1. Synthmorph

    Repro1 Electron

    Synthmorph has just released Repro1 Electron. It is more than a preset pack: an innovative toolset that lets you create your own sonic universe by pushing u-he Repro1 to its limit. The package includes 132 detailed and tagged presets, with pre-mapped controllers (modulation wheels, velocity...
  2. Savepoint

    HW Question: Vostok / Syntrx

    Hi everyone! This is my first post here (I come in peace). I stumbled on this wonderful forum while reading a way-back recommendation made by @charlieclouser on a Gearspace thread and was *delighted* to discover a production forum on Al Gore’s fabled internet which doesn’t seem to be filled with...
  3. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron release Vintage Keys: Bontabulous Fabtraption

    Learn More: Bontabulous Fabtraption captures the vintage analog sound of the unique Bontempi HP 554-20. This Italian synthesizer was introduced to the market in the late 1970s. It features a 49-key and drum/rhythm machine, as well as a variety of knobs...
  4. N

    New Synth suggestions

    Hey guys I'm looking to pick up a new synth but I'm not sure which one to get. What I want is a synth mainly for underscoring (I think thats the right term) for pads, drones, and rhythmic stuff to sit under the orchestra. Something like at the 7:00 minute mark a synth comes in with the string...
  5. Nami Audio

    Nami Audio Summer Sale at 30% OFF - 2 WEEKS LEFT

    Hi there! Only 2 weeks remaining before the end of the discount. It includes : Quasar At the heart of this library are 67 sampled instruments and sounds for immediate results and new...
  6. SoundYeti

    Wave Ambition Expansion Sound Pack - Classic Retro Synth Sounds

    The Wave Expansion Pack is Out Now! Check out the Demo! - Ambition Wave Expansion Pack 70 presets from 60 discreet sample sources get you inspired to take a new look at 80's synth music. You can hear pop anthems, power ballads, epic keyboard solos, and maybe even the keyboards in a big hair...
  7. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron [NEW RELEASE] Vintage Keys Series: Easy 6100

    Learn More: Easy 6100 brings to life another rare Italian electronic/synthesizer: the Elgam 610/R This 61-key rarity features Bass, Special, and Normal voice sections as well as vibrato for the Special voices. We captured this Italian beaut in all of...
  8. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron [NEW RELEASE] Vintage Keys Series: Jewel Empire II

    Learn More: Jewel Empire II captures the versatility and specific character of the GEM Imperial II electronic organ. The GEM series of instruments were manufactured by GeneralMusic in Italy sometime during the late 80s and early 90s. This large...
  9. SoundYeti

    Wave – Ambition Expansion Pack Out Now

    Introducing the latest Ambition Expansion Sound Pack, Wave - a blend of lush bass & synth leads accompanied by emotive pads and motions. 🎹 Out Now - (On Sale – Special Intro Price – Limited Time) Built from a powerful collection of retro synth & dark wave...
  10. jrrshop

    Up to 88% off Beatskillz with instruments starting at $9

    Up to 88% off Beatskillz with instruments starting at $9: Beatskillz Breakdance Drums $9 Beatskillz Dark Keys 80s Sci-Fi Horror Synth $9 Beatskillz Retro Hit 80s Inspired Drum $9 Beatskillz Retro Keys 80s Synth $9 Beatskillz...
  11. jrrshop

    Arturia V Collection 8 on sale for $499

    Arturia V Collection 8 on sale for $499: This is the most comprehensive anthology of classic synth and keyboards ever made. This is decades of passionate research, modelling, and development. This is your chance to take your place in music history.
  12. jrrshop

    Introducing Cherry Audio Eight Voice, now $29 instead of $49

    Introducing Cherry Audio Eight Voice, now $29 instead of $49: Our most ambitious instrument to date, Cherry Audio’s Eight Voice polyphonic synthesizer meticulously emulates the immense sound of the Oberheim Eight Voice, one of the world’s...
  13. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Announce Elektronik 25 - Vintage Keys Series

    Learn More: Announcing the newest addition to the Vintage keys series, Elektronik 25. The EM-25 is a polyphonic synthesizer with a strong focus on strings, organ and brass with a rare and historic sound. This library offers a rare glimpse at...
  14. jrrshop

    50% off Arturia instruments and effects

    50% off Arturia instruments and effects: Arturia 1973-Pre $49 Arturia Analog Lab V $99 Arturia ARP 2600V3 $74 Arturia B-3 V $74 Arturia Buchla Easel V $74 Arturia Chorus DIMENSION-D $49 Arturia...
  15. jrrshop

    50% off AA Chromaphone and all Chromaphone Sound Packs, including the new Transmutation Sound Pack

    $19 AAS Transmutation Sound Pack for Chromaphone introductory sale, plus 50% off Chromaphone and all Chromaphone Sound Packs: AAS Applied Acoustics Systems Transmutation $19 AAS Applied Acoustics Systems Chromaphone 3 $99 AAS...
  16. jrrshop

