1. M_Helder

    Organic Sound Design

    Edit: I've updated the thread title to include all types of synths, not just Zebra2. Everybody is welcome to chime in! I was so inspired by @R. Naroth stunning work on covering the Dune soundtrack using exclusively Zebra2, that I finally decided to delve deep into this monster of a synth and...
  2. T

    Recommendations for Learning Sound Design

    Hi everyone, So I have been thinking about how nice it would be to move away from presets and learning the basics of sound design. I am curious what everyone here recommends. I will probably start Syntorial and Audible Genius this week since my good friend bought both for us to learn with. My...
  3. jrrshop

    Up to 77% off Cherry Audio Voltage Modular and Year One, Two, and Three Collections

    Up to 77% off Cherry Audio Voltage Modular and Year One, Two, and Three Collections, including the PSP Ultimate Modular Collection for $33. Also, last chance for up to 50% off Rackmode, Memorymode, and Polymode: Cherry Audio...
  4. sailenox

    A little Update - my own audio technology company which will change the sound of future

    I posted this last year. I just want to give you a little update. Right now i'm studying information- and communication technology and its really hard. I've learnt so much until now. I know how an Equalizer works and i can even build my own Equalizers. I'm surrounded by cracks in audio...
  5. sailenox

    I'm Elias, just a experimental guy who want to change the world of sounddesign

    Hey, I'm Elias, 18 years old and from Germany. I grew up in a musicial family and i'm playing music since i'm able to think. First of all it was the organ, then drums, keyboards and guitar/bass. When I was 7 my father bought me my first keyboard. I was able to record 8 tracks with this thing. A...
  6. C

    Deep Note-ish Sound design in MSoundfactory

    This is just a tutorial I made about how to use the additive synthesis module in MSoundfactory to create something like the famous deep note and other various things. I hope you find this helpful.
  7. JazzDude

    PluginGurus weekly Saturday livestream at 12 PDT 9pm CET

    join the: anonymous addicted Omnisphere sounddesigners !
  8. H

    How to create an FM bass patch

    Two different FM bass patches - a simple and modern FM bass and a more complex and classic one as well (recipes in the Youtube video description) Let me know what you think!
  9. Epicomposer

    Cinematic synthesis course by evenant (review)

    Today we’re taking a look at Evenant’s online course Cinematic Synthesis – Digital Sound Creation. This course, hosted by producer and Ableton-certified trainer Big Jerr, is focusing on the creation of cinematic synth sounds heard in soundtracks of recent blockbusters and TV series like Dunkirk...
  10. GiuseppeS+OS

    PHYSICAL MODELLING: your approach, your knowledge and ideas

    Hi everyone, among all the sound design techniques I use, I find physical modelling the most fascinating one. The process itself of reproducing the behaviour and the physics of an acoustical instrument is to me like creating a surreal version of something real, decomposing it into its sonic...
  11. A

    How to produce music that sounds like Justice

    Hey, I had a crack at producing music that sounds like Justice. There's creative sampling, editing, synthesis, mixing and composition. It's all demo'd in Cubase, but the principles are universal. Hope it's of use.
  12. luigizaccheo


    Stranger Things music tutorial on sound synthesis for academic students of electronic music, sound engineering and computer music Reaktor Blocks Reaktor Monark 7 Retrologue 2 6 Massive Performed on Cubase Pro
  13. Time+Space

    Time+Space 12 Days of Christmas - Day 11

    It´s Day 11 of our Deals and we´re offering over 60% off the Ian Boddy Complete Collection – This compilation of six sample packs features sounds crafted from Ian Boddy’s impressive personal collection of analogue and modular synths. Packed full of character and inspiration, each title...
  14. Anami

    Fundamentals for drums production

    Hey guys! My background is in classical and jazz music. But I do want to produce/compose more music in the electronic genre. I understand the basic concepts of subtractive synthesis.I do own a prophet 08 (Helped a lot with learning synthesis) and also playing a bit with FM synthesis. But my...
  15. DanielOutro

    Vintage Roland Drum Machine and Synth Samples

    Hey everyone! We linked up Toronto producer and all-around gear obsessive Dan Only to record some samples from his vintage gear collection. Follow the link to 150+ free samples from the TR-808, TR-909, SH-101, Juno 60 and more! There are a few non-Roland machines in there too. Hope you like em :)
  16. J

    Robert Margouleff on Pensado's Place

    This was one of the best Pensado's Place episodes yet. Robert talks about Bob Moog, introducing Stevie Wonder to synth and even goes on to talk about VR and the evolution of music. No idea if this is the right place to post this so feel free to move it if needed.
  17. Time+Space

    Ian Boddy Dark Ambience for Omnisphere 2

    Eminent UK sound designer and electronic musician Ian Boddy needs no introduction. He has created an impressive catalogue of sample library and virtual instruments for some of the world´s biggest audio developers. So, choosing who to work with on our very first product was an easy decision to...
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