1. jrrshop

    60% off almost all EastWest and $400 off Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition Diamond

    60% off almost all EastWest and $400 off Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition Diamond: EastWest Fab Four $119.60 EastWest Ghostwriter $119.60 EastWest Goliath $119.60 EastWest Gypsy $119.60 EastWest Hollywood Backup Singers $119.60 EastWest...
  2. Dunshield

    For Sale VSL - Vienna Symphonic Cube (full) - € 1.390,00

    Selling this for personal reasons. Obviously this concerns official licenses, with a company backed transfer proces. ----------------------------------------------------------------- VSL - Vienna Symphonic Cube - All licenses for standard and extended samples - Transfer is handled by Vienna...
  3. FredericBernard

    Underwater Wonderscapes - Live Recording feat. Budapest Scoring

    Hey folks, Within the quarantine I found the time to work-out on a new piece for live orchestra (based on an piano solo piece of mine), which we recorded in Budapest. If you should be interested in the printed score let me know, so I'll drop it in this thread. Feedback (as always) much...
  4. jrrshop

    50% off EastWest

    50% off EastWest: EastWest Fab Four $149.50 EastWest Ghostwriter $149.50 EastWest Goliath $149.50 EastWest Gypsy $149.50 EastWest Hollywood Backup Singers $149.50 EastWest Hollywood Brass Diamond $149.50 EastWest Hollywood Brass Gold $99.50...
  5. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Storewide Sale: Save 25% On All Products!

    Save Now: We've unleashed a 25% off storewide sale on over 130 virtual instruments and bundles in our shop! From epic choirs & orchestral collections to hybrid sound-design, evolving textural atmospheres and much much more. Don't miss your...
  6. T

    For Sale Ignore

  7. hypnotize

    New album - Responses (Symphonic, Electronic, New-Age, Folk, Ethnic, Synthpop, World and etc.)

    Hi friends! Several years passed, when I decided to write a music album with my friend – and now it is finally ready! We didn’t focus on anything specific in style, so the album came out quite diverse in content and style. It will be very pleased for me, if you pay a little bit your attention...
  8. Soundiron Team

    Composing In The Style Of Danny Elfman (Soundiron Session)

    In this episode of Soundiron Session Craig Peters deconstructs his track titled "What Lurks Beyond The Grave" which was inspired by film composing legend Danny Elfman. Craig shows how he built the track from the ground up using various Soundiron virtual instruments like Hyperion Strings...
  9. VgsA

    Abel Vegas - Mammoth Pit (VSL Big Bang Orchestra Demo/Screencast)

    Hi, guys! Here's my first screencast for VSL, featuring several BBO Orchestra, Black Eye, Andromeda together with some Synchron Percussion I and Smart Hits. Hope you guys like it! YouTube: Facebook: Feel free to comment. :)
  10. 8Dio Productions

    Welcome to 8Dio's Holiday Sonic Advent(ure) Day 5!

    Welcome to 8Dio's Holiday Sonic Advent(ure) Day 5! Join us for 22 days of Flash sales, Gifts with qualifying purchases, and introducing 'On the House' compliments of 8Dio. For the next 36 hours, place an order of $98 or more, receive our Century Harps for FREE! There is only 12 hours left to...
  11. D

    Fluid Shorts II

    Fluid Shorts II INTRO SALE – $59 THROUGH AUGUST 27TH (REG. $89) Available here: Fluid Shorts II revisits performance-sourced chamber string shorts, but takes things a step further. Just like in the original Fluid Shorts, the multi-samples are...
  12. S

    Amadeus Symphonic Orchestra - anyone here use this outside of sketching?

    I was looking at a few threads here on VIC and walkthrough videos of Amadeus Symphonic Orchestra. For 150usd (99usd with EDU), it sounds really good to me! - Scripted legato, but not such a big problem imo, as it also sounds good to me. - A lot of instruments, and even the choirs sound pretty...
  13. dman007

    Seeking views on NI Symphony Series & Brass

    What do you think of the NI Symphony Series (Essential or full edition) - worth the money? In particular for Brass Better alternatives? How the alternatives fair against the EWQL Symphonic Library? Thanks
  14. Mads Skønberg

    Trying some symphonic rock

    I made an epic track short time ago. Now I have made a «symphonic rock» version of it. What do you guys think? Here is the original epic version:
  15. ChrisSiuMusic

    Orchestral Tools - Symphonic Sphere (A Review)

    Hey everyone! In today's review, we take a deep look at one of OT's first releases: Symphonic Sphere. Please enjoy!
  16. J

    VSL (Vienna Symphonic Library) - License Transfers @ 50%

    Hello, I'm looking to transfer some VSL licenses. These licenses are 50% off the web-store prices. VSL licenses will be delivered on an eLicenser via post from Australia. I'll pay for handling costs of licenses directly to VSL €50+ for each license. The buyer will pay for purchase and...
  17. Hanu_H

    Symphonic Heavy Metal

    Hi guys. My band Silver Bullet just released a first single from the upcoming album Mooncult. I composed the song, played all the guitars and bass, did all the orchestrations and recorded everything, except the choir(I was singing in it). I know this is not for everyone, but feedback is always...
  18. Taj Mikel

    Deathless - Epic Symphonic Metal

    Heyo, here is a track I just finished called 'Deathless'. Dunno, the guitars could sound better, not sure how I feel about some of the synth elements in the intro. Tell me what you think! :)
  19. FredericBernard

    Pop Opera - feat. Budapest Scoring Orchestra (Live Recording)

    ...FINALLY some new music to share – freshly recorded in Budapest/Buenos Aires!! :) The Story behind: I was asked to orchestrate and re-arrange/adapt a Spanish song this Summer from scratch. After plenty of long nights, getting back and forth with a plethora of different prototype versions, as...
  20. Taj Mikel

    The Germ Of A Belief Net - Symphonic Hard Rock

    This is my epic symphonic rock song called 'The Germ Of A Belief Net'. I would love any feedback or critique, and thank you! :)
  21. R

    Spitfire Symphonic Strings - no adjustable portamento slide?

