1. Navid Lancaster

    I have now become a Brand Ambassador for Stage32

    I am deeply honoured to be a Brand Ambassador for Stage 32, the world's largest social network and educational hub for film, television & digital creatives with over 750,000 members from around the world. I want YOU to be part of it. Sign up, network, create and learn. The link is here...
  2. gohrev

    First time film-scoring

    After watching the @Spitfire Team Summer Class on film scoring by Homay Schmitz, I decided to download the clip and give it a go. Never realised how hard it is to time your music to what's happening on screen! Here's my little soundtrack + video: And here is the slightly amplified...
  3. TRKStudios

    Working Composer here from ORLANDO, FL - *New Website

    Composer here from Orlando, FL. Just saying hello and wanted to share my newly updated website: Hope everyone is staying safe and doing well! Tyler
  4. dman007

    How do you work with different tempos, time signatures and hit points when working to video in Cubase?

    How do you work with different tempos, time signatures and hit points when working to video in Cubase? I'm using a time signature track and tempo track, working with virtual instruments and audio... I recently had the issue of how do I fix a time signature and tempo at a point in time, and...
  5. Mads Skønberg

    The Hymn Of Solskjaer

  6. conan

    Latchkey Kid - 1970's Redux

    I was a child in the 70's and the experience is imprinted on me forever. Despite the world challenges (nuclear proliferation, fossil fuels, etc.), there was a belief in social responsibility and an optimism about the future. NASA and the Skylab Missions dominated the national consciousness. Many...
  7. dman007

    Reverbs for piano ?

    Hi, What reverbs do you use for piano for classical piano, and piano for tv/film cues and scores? Which reverbs, and what settiings do you use?
  8. S

    SOLVED_SFX Editor / Dialogue Editor Needed

    This post has been solved. Thanks everyone!
  9. PeterDB

    And something from me....

    Thought I'd just place a gentle plug here - feedback is always appreciated! Cheers, Peter
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