1. S.M Hassani

    Updates Soon: ARKEON - The Composer's Cinematic Toolkit for xfer Serum by CodeUltra Sounds

    Available NOW! Thank you Wayne! Dear Friends and Colleagues, As a member of Vi-Control since 2014, today marks a very special occasion for me. I’m happy to announce the official launch of our new creative venture CodeUltra Sounds: Your source for innovative tools of the trade. I hope you...
  2. FelixWong

    Steinberg Retrologue 2 (SOLD)

    Steinberg Retrologue 2 - $25 (SOLD)
  3. H

    Synth review: Blipblox

    Hi everyone, I got my hands on a Blipblox by Playtime Engineering and decided to make a review. Hope you enjoy it!
  4. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Announce UFO 61, a '70s vintage synthesizer for Kontakt - On Sale!

    THE NEWEST ADDITION TO THE VINTAGE KEYS SERIES * * * A timeless '70s retro synthesizer with a modern sound-designed edge Soundiron's UFO 61 is a vintage five-octave electronic organ from Italian instrument maker Viscount. Built in the 1970s, this simple synthesizer has a smooth, quaint tone...
  5. C

    New Digital Modular Synth available now(great beta deal)

    The new synth from Melda Production has been released as a public beta. Its called MSoundfactory and its a synth that can do almost anything. It isn't done yet, but you can buy the beta now for a very low price. Later when it is released you can get the rest of the content. If you're a sound...
  6. H

    Tutorial - Sicko Mode by Travis Scott

    This tutorial features four tracks: Two contrasting basses that magically get along, hi-hats with a LOT of bounce and an organ. Hope you enjoy it!
  7. A

    Short hybrid score influenced by Harry Gregson-W

    I was away from scoring for a few months, but finally i have space and time again for to do it in 7/24. Its a short one, i was trying to mix an "easy listenable" blend with synths and orchestral Instruments... feedbacks are welcome any time! Cheers
  8. Arise

    Parawave Rapid - thoughts?

    I heard a lot of good stuff about Rapid. 3 oscillators, 8 layers = 24 oscillators in total. So it seems to be based on layering and getting fat sounds. The UI is not the best but it doesn't look terrible imo and it has a good amount of skins. Apparently you can import wavetables as well now...
  9. H

    U-he's Diva video review

    Hi everyone, I made a video reviewing Diva and what I think sets it apart from other synths. Hope you enjoy it!
  10. C

    New Melda Production Synth coming

    I've been beta testing a new synth from Melda that might be of interest to people here, especially those who like Zebra. Like their previous synth, it has tons of high quality FX, but this synth is modular like Zebra. It has tons of different modules and synthesis types and it has per-voice fx...
  11. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Flash Sale: 33% off Ambius Prime for 3 Days

    We're running a 33% off Flash Sale on Ambius Prime for 3 days! Get it now for only $66 (MSRP $99) Sale Ends 3/21 Learn more: Ambius Prime is a unique and powerful compendium of our Ambius atmospheric synthesis series, offering a vast selection of hand-crafted...
  12. Epicomposer

    Cinematic synthesis course by evenant (review)

    Today we’re taking a look at Evenant’s online course Cinematic Synthesis – Digital Sound Creation. This course, hosted by producer and Ableton-certified trainer Big Jerr, is focusing on the creation of cinematic synth sounds heard in soundtracks of recent blockbusters and TV series like Dunkirk...
  13. J

    FS: Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator (Rhythm & Robot) - WITH CASES!

    Selling my beloved Pocket Operators. Unfortunately I need the money for other ventures, otherwise these tiny little things are awesome! I love how flexible they are, in being able to program your own sequences, and sync them together through a single cable. They also sound GREAT when recording...
  14. Aleela

    Omnisphere in a Hard Disk

    Does Omnisphere work well if I install it on a internal (or external) hard disk? (No SSD)
  15. APD

    73% off: 12GB+ Cinematic Synth Collection by Zero-G!

