1. justmjulie

    Any mock-up (velocity) tips in Cubase?

    How's the velocity fix/ clean up workflow like in Cubase or say logic? Any tips? I am new to Cubase. Use DP in past. Trying to improve the mockup of my orchestral music. In DP I will open event list and fix the data there. (manually input the data- and use fix veloclety and fix duration very...
  2. Cory Pelizzari

    Let's Talk About Dynamics

    Yeah, so uh... Yeah.
  3. S

    Horn Glissandi?

    In a composition of mine, I'd like the French horns to play a descending glissando spanning a major 2nd. I know some glissandi on horn are achieved by adjusting the position of the hand in the bell, but the passage is to be hand-stopped the whole way through, so that method wouldn't be possible...
  4. ChrisSiuMusic

    Piano Skills for Composers - doing some research :)

    Hey everyone! As musicians and composers, most of us work with MIDI controllers and keyboards on a daily basis, and the ability to play sufficiently is very important to maintaining inspiration and a smooth workflow. As a result, I'm brainstorming some content on piano skills & technique for...
  5. Bluemount Score

    A weird tipp for some inspiration

    Try listening to some music you like while it's reversed! Might sound strange, but when I do that, no matter if it's my composition or somebody elses, lots of new ideas pop up immediately.
  6. F

    What is the difference between Spitfire's Sul Tasto and Flautando Techniques?

    I was looking through the technique list of Spitfire's Chamber Strings, and they listed Long Flautando and Long Sul Tasto as different techniques - at least it seems like that to me. However as far as I thought, Sul Tasto and Flautando are pretty much the same. Can anyone offer an explanation or...
  7. Anevis

    Layring different articulations

    How do you layer different articuations? Recently I´ve been noticing that some tracks have all parts of strings section (1st, 2nd violins etc etc...) playing the spiccato but at the same time they are playing the long patches. Maybe I´m wrong and just can´t hear it properly, but I´ll attach to...
  8. ChrisSiuMusic

    Panning Up The Middle?

    In today's video, I discuss why I prefer to pan up the middle, especially lead melodies. Enjoy!
  9. P

    Strings-Fast passage definition and slow passage sucking sound

    Hi, Here is a passage I recently worked on showing some problems I have with programming strings. On fast passages, there can be a lack of definition. On slow passages, there can be a 'sucking' sound in between notes. I wanted to see what people thought about the cause of these problems and the...
  10. ricz

    A good resource!

    Hi all, I found this channel on YouTube which features demonstrations of different string playing techniques on different instruments. Thought it was worth sharing! Cheers, Ric
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