    Hello all! I'm new to Symphonic Strings library. It sounds wonderful, but I have the hardest time to figure out how to set up portamento slide in long articulation. Seems like no matter what velocity or interval I play - there is no slide. I have LASS and it is a breeze there to set it up...
  22. JonAdamich

    Her Spell of Enchantment

    Fantasy theme for an upcoming project. Nothing too long. I hope you dig it!
  23. ChrisSiuMusic

    Orchestral Tools: Berlin Symphonic Harps (A Review)

    Hope you enjoy!
  24. Red Room Audio

    Announcing a FREE Orchestra from Red Room Audio - "Palette Primary Colors"

    Greetings! Our Palette Orchestral Series has made a serious splash since its debut this past December and we couldn't be happier! So much so that we'd now like to give everyone the chance to experience first-hand what so many composers have already discovered. Palette Primary Colors offers a...
  25. Epicomposer

    Sonuscore - The Orchestra 1.1 (Review)

    The number of orchestral libraries has been growing steadily for the few last years and the inherent innovation in this sector seems to be closely connected to the sheer quantity of recorded samples. With a huge arsenal of instruments, split into numerous articulations, you can create detailed...
  26. Solamnia

    Solamnia says Hi!

    Hail from the cold North of Finland! Great to be here in his awesome community:) My name is Mika Lumijärvi, I'm 35 and I run a symphonic metal band/project called Solamnia with a cinematic twist. I've been making music for about eight years now and most of it is metal. But recently I've also...
  27. Spitfire Team

    Christian Puts Spitfire Symphonic Strings Evolutions On A Lacklustre Cue

  28. V

    Mixing Different String Libraries

    Hello there, I was recently watching some videos by Junkie XL where he discusses the score he made for The Dark Tower. And in it, he mentions how he mixes Berlin Strings with Hollywood Strings because the tightness of the Berlin Strings mixes well with the openness of the Hollywood Strings. I'd...
  29. Dear Villain

    Greetings all! Just thought I'd take a moment and introduce you to my new website, To coincide with the launch of the site, I've released a brand new album of orchestral music which I hope you'll check out here Cheers! Dave
  30. N

    Epic Symphonic Hybrid Trailer Track

  31. N

    New track

    Epic fantasy track
  32. N

    New track

    Epic hybrid orchestral track.
  33. Hanu_H

    Silver Bullet - Screamworks(Symphonic Heavy Metal)

    Hi guys, I know this is not everyone's cup of tee here but if you like heavy metal, give it a spin. Music has a lot of influences from the bands like Judas Priest, King Diamond, etc. It also has a quite a lot of orchestrations, made with sample libraries and a recorded classical choir. I am the...
  34. FredericBernard

    My Re-score Projects for a few Animated Films

    Hey guys, I did a bunch of re-score projects, means I've replaced the original music of the specific films with mine. The music I've used is a mix of tracks that I had recorded with a studio orchestra in Hungary, while other tracks were produced solely with my sequencer. -Ardman's Arthur...
  35. G

    What Harp libraries do you recommend?

    I'm looking for a new Harp Library. What do you guys recommend? So far I've just ben using the Harps in EWSOQL, but am looking for a new more detailed Harp. Also one with some Harp Effect options. I really like the Hard Effects runs in EWSOQL, but feel like it sounded a bit dated, or I've just...
  36. Dear Villain

    Soaring...epic trailer/game music

    Thanks for checking it out! Dave
  37. G

    Is the Albion bundle redundant if i have Spitfire Symphonic Orchestra and Komplete11?

    I recently got more into composing with orchestral stuff. Not as a profession but more because i love it, love playing with those sounds and textures and fascinated and having fun learning how to "mock up" orchestral stuff. I usually make music with my analog synths, but working with samples is...
  38. stan-k

    Original symphonic work: feedback on realism

    Hello everyone, I would very much appreciate your feedback on the technical side/execution of this work. Obviously, it was rendered using sample libraries (VSL), and I'd like to know if you find anything particularly unnatural or unrealistic, i.e. use of articulatoins, dynamics, etc. Basically...
  39. N

    Symphonic fantasy track

    Just posted a new track, and thought of sharing it here:
  40. E

    “Carol of the Bells” [Epic/Rock/Orchestral/Choir]

    For my first post, I would like to share a track I made for Christmas. This is my cover of “Carol of the Bells”. I always wanted to make my own epic version of this. Hope you all enjoy this piece.
  41. mirrodin

    Short Orchestral Theme Brand for AZPBS

    Hello all! I recently completed a commission for Arizona PBS Central Sound at Eight. The station wanted a new brand thematic bumper for their broadcast and terrestrial radio bumpers and advertising. I produced the 10-second bumper as they wanted that one immediately, and then built outward to...
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