stylus rmx

  1. MatthewHarnage

    Stylus RMX Expansions/Etc

    Hello, I just purchased Stylus RMX and am loving it so far. Especially after watching the tutorials I realize how powerful it is. However I'd like to update the loop library to avoid having the same loops as a ton of jingle/etc during the 2000s. I've noticed a few REX supported packs from...
  2. Time+Space

    Something for the weekend! 62% off Zero-G Pure Rex sample collection

    EXCLUSIVE TO TIME+SPACE! SAVE A WHOPPING 62% OFF ZERO-G'S PURE REX THIS WEEKEND! With over 3,000 Rex files spanning tons of genres and styles of music, Zero-G Pure Rex is crammed with inspiration to give you a massive creative boost! AND ALL FOR ONLY £16 / $17 / €17 THIS WEEKEND! These superb...
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