symphony series strings

  1. fretti


    Hi, I'm selling my Crossgrades for the Native Instruments Symphony Series Strings and Percussion. Strings: Sold Percussion: Sold
  2. A.P.

    Symphony Series String Ensemble - Mixer Bug / Error

    I am encountering serious Problems with the SSSE Mixer Page in Kontakt (5.x.x, 5.5.x and 5.6.x) and Logic Pro X (10.2.4). It`s a long time that this happens now and the 1.1 Update that I already did some time ago, did not resolve the issue. The Mixer Page randomly hangs on after reopening...
  3. storyteller

    It is kind of like magic... Legato Sordinos & More

    Well, this weekend I got curious about something, which may have just opened the door to something really wonderful here in the vi-control community. After fighting with sustained sordino patches in a place where I needed legato sordino, I conceded that the only real solution was to just buy...
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