swam strings

  1. luigizaccheo

    Virtual music performance

    Hello everyone, this is a virtual musical performance with Swam instruments, my favorite instruments for both music production and music teaching. This is the demo of the midi programming exam by our students of electronic music and applied music at Saint Louis College of music in Rome. Good vision
  2. luigizaccheo

    Contemporary music vs virtual string quartet

    "Flowering" by Mario Gagliani - contemporary music for string quartet Performed w/ Audiomodeling Swam Strings, Steinberg Cubase 10
  3. O

    Evening in the garden (for Fl, Ob, Cl, and Solo Strings (pure PhysicalMod. (SWAM))

    Hello this is my old composition, and now I finished it. Written in old notation program, transcribed in to Sibelius to finish it. I decide to use it for SWAM Strings test. Pure physical modeled instruments. Then I export composition from Sibelius in to Reaper and do some dynamic correction and...

    Sample Modeling Strings - Bartok Pizzicato

    Hi all, I just purchased all SM Strings and I love them. I noticed I can do a very great amount of things, what I can't do (or I don't know how to do) is the Bartok Pizzicato. Is there a way I don't know to perform this articulation? I can't find anything about it on the manual and I'm...