symphonic cube

  1. hbjdk

    CLOSED VSL Symphonic Cube Std. & Full: EUR 1750.00 incl. all fees and shipping

    I bought this directly from VSL at last year's Black Friday deal, intending to learn how to write orchestral music. Unfortunately I lack both the energy and commitment to take on such a big project, so now the library goes up for sale. The sale has been given the green light by VSL, who require...
  2. jrrshop

    50% off VSL Symphonic Cube + deals from Musiclab, Softube, FabFilter, SONiVOX, PSP, Akai, & more

    50% off Vienna Symphonic Library Symphonic Cube Standard, Full, and Upgrade. An unprecedented sale, this is the lowest price there has ever been for Symphonic Cube: 50% off Mastering The Mix Animate Ignite, now...
  3. Dear Villain

    Anyone fancy a (gasp!) VSL string trio?

    Hi all! I recently completed Premonition for violin, viola, and cello. It's a dramatic work with distinct moods that emerge throughout, along with some extended/virtuosic string techniques. As always, I hope you'll take a moment to listen and comment if you feel so inclined...
  4. Dear Villain

    Can I Dream?

    Greetings! "Can I Dream?" is my newest piece for violin, clarinet, and piano. Hope you'll enjoy! Cheers! David Carovillano
  5. Dear Villain

    A piano trio made with VSL

    I played the piano part in, which does a lot for the realism, in my opinion. Hope you'll listen, comment, and enjoy :) Dave