1. C

    Sea Wall (BR2049) - Is it synths only?

    @Rctec Did you guys use any orchestral sounds (or even real orchestra) as layer on this track, or are the sound sources synths only? Cuz I can only hear beautiful synths and I'm wondering if there has been some organic sauce to sweeten things up, or if all the magic happens electronically...
  2. Dave Hilowitz

    Video: How to record hardware synths using Ableton Live

    I've made a video about how to record hardware synths using Ableton Live's magical "External Instrument" device.
  3. EddBlakeley

    Any gaming fans remember this video from 2019? Still blows my mind

    It's over a year old now, but I'm still astonished by how good this looks. I finally had time for some portfolio fun this year so I rescored it, including original SFX.
  4. Secret Soundworks

    Horizons (Cinematic Sci-Fi Electronic Orchestral Music)

    Did a little sci-fi hybrid electronic orchestral piece called Horizons. Would love to know your thoughts :)
  5. R

    Synths of the year 2020

    During the last year (actually more or less the last two months) I have seen more interesting new synths than for a long time and, better yet, have been euphoric about! First is Plasmonic I always liked physical modelling, the AAS synths of Live (Collision/Chromaphone...
  6. jrrshop

    40% of all Audiofier cinematic and ambient instruments

    40% of all Audiofier cinematic and ambient instruments: Audiofier Abstrung $35 Audiofier Aerkord $35 Audiofier AetherArp $35 Audiofier Veevum Trilogy $59 Audiofier VenKatt $35 Audiofier Vesper $35
  7. Secret Soundworks

    "Distress Call" (Epic Sci-fi Hybrid Sound Design Emotional Piece)

    Made a little hybrid synth orchestral sound design cinematic piece, hope you enjoy it! (image used is from the movie Oblivion, which by the way has a great soundtrack too!)
  8. Cory Pelizzari

    Synth Sample Gems - Hideaway Studio

    Get them here:
  9. Cory Pelizzari

    Library Spotlight - Renegade

    Get it here - Buy an album -
  10. Garlu

    Controlling iOS apps from DAW (Mac)

    Hi all, I decided to create a Vlog entrance on connecting your iOS apps (on ipad/iphone) to your DAW, for controlling some of those sounds from the sequencer. Just the USB connection is needed for sending bidirectional midi and receiving audio. Hope you like it! *Warning: video is in spanish...
  11. Cory Pelizzari

    Developer Spotlight - IAMLAMPREY

    Get their stuff here: Achromic multi: Support my work: Buy my albums:
  12. 8Dio Productions

    8Dio Pre-Friday The 13th Sale

    8Dio Pre-Friday The 13th Sale We Combat Fear with Sound! Pre-Friday the 13th Sale + FREE Gift with Purchase Sale Ends 03/16 Hybrid Tools Eternal Darkness $128 (Goes $198 03/16) Hybrid Tools – Eternal Darkness is a focused collection of unsettling, dark and hauntingly beautiful horror-based...
  13. APD

    Limited Free Download - Synths DX by Karanyi Music!

    For a limited time, get SYNTHS DX by Karanyi Music FREE! SYNTHS DX is a collection of inspiring sounds perfect for creating subtle cinematic atmospheres, deep, wide sci-fi pads for film and video games. It is also ideal for ambient and synth wave music production. With its 60+ instrument...
  14. Arise

    Best soft synth(s) for "soundtrack" cyberpunk/cinematic style of sounds/tracks?

    Hey guys, I would like to do cyberpunk, cinematic, ambient, underscore, dramatic, futuristic type of stuff, and currently I actually don't really have a soft synth. For reference I'm thinking Deus Ex Human Revolution/Mankind Divided, Tron, etc. stuff like that I guess, but not just limited to...
  15. zygomatic

    Hello from Serbia

    Hello everyone! My name is Bojan and I come from Serbia. I've been a musician enthusiast for almost 20 years now. Started out playing an improvised drum kit then moved on to the classical and electric guitar and bass. After those keyboards came about and finally synthesizers, music production...
  16. A

