symphony orchestra

  1. gh0stwrit3r

    Imperial March [Star Wars] - International Symphony Orchestra Lviv

    Star Wars belongs to our cultural heritage. The music is truly phenomenal! Written by John Williams, the man that plays in his own league. He is one of my biggest examples and a never ending inspiration source. How great it is then to attend a live performance of the International Symphony...
  2. barteredbride

    DEMOS / MP3s ONLY - Spitfire Audio BBC Symphony Orchestra

    Hello all, As much as I really love the chat and fun on other (much longer!) threads, perhaps it would help if we could have a thread only for people to post demos / mp3 / Soundcloud links and other audio files? If we could even get to 10 or 20 demos, that woud be really great. They can be...
  3. J

    VSL (Vienna Symphonic Library) - License Transfers @ 50%

    Hello, I'm looking to transfer some VSL licenses. These licenses are 50% off the web-store prices. VSL licenses will be delivered on an eLicenser via post from Australia. I'll pay for handling costs of licenses directly to VSL €50+ for each license. The buyer will pay for purchase and...
  4. FFM

    Never overpay for score prep, mixing, and editing of your compositions again!

    Do you think you are spending too much time or money on your score prep and the post-production? Did you know that the Sofia Session Orchestra & Choir offers a complete package for your recording needs? Our services include arrangement, orchestration and score preparation with meticulous...
  5. sinkd

    Mockup of Abadis Forest using EWQLSO Gold

    Hi everyone, A second year student of mine posted this transcription and mockup that he accomplished using SO Gold. Original track is by Hyperduck Soundworks for the game Dust: An Elysian Tale. Pretty spiffy if you ask me. :thumbsup: Constructive feedback welcome.