1. hbjdk

    Vienna Instrument libs - a good idea?

    Just getting back into music making I was gonna get Hollywood Orchestra Gold, however after listening to some VSL demos and checking stuff on Youtube, I'm considering VSL instead. I am tempted to buy VI libs, but is that a good idea considering the VI Pro player is only getting maintenance...
  2. Ben

    VSL SYNCHRON-ized Woodwinds now abvailable

    Our latest member of the Synchron Series is here: The SYNCHRON-ized Woodwinds! We completely remastered and re-edited the samples, optimized it for our new Synchron Player and added authentic placement in the Synchron Stage. You will get production ready sound out of the box, with different...
  3. amadeus1

    6 Horn Comparison - Audiobro, Spitfire, Orchestral Tools, 8dio, VSL, Synchron

    Hey guys, A walkthrough of 6 Top Brass Libraries and their French Horn Ensemble. Thanks, Bill
  4. R

    Selling VSL Synchron YAMAHA CFX grand piano (standard library)

    Selling VSL Synchron YAMAHA CFX grand piano (standard library). $ 225.00 USD I will pay for the transfer fee ($ 60.00 USD value) and the a USB E-licenser key ( $ 30.00 USD value) that i will ship to you.This key is required for the transfer process as described by the VSL policy. CANADA and...
  5. beyd770

    Vienna Smart Orchestra - Quick sketching and scoring

    closed, thread already made
  6. R

    Vienna Smart Orchestra

    Looks like a sketching tool on the Synchron platform:
  7. C-Wave

    For Sale VSL / Cubase / Melodyne Studio, and a lot others

    For Sale: - Cubase 10.5 $360 or Cubase 10 $300 - Celemony Melodyne 4 Studio $425 Bundle the two and get 10% off. - NI India $59 - UVI Synsations $50 - AAS Strum-GS2 with two expansion packs (Good Folks and Latin Vibes) = $100 - Soundiron Olympus Elements $60 - Soundiron Mercury Elements $60...
  8. amadeus1

    Synchron FX Strings 1 Walkthrough

    Hi guys, here's a walkthrough and discussion of the new Synchron Player for Syncron FX Strings 1. Click Here
  9. amadeus1

    A comparison of Synchron Yamaha CFX with 9 other Grand Pianos

    Hi Guys, Here's a comparison of the VSL Synchron Yamaha CFX with 9 other well-known Grand Pianos. The Focus is on the New Synchron Piano.
  10. matthieuL

    SOLD : VSL Synchron Percussion I Standard Library 580€ (more than 25% off)

    I'm selling the new VSL (Vienna Symphonic Library) Synchron Percussion I Standard Library. 650 € (normal price is 795€). See the product page here : The transfer license fee is included in the price. I'm selling too the VSL...
  11. S

    VSL Scoring Bundle

    Has anyone bought the limited offer bundle by VSL? If so does it feel justified? I have a few of the solo wws and brass but the offer is still tempting since you get MIR24, Synchron reverb for it and the Synchron perc. I could also get the 40% extra discount which would be insane saving. I'm...