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  1. Bluemount Score

    Looking for NI Symphony Series compositions

    Owning the full collection from KU-CE 12, I would like to give it a try and see what‘s actually possible. Barely used it before but everything should be put to a test under fair conditions. I‘m curious what you already got out of the strings, brass and woodwinds, as I could only find very few...
  2. fretti

    FS: NI Symphony Series/Essentials

    Hi all, I'm selling the following Native Instruments products: Symphony Series String Ensemble Crossgrade: 85€ (Original 299€) and Symphony Essentials Percussion: 30€ (Original 99€) Transfer IDs are already laying around and just waiting for you;) Payment through PayPal; if you're...
  3. A

    CLOSED Sold

  4. Z

    CLOSED NI Symphony Series (SOLD)

    Hello, I'm selling my Native Instruments Symphony Series instruments: SOLD Symphony Series - Brass Collection (solo & ensemble) 100€ (499€ regular price at NI) SOLD Symphony Series - String Ensemble 110€ SOLD Symphony Series - Woodwind Collection (solo & ensemble) 110€ SOLD Symphony Series -...
  5. fretti


    Hi, I'm selling my Crossgrades for the Native Instruments Symphony Series Strings and Percussion. Strings: Sold Percussion: Sold
  6. Epicurse

    FS - All of these Products from Native Instruments

    Today, I am selling these products from Native Instruments as a whole package. I never found the need to use them with Presonus Studio One 4. I use other libraries. Send me a PM with a price of $1200 and it will be all yours. - On 6/30/18, I paid $500 for Symphony Series Brass Symphony Series...
  7. bfreepro

    Review: Native Instruments Symphony Series - Woodwinds

    This is a pretty short review but... sadly I couldn't find much to like about this collection :/. Going to be doing a few more quick reviews in the coming weeks, as I continue to work on writing a big one for Genesis Choir by Audiobro, per request from my last poll :) "5.5/10 - Unfortunately...
  8. P

    Native Instruments Symphony Percussion

    Native Instruments is doing a 50% thanksgiving sale on some products including the Symphony Series. I'm in need of an orchestral percussion library. I have the Symphony Essentials (which I don't like at all) and I'm sceptical about this percussion library. How does it compare to other...
  9. chocobitz825

    Rating the Native Instruments Symphony series

    Seeing that the NI’s symphony series is a collaboration with reliable companies (see below); String Ensembles collaboration with Audiobro Brass/Woodwind collaboration with Soundiron Percussion with sonuscore My question is, how do people feel this NI offering stacks up when compared with...
  10. amadeus1

    8 Top Brass Solo Libraries Compared

    Hi guys, Here's a comparison I just did on Brass Solo Libraries, the legato patch. VSL, 8Dio, Cinebrass, Spitfire, Berlin Brass, Hollywood Brass, Sample Modeling brass, and Symphony Series brass are compared with the legato patch. Thanks, Bill
  11. amadeus1

    Symphony Compared to Symphony Essential - Solo Brass

    Here's the Symphony Series Solo Brass compared to the Symphony Essentials Solo Brass Walkthrough: Thanks, Bill
  12. amadeus1

    Symphony Series Percussion

    Hi guys, A $99 crossgrade option for owners of Symphony Essentials currently being offered or $299 for all 5 Symphony Essential upgrades. Here's a walkthrough of the percussion library: Thanks, Bill
  13. amadeus1

    Symphony Series - Brass Ensemble Walkthrough

    Hey guys, Here's a link for the Native Instrument library on sale until 7/1/18. Thanks, Bill
  14. amadeus1

    Symphony Series Solo Woodwinds

    Hey guys, Native Instruments is having a crossgrade sale on the Symphony Series. Here's a walkthrough of the Solo Woodwinds. A comparison of the Essential and full Series version. Thanks, Bill
  15. Epicurse

    WTB - Symphony Series – Woodwind from Native Instruments

    I would like to buy Native Instruments Symphony Series – Woodwind from you... Please PM me for an offer I can't refuse. Thx, Epicurse.
  16. amadeus1

    Symphony Series - String Ensemble Walkthrough

    Hey guys, A special crossgrade option is available for those with Symphony essentials. The string ensemble has auto divisi by Audiobro! Here's the walkthrough:
  17. lucianogiacomozzi


    EDIT: Sold now! Hi all, So, I'm getting married in under a year so need to sell some stuff, things I am just not using so I am continuing with this. It's a shame but the show must go on and the show is bloody expensive! This is a CROSSGRADE, as defined by NI's website: "This crossgrade only...
  18. Le Malin 78

    Two new music composed for filmmaker showreels

    Hello everybody, I’m proud to present to you two new showreels of my friend Julien Patoue (Film Director) on which ones, i composed the music : One being based on a song written for the occasion (Wedding Song) on which Julien followed the rhythm of the song while giving indications of pace of...
  19. T

    NI Symphony Series Brass Ensemble a good starting brass library?

    Just making my first orchestral library purchases now. As far as brass is concerned, I'm absolutely in love with OT Berlin Brass as nothing I've heard seems to come even remotely close. That said, since I'm only getting into this type of music, I think it makes more sense to start out with...
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