1. K

    Re-pedaling / pedal issues and using KEY_DOWN

    Hello dear KSP:ers. I am trying to make sense of why the pedal function, the internal script, that is. I have made a pretty complete script turning off and on functions for release groups etc. Using the internal pedal script functionality I am still getting an error when releasing and then...
  2. maraskandi

    Sustain pedal release - ASIO red warning and clicks in Cubase

    When I release my sustain pedal, it causes clicks and ASIO performance meter to go red. This happens from recorded midi as well as when performing, sometimes just when pressing and releasing pedal on its own. With the release of the pedal I get ASIO spikes. This is with low load, single...
  3. Alan Wave

    Transient Mastet Scripting, is it possible?

    I'm summoning all the wizards for this one! It's not in the manual, but.. Can the sustain of the Transient Master effect as an insert in K5, be controlled by a slider?