    For just $99.99, get the incredible 12GB+ Cinematic Synth Collection by Zero-G! IN THIS COLLECTION ($371.95 Value) Dark Ambient Distortion & Feedback Extreme Environments Extreme Vocal Environments EPICA Bass Surface Tension Video Playlist SoundCloud Playlist More Details These Kontakt...
  16. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron releases Eko Panda, A vintage synthesizer from the late '60s!

    Presenting the newest addition to the Vintage Keys Series, Eko Panda Soundiron's Eko Panda captures that signature nostalgic sound of an early 70's synth, perfect for recreating your favorite old-school leads and pads. The Panda 61 Piano is a vintage 61-key synthesizer built by the Italian...
  17. R

    Guitar doubling bass in Massive/Reaktor

    I need a good big-sounding bass synth with some kind of wah/formant effect for doubling distorted guitars. Something like the one in the heavy parts of this: Not sure how to get something like that out of Massive or Reaktor, can anyone help me out?
  18. Arise


    Delete please
  19. zygomatic

    Tyrell N6 Quick Tip YouTube video series

    I proudly inform everyone that the pilot episode of my humble Tyrell N6 Quick Tip YouTube video series is up on YouTube as of last night. Please check it out. Any suggestion or critique is welcome. The first episode is about the VCA1: PAN parameter. Here's the link to the video: Merry...
  20. J

    Audio-Ollie Scoring Synths for $99 !

    Hi All. I've recently bought Scoring Synths from Audio-Ollie. I've played with it for a while. Being honest, I think I'm just too lazy for this library :D it is very complicated, and there's so much you can do with the samples and presets, literally everything. It sounds gorgeous, reminds me a...
  21. UVI

    UVI releases PX V8 - 8-Voice Analog Powerhouse

    UVI releases the next installment in their Prototype Series, PX V8. Examining a rare 8-voice analog polyphonic synth, the Voyetra 8, PX V8 presents a rich and charactered analog instrument thanks to its unique voice cards, real analog unison and deep modulation system. PX V8 is available...
  22. ChrisSiuMusic

    Ecliptiq Audio - Warp (A Review)

    Hi friends! Today I wanted to review a synth perfect for cinematic scoring and sound design. Please enjoy!
  23. Vin

    MIDIssonance Zebra Ultramarine - Available Now - New Demo Added

    Hi good folks, Announcing the next MIDIssonance soundset - Zebra Ultramarine. Zebra Ultramarine is the first MIDIssonance soundset for amazing u-he Zebra/HZ 2.8, containing 120 cinematic patches. Zebra Ultramarine explores the unique textural capabilities of amazing Zebra 2 and also takes...
  24. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Releases Cruiser! | A Vintage '80s Synthesizer For Kontakt | On Sale Now!

    From screaming leads, atmospheric & melodic pads to arpeggiated sequences, Soundiron's Cruiser will take you back to the '80s. Cruiser features 20 bitchin' sound-designed custom fx presets and 16 different sustain and staccato synth flavors. Let the inspiration flow with the custom presets or...
  25. bfreepro

    Review: Hexeract by Auddict

    This was voted for in the poll last time as well, so here it is! This one was a long time coming, as I have owned this product almost a year, and have had quite an eventful time trying to get it to work. I held off on a review, simply because I wanted to give Auddict a chance to correct the...
  26. Counterpointer

    Can anyone identify this Synth?

    I totally love the sound of this synth and was wondering if anyone recognizes it? Emil has taped over all logos and I'm not nerdy enough to know it just by knob placement. Please help!
  27. S

    Shine - a synth/epic track and introducing myself

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here on VI control. I thought I could introduce myself and share a new track that I've made for an upcoming game. The track is already finalized so I probably won't change it, but any feedback is still welcome and I can keep it in mind for better perspective...
  28. HM_Music

    What best synth for trailer music(hybrid\orchestra)

    I want to buy a synth, but I don't know what will be more suitable for sound like this(start on 0:27): I think to take diva or hive
  29. Cory Pelizzari

    Is Hexeract Any Good?

