Studio One? I am trying to build an orchestral template with kontakt libraries. How do you deal with recording automation and midi cc like dynamics and expression in Studio One? Are these set up and included in the template you use? And since there are 3 automation options to choose...
  36. victorkws

    John Adams - The Chairman Dances Mockup

    The very first John Adams' composition I have been introduced was "The Chairman Dances". I felt in love instantly, it was so rich in texture and I also like the fact that the music has a very strong allusion to the swooning romanticism of Hollywood. This is a very fun piece to sequence as there...
  37. W

    Articulation maps vs. template balancing

    In my new template (almost done!) I am heavily leveraging Logic Pro X 10.4’s new articulation maps feature, along with ARTzID v2, in order to have a (slightly) more concise template where parts aren’t spread across as many tracks, and also to make a far larger set of instruments and...
  38. hozierschurch

    Workflow and Track Stack / Stem Organisation

    I currently have 17 Summing Stacks (Stems) for different instruments / groups i.e. Strings, Brass, Keys, Epic Percussion e.t.c. Is it advisable (or even necessary) to be more specific i.e. Strings Short High, String Short Low, Strings Long High, Strings Long Low to avoid EQ / Reverb issues...
  39. I

    Looking for a web template for a music library ( not DAW)

    Hello fellow composers! I have a question regarding making a library rather than composing for one: Does anybody by any chance know of a good template for a music library? I have of course already searched the internet and there is plenty of templates but so far I have found only one ( a...
  40. Silence-is-Golden


  41. Bernard Duc

    Template test: LOTR Lightning of the Beacons / VSTi mockup.

    I'm sorry if this is in the wrong forum, feel free to movie it. After moving back from the US where I was studying, I spent the past few weeks setting up my workstation and creating a new template in Reaper. I decided to do this mockup of "The Lightning of the Beacons" form the LOTR soundtrack...
  42. M

    Track Limit in Logic Pro X (multi timbral vs single instance of Kontakt)

    Hey guys! I recently bought a new iMac with a lot of RAM so I decided to make a new template, adding loads of things I hadn't been able to add before due to a slow computer with too little RAM. I always used a multi timbral setup (16 kontakt instances). It was always a bit of a pain because of...
  43. Dirk Ehlert

    Template Consulting

    Hey guys n gals, since I've arrived in LA I had several composer friends ask me for help in setting up their composing rigs for using VEPro and / or general Cubase / system tips and tricks / training. So I thought, if there is a need for such things, why not just officially offer it. So here we...
  44. Jason Graves

    Audio Ark: Jason Graves Music - Writing for Strings

    Greetings! My name is Jason. I am a drummer and I love animals. I also have spent the the last twenty odd years making music. I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out a way to share and give back, just a little bit, to the community I love being a part of so much. I lecture/teach...
  45. Aleela

    Show me your Template!

    Show me your Template Thread! Post some photos of your Template
  46. Fermile

    Slower than expected load to RAM

    Hi, I'm working with Cubase 9, Windows 10, Have 64GB of RAM, Samsung 960 m.2 SSD (3200 MB/s read) and don't work yet with VEPRO. I have a big Cubase template that takes around 53GB of RAM - lots of it is kontakt libraries. When I open the task manager I see only 500 MB/s of loading to memory and...
  47. Akarin

    Cubase - Is there a way to hide all tracks not containing events?

    I have a somewhat large template and at times, I'd also like to only show tracks that contain events. Is this possible in Cubase? I've seen it done with stuff like Metagrid but I'd rather assign a keyboard shortcut to toggle this on or off. Thanks!
  48. EgM

    I don't care for orchestral templates... Your view?

    I think due to reading a lot from fellow composers and here on vi-control a few years back I got drawn into the whole idea of having templates either on Vienna Ensemble Pro or disabled tracks on Cubase Pro 9.5 which is my main DAW. I have tried both, a mega template on VEP using so many tracks...
  49. Aleela

    Best Cubase Orchestral Template video tutorial

    Could you recommend me the best Cubase Orchestral Template video tutorial?
  50. Kyle Preston

    Loving These Performance Samples Freebies

    After watching Mike Verta's Template Balancing class, I was convinced to finally set up my own proper orchestral template. I've been reluctant to do so for a number of reasons but time is short and I'm not getting younger. After playing around with the Active-Bow Tech Demo and River Harp from...
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