1. maxchristensenaudio

    How to make my De-Concat function more efficient?

    Hello everyone, for my script I'd really like to be able to de-concat a preset array and I'm not sure what the best way to go about it is. In the code below, I'm basically doing the opposite of what the concat function does. This is not very reusable though... My first instinc was to replace...
  2. maxchristensenaudio

    Sublime KSP compiler issue with Select function

    Today I noticed that Kontakt was giving me an error for my code even though the sublime KSP compiler didn't complain. This is the error message Kontakt returns when I compile the code to the clipboard and paste it in, instead of applying the code from a txt file. "case branch needs constant...
  3. maxchristensenaudio

    Z-layer doesn't work with panels in SublimeKSP. Can anyone confirm?

    So after several problems with this and some more testing today I've noticed that I can only get my z_layer commands to work properly when that control is NOT! nested in a panel. It doesnt matter in which order it happens, if it's inside or outside a macro, if I use set_control_par or ->...
  4. Fredeke

    KSP: any insight into this mysterious bug?

    Hi After some code rewrite that didn't significantly alter the overall structure, a bug appeared that just blows my mind. The precompiler precompiles without error (finally ;)), but then Kontakt (5.7) refuses to apply the script because this generated line...
  5. Fredeke

    Why store scripts in the resource folder/container ?

    I wonder: why is there a script folder in the resource container? Aren't my scripts already saved in their respective slot within the nki? And, if the script folder is just there for my developer's convenience, then I suppose I can save uncompiled SublimeKSP scripts there?
  6. Fredeke

    What is the syntax for returning a value from a KS function ?

    Hi again. I see in the TCM User Guide that KS functions can return values and support right-side reference (they couldn't in Nils' original KSE, and his website still says they can't, but TCM's doc says now they can). What is the syntax for that ? SublimeKSP doesn't recognize "return" as a...
  7. Fredeke

    SublimeKSP: USE_CODE_IF and function keywords (help needed)

    Hello again In SublimeKSP's online documentation ( ), there is a reference to 2 concepts I'd like to know more about : - USE_CODE_IF apparently control wether part of the code will be compiled or discarded. What kind of conditional statement does it...
  8. Fredeke

    Need help configuring SublimeKSP

    Hey I might need some help configuring SublimeKSP. I've installed it (by copying the content of Nils' .zip into AppData\Roaming\Sublime Text 3\Packages - the folder opened by Preferences>Browse Packages), and my scripts get highlighted, but all "KSP: ..." entries in Sublime's Tools menu are...
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