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  1. Sseltenrych

    How to stop popping sound in Kontakt when sustain pedal lifted

    I bought Noire piano recently and have been disturbed by popping sounds. After disabling all effects (yes, even going inside the wrench menu), I was still getting some consistent popping, which I have narrowed down to the release of the sustain pedal when it's holding more than a certain number...
  2. darkneo57

    How to make the sustain pedal CC64 can take only value 0 AND 127 on cubase (on 127 / off 0, not 0-63 on / 64-127 off)

    Hello, I want my sustain pedal to be on at 127 and off at 0 and not on from 64 to 127 and off from 0 to 63 (I am a piano teacher) For that in cubase pro 11, I used the midi transformer, but a bug occurs. Indeed I created a program so that the sustain pedal acts as a switch on/off with the 0...
  3. orzanimeseiei@gmail.

    Problem with "notion 6" and "contact 6" sustain pedal

    Hi. When I add a contact to notation 6 and put in a noire (my favorite) piano for sketching, I cannot use the sustain pedal (cc64). At the same time, I can use the sustain pedal in the notion 6 when I use addictive keys. How to fix it, because it irritates me terribly.
  4. E

    Midi Sustain Pedal not Working in Logic Pro X

    Hey every one I recently purchased my first sustain pedal (Cherub Sustain Pedal) -- I use an Akai MPK261 midi keyboard I plugged it into the dedicated socket (right most socket) and i fired up logic to try it out. It is not doing anything with Kontakt or Modartt Pianoteq 7 I see some people...
  5. M

    Scripting sustain pedal noises problem

    Hi, I've scripted samples to play when the sustain pedal is released, which works perfectly, but occasionally the samples play when sustain pedal is pressed, which is driving me potty!! Here is the pedal code I've used (some taken from Nils' script), any help much appreciated, thanks! on...
  6. C

    For Sale Studiologic 88-key fully weighted midi controller with aftertouch

    This is an opportunity to acquire a high quality, unused unit (like new) 88-key fully weight keyboard with the renowned Fatar keybed. The feel is as good as it gets. Didn't get the chance to use it as I moved to a smaller place (need a smaller keyboard). Comes with aftertouch, 4 pedal ports (2...
  7. P

    NI S88 MK2 Sustain & Mod wheel issues with Logic

    Hi Everyone, Just wondered if anyone has any ideas why My S88 MK2 sustain and mod wheel doesn't work in logic. All keys work and pitch wheel works I also have an Alesis VI61 connected where everything works fine. I moved the usb cable from the S88 to the Alesis (just in case) & everything...
  8. K

    Help with basic on controller logic

    Greetings coders. I got a little issue with a pedal script seeming to be correct, but not behaving. This is my little code that goes off on controller, I want only one controller (sustain pedal/cc64) to trigger a message until the opposite direction has triggered. As to not have multiple...
  9. Dave Hilowitz

    Kontakt Video Tutorial: Piano Sustain Samples + FREE Piano Library

    Hi! I've made a new Kontakt tutorial video: How to implement piano sustain samples. The piano library featured in the video is FREE (link in YouTube video description).
  10. K

    Re-pedaling / pedal issues and using KEY_DOWN

    Hello dear KSP:ers. I am trying to make sense of why the pedal function, the internal script, that is. I have made a pretty complete script turning off and on functions for release groups etc. Using the internal pedal script functionality I am still getting an error when releasing and then...
  11. K

    No note off on pedal release or CC64 off messages

    Hey everyone! I´ve got a peculiar issue. I cannot get the controller CC64 (pedal off message) to release a key being played. I use note_off and i´ve got the SET_CONDITION(NO_SYS_SCRIPT_RLS_TRIG) on init, it´s a custom release script. I am also entering in event parameters in each event on note...
  12. K

    Different release groups for Sustain Pedal on/off

    Greetings KSP:ers. I have an issue with release samples. My need is to have different release groups triggered based on wether or not the sustain pedal was pressed, at the time of the release. Prelude: Note-off events are triggered upon the release of a note, the release of a key. But in the...
  13. K

    Release groups and Sustain Pedal (or CC64) on and off events

    I got a piano instrument in the making and the release groups are supposed to play at both sustain pedal on and off signals (also triggered by CC64 programmed into a daw). To handle release groups I have separate groups for sustain pedal off (CC64 < 63) and on (CC64 > 64). This is because of...
  14. K

    KSP - controlling several send knobs on separate buses

    Hello. I have a script that have UI-elements that control different functions. One of them is a switch that (if set to "1") activates a while loop, which is supposed to fade up the volume of several send knobs on an instrument bus. There are several IR convolution reverbs, and each of them is...
  15. K

    Control (and fade in) volume of bus effect with Midi CC (64)

    How do I fade in the volume of a bus effect using the MIDI CC 64 (sustain pedal) as the trigger? I have been looking at ways to trigger the send level of an insert slot on a bus, using the sustain pedal, or a MIDI CC 64. How can I do that? My issue: I want to add more reverb (from say -30db...
  16. nosfoe

    Sustain pedal function on a polyphonic arpeggiator loop

    Hi everyone, I have an instrument that uses a complex polyphonic arpeggiator (using a while-loop and wait, triggering all kinds of midi-notes and changes to notes) and I would like to implement a traditional sustain pedal function that acts on the arpeggiator: Keep the loops running even when...
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