    50% off Xhun Audio ResonHeart, ShineVerb, and expansions

    50% off Xhun Audio ResonHeart physical modeling synth, ShineVerb reverb +multi-effects, and expansions: Xhun Audio ResonHeart Mechanical Synthesizer $36 Xhun Audio ShineVerb Reverb Processor $32 Expansions: Xhun Audio Analog Fists...
  17. jrrshop

    Up to 66% off Beatskillz, Cherry Audio, and Stagecraft

    60% off Beatskillz Slam2 introductory sale, now $19 instead of $49 or upgrade for $9 from any previous version of Slam (Slam Dawg, Slam Pro, or Slam XL): 40% off Cherry Audio Polymode Moog Polymoog synth, now $29 instead of...
  18. jrrshop

    40% off all DiscoDSP

    40% off all DiscoDSP: DiscoDSP Bliss $59.40 DiscoDSP Bundle $239.40 DiscoDSP Corona $47.40 DiscoDSP Discovery $47.40 DiscoDSP Discovery Pro $89.50 DiscoDSP OB-Xd 2.0 $29.40 DiscoDSP OPL $29.40 DiscoDSP Phantom $29.40 DiscoDSP ThrillMe $29.40...
  19. jrrshop


  20. Anderson Márquez

    Nektar Bolt Harmonics Synthesizer

    Demostración del sintetizador Nektar Bolt Harmonics de Anderson Márquez Nektar Perno armónicos Sintetizador
  21. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron | Available Now: Disco 6000 (Vintage Keys Series)

    Learn More: Soundiron's Disco 6000 is the newest addition to our Vintage Keys Series. This library captures the historic sounds of the fascinating Solton Disco 64. This analog synthesizer/drum machine has a recognizable fat analog tone that includes...
  22. jrrshop

    80% off PSP 2445 plate reverb and 77% off IK Multimedia Syntronik

    80% off PSP 2445 EMT Plate Reverb, now $29 instead of $149: 77% off IK Multimedia Syntronik, now $69.99 instead of $299.99:
  23. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Release Principessa for the Vintage Keys Series w/ Intro Offer

    Learn more: ']Principessa is the newest addition to our Vintage Keys Series. This library captures the vintage and classic sound of the very rare "Princess" organ. This 2-tiered electric organ has a rich analog synthesizer...
  24. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Piano Day 72-Hour Flash Sale (Save 40% Off)

    Learn more: To celebrate Piano Day, we're doing a 72-hour Flash Sale on all of our Pianos, organs and Keys libraries! Save 40% off on some of our best sellers including: Emotional Piano, Alpha Organ, Lakeside Pipe Organ, Cruiser, Montclarion Hall...
  25. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Releases Oddball: A variety platter of synth sounds for Kontakt.

    Learn More: Oddball is a playful collection of pads, plucks, subs, stings, drones, & drums sampled from cheap digital keyboards and then manipulated to the intergalactic limit. Each patch was carefully designed to unlock new realms of inspired creativity...
  26. jrrshop

    Up to 85% off Air Music Tech Hybrid 3 and Strike 2, starting at $14.99

    Up to 85% off Air Music Tech Hybrid 3 and Strike 2, starting at $14.99: Hybrid 3 combines the coveted warmth of analog synths with a full range of futuristic digital manipulation capabilities. The result is the best of...
  27. pparker88

    Making Huge Pads in Surround with BEYOND Provenance -- Tutorial Video

    How many people here are interested in immersive audio / surround?? I've just put together this video showcasing how to build a huge cinematic pad in surround using a synth I've made called BEYOND Provenance. It covers a number of important workflow tips including how to utilize the Output...
  28. jrrshop

    Up to 70% off all Gospel Musicians UVI and Kontakt instruments

    Up to 70% off all Gospel Musicians UVI and Kontakt instruments, now $39.99 to $49.99: Gospel Musicians BlueBeast Yamaha EX5 Virtual Instrument $39.99 Gospel Musicians MKSensation MKS-20 Digital Piano Library $49.99...
  29. Spitfire Team


  30. H

    Synth review: Blipblox

    Hi everyone, I got my hands on a Blipblox by Playtime Engineering and decided to make a review. Hope you enjoy it!
  31. H

    Tutorial - How to make a sub bass patch

    Hi everyone, This tutorial covers two different types of sub basses and how to layer them. Let me know what you think! RECIPES: Simple Oscillator: Sine Filter: If you want to bring in more mids to “hear” the pitch better, use a Lowpass filter and crank the Drive. Distortion: Again, if you want...
  32. Kilohearts

    Kilohearts Releases Phase Plant - A New Era Modular Hybrid Synth

    Kilohearts Phase Plant hybrid synthesizer plugin Kilohearts crosses threshold of New Era Synthesis as snapin eco-system pinnacle Phase Plant pushes creative sound design envelope New-generation audio plugins creator Kilohearts is proud to announce availability of Phase Plant — pushing the...
  33. H

    How to create an FM bass patch

    Two different FM bass patches - a simple and modern FM bass and a more complex and classic one as well (recipes in the Youtube video description) Let me know what you think!
  34. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Announce UFO 61, a '70s vintage synthesizer for Kontakt - On Sale!

