1. amadeus1

    6 Horn Comparison - Audiobro, Spitfire, Orchestral Tools, 8dio, VSL, Synchron

    Hey guys, A walkthrough of 6 Top Brass Libraries and their French Horn Ensemble. Thanks, Bill
  2. R

    Selling VSL Synchron YAMAHA CFX grand piano (standard library)

    Selling VSL Synchron YAMAHA CFX grand piano (standard library). $ 225.00 USD I will pay for the transfer fee ($ 60.00 USD value) and the a USB E-licenser key ( $ 30.00 USD value) that i will ship to you.This key is required for the transfer process as described by the VSL policy. CANADA and...
  3. beyd770

    Vienna Smart Orchestra - Quick sketching and scoring

    closed, thread already made
  4. R

    Vienna Smart Orchestra

    Looks like a sketching tool on the Synchron platform:
  5. amadeus1

    Synchron FX Strings 1 Walkthrough

    Hi guys, here's a walkthrough and discussion of the new Synchron Player for Syncron FX Strings 1. Click Here
  6. amadeus1

    A comparison of Synchron Yamaha CFX with 9 other Grand Pianos

    Hi Guys, Here's a comparison of the VSL Synchron Yamaha CFX with 9 other well-known Grand Pianos. The Focus is on the New Synchron Piano.
  7. matthieuL

    SOLD : VSL Synchron Percussion I Standard Library 580€ (more than 25% off)

    I'm selling the new VSL (Vienna Symphonic Library) Synchron Percussion I Standard Library. 650 € (normal price is 795€). See the product page here : The transfer license fee is included in the price. I'm selling too the VSL...
  8. S

    VSL Scoring Bundle

    Has anyone bought the limited offer bundle by VSL? If so does it feel justified? I have a few of the solo wws and brass but the offer is still tempting since you get MIR24, Synchron reverb for it and the Synchron perc. I could also get the 40% extra discount which would be insane saving. I'm...
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