    Blade Runner Style

    Using the Past To Future "Blade Runner CS-80 for Kontakt" library and various other synths (hardware or software) and drum machines, I cooked up a Vangelis-style track. The CS-80 library is only $15! It sounds enormous and properly dreamy. Link here:
  17. jrrshop

    Up to 75% off Tone2, IK Multimedia, McDSP, JST, Acon Digital, & Sugar Bytes

    30% off all Tone2 synths for 1 day only: 75% off IK Multimedia AmpliTube Slash, now $24.99 instead of $99.99 or get the AmpliTube 4 + Slash Power Duo Bundle for $49.99. Ends Monday...
  18. Time+Space

    DRONAR Synth Bundle - equivalent to buy 1 get 1 free!

    For this weekend only, you can get two of Gothic Instruments' highly acclaimed DRONAR synthesis libraries for the price of one! The deal combines the DRONAR Vintage Synth Module with the DRONAR Dark Synthesis Module, both of which complement each other in many ways and work great as a pair...
  19. APD

    The deal: get 90% off retro synths 1980s bundle by puremagnetik!

    For just $9.99, get the Retro Synths 1980s bundle by PUREMAGNETIK normally valued at $99.99 ($90 savings). That's at a whopping 90% discount. Retro Synths 1980s +Plus (available in Kontakt and Logic formats) teleports your studio back to the days of big hair, neon spandex, catchy lead riffs and...
  20. Audio Ollie

    Scoring Synths

    ABOUT We embarked upon a six month long journey to fill what we believe is a void in today's synth and sample library market. Scoring Synths is the exciting end product of recording two of the most iconic synthesizers in the world, reamping or "worldizing" them into one of the best sounding...
  21. J


  22. APD

    DEAL: Get 78% off Gospel Musicians Super Synth Bundle

    For just $99, get this bundle of high-quality synths and instruments from Gospel Musicians worth a combined total of $450. In addition, you also get a $25 gift certificate that may be used at any time on Gospel Musicians’ website. This amazing deal is available only until August 9th. You don’t...
  23. Mikael Adle

    Evocative Symbolic Orchestra for UVI Falcon announced by Leap Into The Void

    Dear vi-control members and readers I am very proud to announce Leap Into The Void's first official contribution to the magnificent hybrid synth Falcon by UVI. Please welcome... Evocative Symbolic Orchestra. Evocative, provocative, sensible, emotional, dark and divined sounds for UVI...
  24. Daniel Petras

    Synth Sound Design

    Here's a video tutorial on how to make big hits/impacts in Massive. I've included the patch in the YouTube description and if you don't own Massive I've also included a WAV file sample. Beware there is a loud hit right at the beginning of the video so watch your levels. Thanks! The original...
  25. Time+Space

    New DRONAR: Dark Synthesis by Gothic Instruments

    LIVE TODAY - Gothic Instruments will be presenting a live YouTube stream at 7pm (BST) on Weds 14th June and will be answering your questions. Subscribe to the Time+Space channel at:
  26. DanielOutro

    Why do you make music?

    Hey everyone! I've been producing music for nearly 7 years and can sometimes feel like i'm chasing an unknown goal. There are moments where I feel as if music is just something I do for fun, and others where I'm totally driven to put out releases, and strongly believe this is something I need...
  27. morphido

    FS: 50% off on Native-Instruments Products!!

    All these NI products with a 50% discount or less! Anyone interested, please send a PM. Plugins: ABSYNTH 5 (AU/VST/AAX instrument plugin) - SOLD REAKTOR 5 (AU/VST/AAX instrument plugin) - SOLD DRIVER (AU/VST/AAX effect plugin) - SOLD Libraries and instruments: THE GIANT (Kontakt library -...
  28. Mundano

    Ego te saluto! Hola, Hello, Hallo, Ciao, Bonjour

    Hi everybody, i am a musician/composer, recording/mixing technician, multi instrumentalist (piano/synths, guitars, violin, recorders, percussion), from Colombia. I have lived in different lands and have enjoyed different cultures. Since december 2015 "V.I. Control Forum" called my attention and...
  29. ZAU

    FS: Korg Legacy Collection $100 - SOLD

    PayPal only. PM me or reply below if you're interested! :)
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