    THE NEWEST ADDITION TO THE VINTAGE KEYS SERIES * * * A timeless '70s retro synthesizer with a modern sound-designed edge Soundiron's UFO 61 is a vintage five-octave electronic organ from Italian instrument maker Viscount. Built in the 1970s, this simple synthesizer has a smooth, quaint tone...
  35. A

    "Escape from New York" breakdown and interview

    Hiya, I've done a breakdown of John Carpenter and Alan Howarth's 1981 score to "Escape from New York" and amazingly, Alan agreed to be interviewed for the film. Hear from the horses mouth how the score came about, how it was composed, what gear was used and how it was all sync'd up. Enjoy...
  36. H

    U-he's Diva video review

    Hi everyone, I made a video reviewing Diva and what I think sets it apart from other synths. Hope you enjoy it!
  37. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Flash Sale: 33% off Ambius Prime for 3 Days

    We're running a 33% off Flash Sale on Ambius Prime for 3 days! Get it now for only $66 (MSRP $99) Sale Ends 3/21 Learn more: Ambius Prime is a unique and powerful compendium of our Ambius atmospheric synthesis series, offering a vast selection of hand-crafted...
  38. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron releases Eko Panda, A vintage synthesizer from the late '60s!

    Presenting the newest addition to the Vintage Keys Series, Eko Panda Soundiron's Eko Panda captures that signature nostalgic sound of an early 70's synth, perfect for recreating your favorite old-school leads and pads. The Panda 61 Piano is a vintage 61-key synthesizer built by the Italian...
  39. zygomatic

    Tyrell N6 Quick Tip YouTube video series

    I proudly inform everyone that the pilot episode of my humble Tyrell N6 Quick Tip YouTube video series is up on YouTube as of last night. Please check it out. Any suggestion or critique is welcome. The first episode is about the VCA1: PAN parameter. Here's the link to the video: Merry...
  40. jrrshop

    $3.99 for Air Music Tech Loom Classic & up to 80% off plugins

    $3.99 for Air Music Tech Loom Classic and up to 80% off Loom Classic to Loom 2 Upgrade, The Riser, Boom, DB-33, and AIEP3 Complete Upgrade:
  41. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Releases Cruiser! | A Vintage '80s Synthesizer For Kontakt | On Sale Now!

    From screaming leads, atmospheric & melodic pads to arpeggiated sequences, Soundiron's Cruiser will take you back to the '80s. Cruiser features 20 bitchin' sound-designed custom fx presets and 16 different sustain and staccato synth flavors. Let the inspiration flow with the custom presets or...
  42. Davanan

    Synplant For Sale

    I'm selling my Sonic Charge Synplant v1.2.1 plugin for half it's original price (46 GBP). The main feature would be the growth concept for developing the sound (seed, branch, plant) and can be done within tuning or via Atonality. The GUI is simple and interactive when it comes to tweaking the...
  43. Davanan

    Z3TA+2 For Sale

    I'm selling my Cakewalk Z3TA+2 v2.1 plugin for half its original price (46 GBP). I currently use other plugins as my main synthesisers but I can say this is a great plugin for background layering and lead creation. I found the manipulation of the waveforms via blending to be quite unique: Really...
  44. jrrshop

    Up to 85% off Vienna Symphonic Library, Air Music Tech, Akai, and Positive Grid

    30% off Vienna Symphonic Library Synchron Yamaha CFX piano introductory sale, now $222 instead of $306: Up to 85% off Air Music Tech instruments, starting at $19.99...
  45. jrrshop

    Up to 75% off Tone2, IK Multimedia, McDSP, JST, Acon Digital, & Sugar Bytes

    30% off all Tone2 synths for 1 day only: 75% off IK Multimedia AmpliTube Slash, now $24.99 instead of $99.99 or get the AmpliTube 4 + Slash Power Duo Bundle for $49.99. Ends Monday...
  46. Cory Pelizzari

    Essential Synth Plug Ins - Phosphor 2

  47. Time+Space

    New DRONAR Vintage Synth from Gothic Instruments

    Hi all - just released today! With a retro futuristic vibe reminiscent of the classic 80’s synth from which the sounds were derived, DRONAR Vintage Synth is Gothic Instrument’s sixth module in their critically acclaimed product line of atmosphere creation tools. Ty Unwin has already been...
  48. conan

    Latchkey Kid - 1970's Redux

    I was a child in the 70's and the experience is imprinted on me forever. Despite the world challenges (nuclear proliferation, fossil fuels, etc.), there was a belief in social responsibility and an optimism about the future. NASA and the Skylab Missions dominated the national consciousness. Many...
  49. SamiMatar

    New All-Analog Synth Album

    Hello all! I'm happy to announce the release of my newest album, District 970. The album plays like a film score. Set in a distant future. It is the story of Noah, a child living in a city under siege. For those who care, the album was created exclusively with analog synths and mixed completely...
  50. Epicomposer

    Review: BT PHOBOS by Spitfire Audio

    I had the pleasure to play around with Spitfire Audio's brand-new digital polyconvolution synthesizer BT PHOBOS which was developed in collaboration with renowned composer and electronic trailblazer Brian Transeau alias “BT” (The Fast and The Furious, Monster, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider). "BT...
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