  30. thestickman8

    Cyber Cyndicate

    Hi all, this is my first piece I've posted on here before. Hope someone gets a kick out of it!
  31. A

    Psychedelic/Classical/Jazz-Fusion/Prog tune

    Hello musos! I have just finished mixing my latest track. Its a mixture of electonica, jazz fusion, classical, and prog rock. There is plenty of fretless guitar and LinnStrument :) I hope you enjoy! Jon
  32. Time+Space

    Making a bass patch with Rob Papen’s Go2 virtual synth

    Following on from the popular Toontrack UK Pop EZX tutorial he compiled for us back in February, Computer Music writer and reviewer Ronan Macdonald is back, this time taking a look at Rob Papen Go2 – the newest virtual synth offering from a synthesis supremo. This time Ronan walks you through...
  33. J

    Sample Fuel Poly and Wave by Ask Audio

    AskAudio just posted a great review of Sample Fuel's Poly and Wave products. Check it out here:
  34. jrrshop

    Up to 50% off AAS, Air Music Tech, Audionamix, and Serato

    AAS Chromaphone 2 $99 and 50% off all Chromaphone sound banks, now $19 each instead of $39: 43% off Air Music Tech Instrument Expansion Pack 3 Complete Upgrade, now $74.99 instead of $129.99...
  35. Cory Pelizzari

    Library Spotlight - Electro Acoustic

    Get it here:
  36. higgs

    Prophet X?

    Just saw this: From In the article above they show an 8DIO logo on the unit itself. This is intriguing.
  37. Time+Space

    Rob Papen releases new virtual synth – Go2

    Leading virtual synthesis supremo Rob Papen has announced the immediate release of Go2 – a virtual synthesiser designed to provide music producers with powerful, easy to use features and the best quality sounds – all controlled within a single interface. What's more, it's extremely affordable at...
  38. Cory Pelizzari

    Library Spotlight - The Forge

  39. Cory Pelizzari

    A Tasty SNES Sound Library

  40. Cory Pelizzari

    Library Spotlight - Scoring Synths

  41. dannthr

    Exploring the Lyra-8 Organismic Synthesizer

    This week, I Received my Soma Labs Lyra-8 Organismic Synthesizer. It is an 8 voice hardware synthesizer with a complex ecology of intermodulating elements including a self-modulating delay. The result of this complexity is what I find to be really interesting and compelling textures and noise...
  42. T

    NOVO Strings for $379 ... good deal?

    This is still part of their Black Friday sale that lasts until midnight tonight. (FYI to those who don't know ... many Heavyocity products are as much as 50% as part of this ... but you better hurry cause you only have a few hours left!) What do you guys think? If it were closer to the $250...
  43. VerbatimProd

    FS/FT: Loads of Plugins, DAWs, Hardware Gear & Accessories

    *Please note, this photo is to show our full studio only. Not all items pictured are for sale! Downsizing my studio & I have a TON of software & gear available for sale or trade. Hardware items shipped at actual shipping rates, unless marked free S/H. Local pickup from The Dalles, OR is...
  44. andreascw

    Hans Zimmer Masterclass - Zebra2 Synth

    Hey people. I'm new to the forum, and in the process of scanning through the threads :sneaky: After watching Hans Zimmers masterclass many months ago I bought the Zebra2 synthisizer and studied the manual and every module for a long time. The synthisizer is amazing and sounds pretty much...
  45. Michael_Picher

    Organs, Toy Instruments, Pianos, & More!

    I make virtual instruments in my spare time, mostly in the SFZ format. You can hear previews bellow, as well as follow the link to see everything I have!
  46. C

    Layering with MPowersynth

    I made a video on how to layer sounds in MPowersynth. It isn't commonly known, but MPS is great for layering a combining sounds. Let me know what you think.
  47. MoteMusic

    Puzzle/sidescroller soundtrack

    I'm putting out a downloadable music pack for people to use in their game projects, and this is the final track. After a good many weeks I'm now at the stage just to tweak before putting it out there. I would love to know how it's sounding to you! All synth patches etc. are built variously from...
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